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myong              hyong              keum              kyong              huikim              hwakim              kyoung              cheon              hyok              gwak              yeom              yeop              jinkim              jinlee              byong              jungkim              ryeol              sookim              byeon              hyoung              pyung              youngoh              weon              pyong              heepark              okkim              jinpark              junkim              reum              jinho              maeng              chulpark              kyoo              myoung              keun              gyeong              sunkim              kwang              sungho              seong              gyung              soolee              seoung              deuk              gwon              youn              hyeok              yeong              taik              byoung             

Examples of "hyon"
Poetry Chong Hyon-Jong The Trees of the World English
Criticism Cho Nam-Hyon Literary Discourse in the 1990s
The former deputy ambassador Thae Yong-ho defected to South Korea in 2016. The ambassador at the time was Hyon Hak-bong. , Hyon is reported to have been recalled to North Korea following Thae's defection.
Ri Hyon-Song is a North Korean footballer who plays as a midfielder.
Kim Hyon-Hui (Hangul: 김현희) is a former female table tennis player from North Korea.
Chong Hyon-jong (Hangul: 정현종) is a South Korean writer and reporter.
Several re-occurring themes and images are visible in Hyon Gyon's shamanistic painting:
Pak Hyon-Suk (; or ; born August 4, 1985) is a female weightlifter from North Korea.
Choi Byong-hyon (born 1950) is a Korean academic and translator.
Myong Cha-hyon (born 20 March 1990) is a North Korean international football player.
Vice Marshal Hyon Chol-hae (; born 1934) is a North Korean military officer.
Hyon is a village near the Belgian town Mons in the province of Hainaut.
On 16 May 2014, Hyon appeared on North Korean television participating in the National Convention of Artists, disproving the rumors.
Cha Hyon-Hyang (born 3 October 1979) is a Korean former judoka who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics.
Dok Hyon Sunim () is a Korean Zen monk ordained in Jogye order and the foremost disciple of Bop Jong Sunim.
In December 2015, Hyon travelled to Beijing to perform with the Moranbong Band in a series of private concerts.
Kim Hyon-ung (born 16 January 1975) is a North Korean sport shooter who competed in the 2004 Summer Olympics.
Yun Hyon-seok (; August 7, 1984 – April 26, 2003) was a South Korean LGBT poet, writer and LGBT activist.
Pak Hyon-il (born 21 September 1993) is a North Korean international footballer who plays as a defender.
Hyon was reportedly demoted to General in November 2012. On 31 March 2013, Hyon was made a Politburo alternate member, though he didn't take Ri Yong-ho's former seat on the Politburo Presidium. He was transferred to command the 5th Army Corps in May 2013. He was called back to Pyongyang in June 2014 to serve as minister of the People's Armed Forces.