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staphylinoidea              caraboidea              cantharoidea              gyrinoidea              cleroidea              chrysomeloidea              hydrophilidae              elateroidea              adephaga              cicindelidae              staphylimidae              tenebrionoidea              cucujoidea              scarabaeoidea              meloidea              gyrinidae              curculionoidea              cerambycoidea              silphidae              cantharidae              cleridae              gyrimidae              bostrichoidea              polyphaga              dascilloidea              mordelloidea              byrrhoidea              dytiscidae              coccinellidae              meloidae              dryopoidea              cyclorrhapha              passalidae              oestridae              aphididae              centrarchidae              filarioidea              brachycera              psoroptidae              blattidae              tachimidae              trichostrongylidae              lampyridae              tenebrionidae              blattellidae              chemogaleoidea              tipulidae              stratiomyidae              drosophilidae              trypanosomatidae             

Examples of "hydrophiloidea"
Some authors treat Histeroidea as a single family within the superfamily Hydrophiloidea (Hydrophiloidea "sensu lato"), as they seem to form a clade. Three families are currently recognized:
Some recent studies also include the superfamily Scarabaeoidea (infraorder Scarabaeiformia), forming together the so-called Hydrophiloid lineage. A sister group relationship of Hydrophiloidea and Histeroidea is strongly supported.
The Histeroidea seem to be very closely related and may be part of an extended Hydrophiloidea clade; some researchers have proposed merging the two superfamilies into one.
The genus is divided into three subgenera ("Georissus", "Neogeorissus" and "Nipponogeorissus"). Formerly it was included within the family Hydrophilidae. Recent molecular data indicate, that they belong to a clade comprising the small groups of Hydrophiloidea - Epimetopidae, Hydrochidae, Helophoridae and Georissidae.
Hydrophiloidea is a superfamily of beetles. Until recently it was only a single family, the water scavenger beetles (Hydrophilidae), but several of the subfamilies have been removed and raised to family rank.
Helophoridae belong to the superfamily Hydrophiloidea, and may be the sister taxon of Hydrochidae, or a clade comprising Hydrochidae, Hydrophilidae and Spercheidae or Georissidae and Epimetopidae. Earlier systems included all of these families in the family Hydrophilidae. There are about 180 living species, including:
The internal classification of Polyphaga involves several superfamilies or series, whose constituents are relatively stable, although some smaller families (whose rank even is disputed) are allocated to different clades by different authors. Large superfamilies include Hydrophiloidea, Staphylinoidea, Scarabaeoidea, Buprestoidea, Byrrhoidea, Elateroidea, and Bostrichoidea.
The superfamily Byrrhoidea includes a number of beetle families, most of which are either aquatic or associated with a semi-aquatic habitat. Other than the superfamily Hydrophiloidea, the majority of the remaining Polyphagan beetles which are aquatic are in this superfamily. These families were traditionally grouped as a separate superfamily, the Dryopoidea, which is no longer recognized. The vast majority of species are small (<1 cm), and predominantly dull brown or black.