Synonyms for hypergonadism or Related words with hypergonadism

hypergonadotropic              hypogonadotropic              subfertility              hypogonadotrophic              oligomenorrhea              oligospermia              hyperandrogenemia              hypogonadism              pubertylutropin              pseudohermaphrodism              pcos              naglazymeenzyme              asthenozoospermia              hyperandrogenism              virilization              characteristicsno              anovulation              panhypopituitarism              hypopituitarism              zreleasinghormone              andropause              asthenospermia              kleinefelter              diagnosticagents              hyperprolactinemia              virilism              gynecomastia              fxpoi              infertility              ininfertility              azoospermia              gonadarche              alfaluveris              oligomenorrhoea              prepubertal              hirsutism              galactorrhea              andromorphous              prostatomegaly              defeminisation              feminization              climacteric              amenorrhoea              emmeniopathy              anovulatory              subjectsc              variococele              hypospermatogenesis              hypogonadismprimary              ohss             

Examples of "hypergonadism"
Hypergonadism is a condition where there is a hyperfunction of the gonads. It can manifest as precocious puberty, and is caused by abnormally high levels of testosterone or estrogen, crucial hormones for sexual development. In some cases, it may be caused by a tumor, which can be malignant but mostly benign. Anabolic steroids may also be a major cause of high androgen and/or estrogen functional activity. Symptoms of the condition may include precocious puberty, rapid growth in adolescents, high libido, acne, excessive hairiness, and others.