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myong              hyon              kyong              yeop              deuk              pyong              kyoung              jungkim              ryeol              pyung              gyung              youngoh              gyeong              heepark              haeng              myeong              hwakim              byong              jinlee              hyeok              huikim              junkim              okkim              jinkim              kyoo              keum              byeon              hyoung              poong              gyeom              jihyun              sookim              jiwon              taik              byeong              heelee              ryul              daeseong              hyub              ryol              cheon              bongkim              maeng              hoong              sunkim              gwak              hwai              hyok              ryong              seop             

Examples of "hyong"
Yang Hyong-sop and the Foreign Ministry’s America chief Li Gun were present.
Ri Hyong-jin (born 19 July 1993) is a North Korean international football player.
Dong Youb, Lee Ufan, Park Seobo, Suh Seung-Wong, and Yun Hyong-keun.
Joo Hyong-jun (Hangul: 주형준, ; born 22 April 1991) is a South Korean speed skater.
In his youth, Kim Hyong-gwon studied in Sunhwa school near his home in present-day Mangyongdae, Pyongyang.
Kim Gwong-hyong (born 1 March 1946) is a Korean former wrestler who competed in the 1972 Summer Olympics.
Ri Hyong-mu (born 4 November 1991) is a North Korean footballer who plays as a defender.
Kim Hyong-jik currently has a museum and statue dedicated to him in his hometown of Bonghwari.
Yon Hyong-muk, also spelt as Yong Hyong-muk (November 3, 1931 – October 23, 2005) was a longserving politician in North Korea and at the height of his career the most powerful person in that country outside the Kim family. He was premier of North Korea from 1989 to 1992.
Kim Hyong-gwon, paternal uncle of Kim Il-Sung and brother of Kim Hyong-jik, is honored in North Korea as an anti-Japanese activist because he skirmished with local police, for which he was arrested and later died on January 12, 1936 during internment in Seoul. There is a statue in his honor in Hongwon, the site of the skirmish.
Kim Hyong-gwon is among the most important Kim family members in propaganda, and comparable in that context to other prominent family members like Kim Il-sung's father Kim Hyong-jik, or great grandfather Kim Ung-u, who is claimed to have been involved in the General Sherman incident. North Korean propaganda insists that most family members were in some way participating in the foundation of the North Korean state and among them Kim Hyong-gwon is portrayed as having been sacrificed for anti-Japanese struggle and the revolution.
Lee Su-hyong (born May 14, 1986) is a South Korean football player previously play for PSPS Pekanbaru in Indonesia Super League.
Kim Il-sung was born in Mangyongdae-guyok to Methodist parents. His father Kim Hyong-jik was 15 when he married Kang Pan-sok two years his elder. Kim Hyong-jik had attended a school founded by Protestant missionaries, which influenced his own family. Kim Hyong-jik became a father at the age of 17, and left school to work as a teacher in a nearby school he once attended. He later practiced Chinese herbal medicine as a doctor. Kim Hyong-jik protested against Japanese rule, and was arrested several times for his activism. He was a founding member of the Korean National Association in 1917, participated in the 1919 March 1st Movement, and fled Korea for Manchuria with his wife and young Kim Il-sung in 1920. There is a teacher's college named for him in Pyongyang.
Lewis Biggs. "Working with Nature: Traditional Thought in Contemporary Art from Korea: Chung, Chang-Sup; Yun, Hyong-Keun; Kim, Tschang-Yeul; Park, Seo-Bo;
Kim Hyong-jik's own parents, Kim Bo-hyon and Li Bo Ik, were likened as "patriots" by the Editorial Committee for the Short Biography of Kim Il-sung.
Kimhyonggwon County, previously known as Pungsan, in southeastern Ryanggang Province, was renamed after him in August 1990. There is also a Kim Hyong Gwon Teachers' College named after him, and Hamnam University of Education Nr. 1 was renamed Kim Hyong Gwon University of Education in 1990. Both of them are in Sinpo. Various sites of honor and statues have been made in Kim's memory. Once every five years, a ceremony is held on the days of his death and birth.
Kim Hyong-gwon was included into the personality cult in 1976. North Korean media uses similar honorifics for him as they use with Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-suk.
At one time, Kim Won-ju, who was Kim Hyong-rok's third son, was assigned the position as State Security Department officer whose assignments included rooting out disloyalty to the regime among students at the ultra-elite Mangyongdae School.".
Last place after short program, the pairs team of Jong Hyong-hyok and Phyo Yong-myoung withdrew from free skate after Phyo was injured after crashing into the boards while training.
In August 2014, Yun Tae Hyong, a senior representative of North Korea's "Korea Daesong Bank", which is suspected of being under control of Room 39, was reported to have defected to Russia taking $5 million with him.