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kyoung              haeng              huikim              jungkim              gyeong              kyong              gwang              pyung              yeong              deuk              yeop              nyeo              myeong              heepark              jinlee              jinkim              hwakim              ryeon              heelee              nyung              poong              ryong              byul              ryang              saeng              okkim              hyong              maeng              chulpark              seol              cheon              youngoh              seon              nyeon              sookim              sunkim              hyon              deok              gyung              keum              jeok              ryeong              neung              kyeong              byeon              gwan              mikim              jiwon              yook              jihye             

Examples of "hyang"
Batara Guru has two brothers, Sang Hyang Maha Punggung and Sang Hyang Ismaya. Their parents are Sang Hyang Tunggal and Dewi Rekatawati. One day, Dewi Rekatawati laid a shining egg. Sang Hyang Tunggal transformed the egg using his abilities. Its shell turned into Sang Hyang Maha Punggung, the firstborn. The egg white turned into Sang Hyang Ismaya (Semar), and its yolk turned into Sang Hyang Manikmaya. Later, Sang Hyang Tunggal appointed the two elder gods to descend to earth and look after the descendants of the gods. Sang Hyang Maha Punggung (Togog) looks after the giant race, and Sang Hyang Ismaya (Semar) looks after humans, especially Pandava, while Batara Guru (also known as Sang Hyang Manikmaya) led the gods in kahyangan.
Lee Mi-hyang (, born 30 March 1993), also known as Mi Hyang Lee is a South Korean professional golfer.
A "what if" parody of "Legend of Chun Hyang", based on the classic Korean story "Chunhyangga". What if Lee Mong-ryong fell in love with the servant girl Hyang-dan instead of Chun-hyang?
Victoria Tanco, Cydney Clanton, Mi Hyang Lee, Jin Young Pak
In Hinduism of Bali Indonesia, puja is sometimes called "Sembahyang". The word originates from two words in old Javanese: sembah and hyang. Sembah means to respect and bow down; Hyang means divine, God/Shang Hyang Widhi, holy man, and ancestors. So to pray means to respect, bow down, surrender to the divine and ancestors.
In Sundanese, the term ""nga-hyang"" means "disappear" or "unseen". It is suggested that the word "hyang" has linguistic relation with the Indonesian word: ""hilang"" which means "disappear". In its development, the term "hyang" become the root word for many terms that still known and used in modern Indonesian:
Seong Hyang is a registered nurse and hospice caregiver.
The word "sembahyang" in Indonesian which is today synonym with Islamic "shalat" ritual, means prayer or worship. Actually it is originated from two combined words "sembah-hyang" which means "worship the "hyang"" (deity or holy spirits).
Na Do-hyang (, 30 March 1902 – 26 August 1927) is a Korean writer born in Seoul.
"Legend of Chun Hyang", a manga by Clamp, is loosely based on this story.
Mong-ryong proposes to Chun-hyang again, and the two remarry and live happily ever after.
Kim So-hyang (born April 5, 1978), credited as Sohyang, is a South Korean singer.
Kim Hyang-mi (born 19 September 1979) is a North Korean Olympic table tennis player.
According to Javanese mythology, Batara Guru is a dewa that rules kahyangan, the realm of the gods. He is an avatar of Shiva that gives revelations, gifts and abilities. Batara Guru has a shakti (consort) named Dewi Uma and begat some children. In wayang kulit, Batara Guru is the only character whose feet face forward, with four hands, pointed canine teeth, a blue neck and paralyzed legs. He always rides his vahana, Nandini the cow, and is also known by several names including Sang Hyang Manikmaya, Sang Hyang Caturbuja, Sang Hyang Otipati, Sang Hyang Jagadnata, Nilakanta, Trinetra, Girinata.
Along with the traditional Hindu gods such as Brahma, Vishnu and Siva, Balinese Hindus worship a range of deities unique to their branch of the religion. Sang Hyang Widhi (also known as Acintya or Sang Hyang Tunggal) is the designation for one God in Balinese Hinduism. In the concept of Balinese tradition of Hinduism, Acintya or Sang Hyang Widhi is associated with the concept of Brahman. Balinese Hindu belief in a single God is in line with the first principle of the Indonesian state philosophy Pancasila. The empty chair at the top of the "padmasana" shrine found outside houses and temples is for Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa According to Balinese Hindu precepts, there are many manifestations of Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in the form of gods such as Dewi Sri, the goddess of rice, and many other gods associated with mountains, lakes and the sea.
The earliest document mentioning about the Sang Hyang Api volcano was found in 14th century Majapahit script of Nagarakretagama.
Cha Hyon-Hyang (born 3 October 1979) is a Korean former judoka who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Legend of Hyang Dan () is a 2-episode Korean TV drama that first aired on September 3, 2007 on MBC.
Art Museum by the Zoo () is a 1998 South Korean film written and directed by Lee Jeong-hyang.
Chun Hyang or Chun'yan appears in several episodes of the anime "". Her counterpart is a girl whose mother was also a Mu Dang and killed by the Ryanban's sorceress. The Ryanban and his son appear, though they are much different from their respective counterparts in "The Legend of Chun Hyang".