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seok              hye              hae              kyung              hyung              gyu              hwan              hyopneumoniae              yeong              jae              woong              joong              suk              circoflex              mycoflex              yeon              hyun              pyung              byun              pyo              chae              hyuk              chul              eun              seung              wook              gook              joon              guk              joo              taek              lepto              seong              myeong              heon              deok              cheol              beom              jeon              kwang              porcilis              seon              namkoong              heemoon              yook              limkim              geun              wookim              baek              kunlee             

Examples of "hyo"
Recent publications have suggested that hyo-mandibular suspension may be the most effective hyoid suspension technique in treating tongue base and hypopharyngeal obstructions. The technique is similarly invasive to hyo-thyroid suspension and available clinical data shows 25% greater efficacy for the reduction of AHI when compared to hyo-thyroid suspension. Data available for hyo-mandibular suspension also shows similar superior efficacy to the GAHM procedure. Hyo-mandibular suspension requires a surgical kit and implants (Siesta Medical Encore or Medtronic Airvance) which make the procedure marginally more expensive than hyo-thyroid suspension.
Gang Gyeong-hyo (, also Kang Kyung-Hyo, born 23 November 1964) is a South Korean modern pentathlete. He competed at the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics.
Jeong-hyo, also spelled Jung-hyo, is a Korean unisex given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name.
Kim Hyo-joo (5,7,9,10), Suzann Pettersen (5,7,8,9)
It turns out that Young-eon had been hearing the voices of her teacher and of the ghost, Hyo-jung (Im Hyeon-kyeong), the whole time, and Young-eon wanted the teacher dead to get rid of Hyo-jung's voice. Hyo-jung was a student and a former top singer at the school. She fell in love with the music teacher. Hyo-jung has the same voice as Young-eon and they are both recorded in a song.
Kim Hyo-joo (11,12,13-KLPGA,15,16), Suzann Pettersen (10,15,16)
The "Snackbox Food Holdings" CEO is Sim Hyo Seop (심효섭).
Hyo-mandibular advancement along with genioglossus advancement was originally described by in 1984. Published clinical experience with hyoid suspension can be summarized into three different approaches to the hyoid suspension procedure: hyo-mandibular suspension, hyo-thyroid suspension, and genioglossus advancement and hyoid myotomy.
Fictional characters with the given name Hyo include:
Kim Hyo-joo (12, 13-KLPGA,15,16), Suzann Pettersen (10,15,16)
first debuts in "Rival Schools", as a student at Taiyo High who volunteers to help Batsu find his mother. It is later revealed that Kyosuke is behind the kidnapping and was working for his twin brother, Hyo. Ultimately, Kyosuke changes allegiances, and helps Batsu and Hinata in defeating Hyo, while convincing Hyo that force was not the way to achieve their dreams.
King Hyo was the 21st king of Gija Joseon. He reigned from 658 to 634 BC. His true name was Hyo (hangul: 효, hanja: 孝). He was succeeded by Yang of Gojoseon (Yang Wang).
King Hyo (hangul: 기형, hanja: 箕亨) was the 6th king of Mahan confederacy. He reigned from 113BCE to 73BCE. His true name was Hyo (hangul: 형, hanja: 亨). He was succeeded by Yang of Samhan (Yang Wang).
King Hyo (hangul: 기섭, hanja: 箕燮) was the 7th king of Mahan confederacy. He reigned from 73BCE to 58BCE. His true name was Hyo (hangul: 섭, hanja: 燮). He was succeeded by Won of Samhan (Won Wang).
King Hyo (hangul: 기훈, hanja: 箕勳) was the 8th king of Mahan confederacy. He reigned from 58BCE to 33BCE. His true name was Hyo (hangul: 훈, hanja: 勳). He was succeeded by Gye of Samhan (Gye Wang).
King Jon was the 20th king of Gija Joseon. The period of reign was BC675-BC658. True name is Jon (hangul: 존, hanja: 存). His throne was succeeded by Hyo of Gojoseon (Hyo Wang).
King Myung (hangul: 기무, hanja: 箕武) was the 5th king of Mahan confederacy. He reigned from 144BCE to 113BCE. His true name was Myung (hangul: 무, hanja: 武). He was succeeded by Hyo of Samhan (Hyo Wang).
After a series of mysterious killings, it is then revealed that the one killed in the lake 10 years ago was not Hyo-jin but So-yeon and the living twin is truly Hyo-jin. The secret is hidden by her mother, who has been telling the villagers that Hyo-jin is dead and the one who is alive is So-yeon, but the dreadful spirit of Hyo-jin (the real So-Yeon) comes back to take revenge. Facing the spirit of the real So-yeon in a secret room at their mansion, the real Hyo-jin and their mother run to the bridge, and Hyo-jin falls into the lake. The mother then tries to save her daughter, but as she reaches her hand, she grabs in fact the hand of the spirit of So-yeon, and, finally seeing Hyo-jin, she also grabs Hyo-jin's. Both beg their mother to save them, So-yeon says that it is cold there. Looking at So-yeon, Hyo-jin then tells her mother that she is okay, and the mother lets go of her hand, then falls into the lake to embrace her deceased daughter, and says that she is finally coming to her. Thus they both go deeper into the lake. Hyun Sik is seen to be running to the bridge too.
Lee Jung-Hyo (born July 23, 1975) is a South Korea football player.
Ju Hyo-sim (; born 21 June 1998) is a North Korean female international football player.