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kwang              yun              yong              joo              chun              hyeon              jeong              seong              kwan              suk              kyung              seung              yeong              chae              hee              chong              sik              yoon              woo              soo              myung              kang              jae              baek              ying              jeon              jin              chul              jang              hwan              hyun              ryong              eun              choi              keun              hyung              cheon              siu              taek              byung              hyuk              yoo              shik              kyeong              seok              gyu              pyung              kyu              dong              seon             

Examples of "hwa"
Keat Hwa High School is part of the Keat Hwa Family which consists of Keat Hwa Secondary School and Keat Hwa II Secondary School.
Keat Hwa Centennial Celebrations () is a series of events held in celebration of the 100 years of existence of Keat Hwa Secondary School, Keat Hwa II Secondary School, Keat Hwa High School and three other Chinese primary schools.
In August 2007, majority owner Cody Hawk left HWA, launching a new promotion called EGO Pro Wrestling. However, HWA continued running events. HWA produced new episodes of "HWA Adrenaline" through 2008.
In 1958, the administration of the primary and secondary sections of the school were separated. The primary section was split into three parts namely Keat Hwa (H), Keat Hwa (K) and Keat Hwa (S) i.e. as they exist today. In 1963, the secondary school name was changed from Hwa Keow Secondary School to Keat Hwa Secondary School.
As Keat Hwa Secondary School is a Chinese school, and over 90% of the students are Chinese Malaysians, the school anthem is, unlike other schools in Malaysia, in Mandarin Chinese. The school anthem is also used in five (5) other Keat Hwa Chinese Schools namely the Keat Hwa II Secondary School 吉华国民型中学(二)校, Keat Hwa Chinese Independent High School 吉华独立中学, Keat Hwa (H) Primary School 吉华小学 H 校, Keat Hwa (K) Primary School 吉华小学 K 校 and Keat Hwa (S) Primary School 吉华小学 S 校.
When using a HWA, the main bottleneck is often the data transfers between the HWA and the main processor.
Keat Hwa Secondary School was first established in the year 1911 after a name change from Chung Hwa School.
Keat Hwa High School is a private Chinese high school and should not be confused with the other two conforming Chinese high schools - the Keat Hwa Secondary School and the Keat Hwa II Secondary School
In 2007, Keat Hwa(K) which shared the same school facilities with Keat Hwa (H), moved to its own new premise while Keat Hwa (H) remains in the same location.
The HWA Television Championship was a title contested in the Heartland Wrestling Association. It was introduced on January 6, 2004 when the HWA Cruiserweight Championship was renamed. Quinten Lee was made the HWA Television Championship as he was the then HWA Cruiserweight Champion. Granger was the final champion as the title was retired on August 30, 2008 when the HWA Cruiserweight Championship was re-activated.
Hwa Hwa is a former part of the singing duo China Dolls. She is also a member of the Thai pop groups 2002 Rahtree and 2005 Tiwa Hula Hula. Hwa Hwa's Thai Name is ไพลิน รัตนแสงเสถียร (Pailin Rattanasangsatian) and her Chinese Name is 陈冠桦 (Chén Guānhuà) Hwa Hwa was born in Taipei, Taiwan to a Thai Chinese father and a Taiwanese mother. Her family later migrated to Phuket, Thailand.
TUST was originally established on June 1967 as Ta Hwa Agricultural Junior College. In 1969, it was reorganized to become Ta Hwa Industrial Junior College. In 1997, the status of the school was upgraded to an institute to be named Ta Hwa Institute of Technology. In 2012, it finally became the Ta Hwa University of Science and Technology.
In 1963 the Board of Governors of the school felt that the name "Hwa Chiao" was no longer appropriate as it carries the meaning of "Chinese abroad" while most of the Chinese in Malaya has been granted citizenship. The school was renamed "Seg Hwa National Type Secondary School" (Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Seg Hwa). "Seg Hwa" means "the Chinese of Segamat".
Chen Ming-Jin, the founder of Ming Hwa Yuan, was born in , in Japanese Formosa (modern Checheng, Pingtung County, Taiwan). He started Ming Hwa troupe, the predecessor of Ming Hwa Yuan, with Tsai Bin-Hwa (蔡炳華), as proprietor of theater.
HWA Team is the motor racing team of HWA AG, a German company, based in Affalterbach, that also develops and builds vehicles and components for Mercedes-AMG.
The gang plans another crime, which will see Hwa-yi participate for the first time. During a fight, Hwa-yi fires a gun to kill
Yi Sang-hwa (Hangul: 이상화; also transliterated as Lee Sang-hwa) (1901-1943) was a Korean nationalist poet active in the resistance to Japanese rule.
Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Seg Hwa, shortened SMJK Seg Hwa is a national-type public high school located at Jalan Tahang Rimau, District of Segamat, Johor, Malaysia.
On February 23, 2013, Bell was happily wed to her husband. Her co-stars from Ratree-Brazia attended the wedding along with Hwa Hwa as bridesmaids.
Hye-hwa branch of KT is in charge of core telephone business and internet service. If Hye-hwa branch goes wrong, the internet speed