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seong              hyeok              keun              heon              kyeong              cheol              hyung              chul              woong              kyoung              byung              yeong              kwang              seol              seung              cheon              deok              jeon              chae              byun              hwakim              seon              hwan              suk              hyuk              ryong              shik              jeong              pyung              kyung              keum              jinlee              joo              gyu              beom              gyeong              jae              kyong              jinpark              byeong              ryeol              deuk              baek              junkim              myeong              seok              jinkim              sookim              gyung              heepark             

Examples of "hyeon"
During the Silla Dynasty the area was made up of four "hyeon", Toehwa-hyeon (퇴화현/), Jidap-hyeon (지답현/), Geunoji-hyeon (근오지현/), Haea-hyeon (해아현/). Then during the Goryeo Dynasty these four were renamed to Heunghae-gun (흥해군/), Janggi-hyeon (장기현/), Yeongil-hyeon (영일현/), Cheongha-hyeon (청하현/) respectively.
The next day, Soo-hyeon makes a request through the internet for Dong-hyeon to play the song again. Dong-hyeon then contacts Soo-hyeon, hoping she is his former girlfriend or someone he knows.
In the 9th year of King Taejong of the Joseon Dynasty, Hampyeong-hyeon and Mopyeong-hyeon were fused into Hampyeong-hyeon, and consisted of 14 myeon;
Hampyeong was divided into two hyeon, Gulrae-hyeon and Daji-hyeon during the reign of Baekje Kingdom(18 B.C ∼ 660 A.D.). Gulrea-hyeon was called Hampyeong-hyeon during the reign of the Silla Kingdom and in the Goryeo Kingdom. Today it covers Hampyeong-eub, Sonbul-myeon, Singwang-myeon, and Dadong-myeon.
Hyeon-su then goes into the basement where she was told never to go there as a child. She finds a picture of a child with a severely burnt face and the words, Hyeon-su before surgery. The girl with long hair has been watching Hyeon-su but vanishes when her mother comes down and scolds her. Hyeon-su then becomes distant and refuses to speak to her mother properly. Hyeon-su then leaves the house to see her father. Yoon-hee follows.
With the strong play of Seo Dong-hyeon coinciding with the first year of the Suwon Samsung Bluewings Foreign Supporters organization, the group's first official song is a tribute to Seo Dong-hyeon. Sung in South Korean, "Seo Dong-hyeon Football Genius" has been extremely popular and original creator Iain Pearce is working on a follow-up tribute to Seo Dong-hyeon.
At home the two don't speak until Soo-hyeon washes the wig, when Ji-hyeon sees a ghost in the wig. Soo-hyeon begins to brush her "hair" later on, but Ji-hyeon grabs the wig from her head and locks Soo-hyeon in her room. As Soo-hyeon pounds on the door screaming, her sister cuts the wig to shreds. The cancer then comes back to Soo-hyeon and she has to go back to hospital, unhappy and heartbroken, refusing to see her sister. Things turn from bad to worse as Soo-hyeon escapes from the hospital after not taking her medication. We see a twisted, disturbing scene of Soo-hyeon pulling pills from her bloody scalp.
Human beings first settled in the Daejeon region during the Stone Age. It was occupied and in use as strategic military ground in various times by people such as the "Usul-gun" of Baekje, "Bipung-gun" of Silla, and the "Hoideok-hyeon", "Yuseong-hyeon", "Deokjin-hyeon", and "Jinjam-hyeon". During the Joseon Kingdom period, it remained occupied by the "Hoideok-hyeon" and "Jinjam-hyeon" of Gongju Mokha. In 1895, most of the area was made part of Hoideok-gun and Jinjam-gun, excluding some parts that belonged to Gongju-gun.
Wonchon-hyeon/Dolsan-hyeon was the name given to Yeosu in the 16th year of King Seong (538 A.D.) who was the king of Baekje Kingdom. The name changed to Haeub-hyeon/Yeosan-hyeon in 757 and to Yeosu-hyeon/Dolsan-hyeon in 940. Beginning in 1479, the Joseon Dynasty's Naval Headquarters for eastern sector of Jeolla Province was located there. As such, it was the first base where Admiral Yi Sun-sin's fleet was based during the Imjin War which used the Turtle Ship or 'Kobukseon' which was built in Seon-so.
The old Jinsan-gun was in Baekjae Age called Jindong-hyeon. When Silla unified 3 nations, it became a subject hyeon of Hwangsan-gun.
Kim Hyun-Jung or Kim Hyeon-Jung or Kim Hyeon-jeong is a transliteration of one Korean name. It may refer to:
Yoon-hee comes to the scene of the crime and leaves with "Hyeon-su". The real Hyeon-su returns home and her mother locks her in the basement.
Kim Jeong-hyeon () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Jeong-hyeon, and may also refer to:
Goalkeeper: Kim Hyeon-Tae (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)
Goalkeeper: Kim Hyeon-Tae (Lucky-Goldstar Hwangso)
Soon, however, she begins to flirt and try and steal Ji-hyeon's boyfriend. He breaks up with Ji-hyeon but is still not too interested in Soo-hyeon. One day, one of Ji-hyeon's friends finds out that her husband is cheating on her and is at a loss for a solution to her problem. Soo-hyeon lends her wig saying that she will feel that she looks prettier and better. She agrees and takes the wig home. The next day she is found dead with her husband, covered in hair. Soo-hyeon's wig returns to her, mysteriously. She then goes out to a club with Ji-hyeon's ex-boyfriend. Ji-hyeon follows her and attempts to speak to her in the toilets, but Soo-hyeon cruelly ignores her and she leaves. Soo-hyeon tries to put her makeup on but is then suddenly plagued with frightening images of her sister's friend's demise. Ji-hyeon takes her home. The next day, Soo-hyeon tries to have sex with Ji-hyeon's ex, but Ji-hyeon picks her up and the two drive home in silence, until Soo-hyeon begins to goad her. Ji-hyeon angrily stomps on the brakes, but soon begins to drive on.
During art class the next day, Hye-won blames Hyeon-su for Su-kyoung's death. Hye-won has had surgery from Yoon-hee. At their home Yoon-hee discovers that Hyeon-su is into Vivaldi and has been calling her father. Later Yoon-hee gives Hyeon-su a facial. While Hyeon-su sleeps a pair of hands begin to caress her face before trying to gouge out her eyes. Hyeon-su panics and tears off the face mask, sees no one with her and her mother then comes to comfort her. Her mother places her face mask in a box.
Kim Jong-hyeon, a tough high school student who excels at fighting, has trouble getting along with his older brother Seong-hyeon, a studious type with a cleft palate. They were born within a year of each other, and attend the same classes at the same school, though Jong-hyeon largely ignores Seong-hyeon. Jong-hyeon also harbors some resentment towards his single mother, who seems to prefer the elder son. The conflict between them increase when both brothers fall for the same girl.
Kim Hyeon Oh – A Professor at Changan University
Ji-hyeon (Lee Na-young) is a post-operative transgender working as a photographer. Then a young boy, Yoo-bin, shows up claiming Ji-hyeon is his divorced birth father. Ji-hyeon tries to juggle the role of father to Yoo-bin and girlfriend to her boyfriend played by Kim Ji-seok.