Synonyms for hypnotizes or Related words with hypnotizes

brainwashes              hypnotises              intimidates              tempts              goads              frightens              terrifies              cajoles              ingratiates              seduces              deceives              imprisons              coerces              smuggles              outsmarts              outwits              subdues              coaxes              teleports              beheads              enchants              devours              shoves              shapeshifts              pummels              startles              blackmails              woos              electrocutes              tranquilizes              decapitates              reawakens              resurrects              petrifies              hypnotizing              sedates              overpowers              insinuates              hypnotise              slays              hallucinates              unties              masturbates              enslaves              stuns              terrorizes              implores              accosts              banishes              reanimates             

Examples of "hypnotizes"
Gong is a gong-based Tiki who hypnotizes a zebra in the opening scene and then leads the animals. At the end of the third world, he hypnotizes Stu to fight Donkey Kong.
A phony spiritualist hypnotizes a banker's daughter to steal his money.
Xylophone is a xylophone-based Tiki who hypnotizes Thugly to fight Donkey Kong in World 6.
Gargoyle later hypnotizes the Titans to make them enjoy life as if they were never Teen Titans.
Kalimba is a kalimba-based Tiki who hypnotizes an elephant in the opening scene. Immediately following the opening scene, he tries to take control of Donkey Kong only to end up pummeled as the game begins. Kalimba later hypnotizes Mugly to fight Donkey Kong at the end of the first world.
Mindwipe premieres in episode #5 of Hasbro's online "Cyber Missions" series. He hypnotizes Ironhide in a cave full of energon, but Optimus Prime saves his fellow Autobot.
Accordion is an accordion-based Tiki who hypnotizes Colonel Pluck into using his Stompybot 3000 on Donkey Kong at the end of the seventh world.
So Harmony hypnotizes Kaz and kidnaps him while Ami and Yumi were stuck to the ground by a giant lollipop that Harmony threw.
Near the start of Book 1, Molly hypnotizes her to go around telling people that she is a terrible teacher, getting her fired.
Primo Cell, in the eleven years he was hypnotised, managed to hypnotize 3000 people (that is what he tells Molly when she hypnotizes him) including:
In Spider-Ham's universe, Lorelei appears as villain Loreli Lemur. She hypnotizes the owners of some neighborhood pets only to have Spider-Ham battle and eventually defeat her.
Stan Freberg recorded a satire in 1956, with June Foray, titled "The Quest For Bridey Hammerschlaugen", wherein Freberg hypnotizes Goldie Smith to regress to different eras with humorous interruption by Foray. At the end, Foray hypnotizes Freberg, who becomes Davy Crockett; when Foray tells him that he won't be able to profit on the recent Davy Crockett products, Freberg says that in his next life, he would become Walt Disney.
On August, 30th Phillip Kirkorov stays and after a song "Heart-magnet" says such words: « What a voice and what a good song, it hypnotizes, it's magic a song. She is generally talented, very talented actress! »
At the show, Serafin hypnotizes Manuela, thinking that she will admit she loves him. Instead, the hypnotized girl wildly sings and dances about her love for "Mack the Black." Serafin awakens Manuela with a kiss, and she flees in horror.
Banjo is a banjo-based Tiki who hypnotizes Mole Miner Max by having him start the train and have his mole servants dive into the banana-filled carts in order to fight Donkey Kong at the end of World 4.
Miss Adderstone is the headmistress of the Hardwick House Orphanage, and she dislikes children, especially babies. She hates Molly Moon especially out of all the orphanage's children. Later on in the book, Molly hypnotizes her to love planes and flying.
The novel "Trilby" (1894) features the character Svengali, who hypnotizes the novel's heroine to enhance her singing performance. The character gained popularity as the stereotype of an evil hypnotist, and became the basis for feature films throughout the 20th century.
Panflute is a Pan flute-based Tiki who hypnotizes a giraffe and a squirrel in the opening scene and takes control of Mangoruby at the end of World 5.
Supposedly thankful, Gypem has the audacity to serve "Woody" with a summons, accusing the woodpecker of "practicing hypnotism out of season." Incensed, Woody hypnotizes Buzz into thinking he is a hungry giant and Gypem is a tasty ham sandwich.
The carriage has arrived to take the lovers away, but they can't cross the river without the boat. Jane Annie hypnotises Caddie, who has hidden the key in an undisclosed location on his person. When he gives up the key, Miss Sims catches them. Jane Annie hypnotizes her into giving her blessing, and then she hypnotizes the Proctor into paying for their expenses. Jack refuses to accompany Jane Annie, so she hypnotizes him as well, and he agrees to love her. The happy couples escape, and when the spell is broken, Miss Sims and the Proctor realise that a joke has been played on them, and their reputations are ruined. The Proctor attempts to get a moral out of it, but since he can't recall it, he suggests "you'd best go home without it". Caddie would suggest that the moral is "no more Good Conduct prizes", but the others don't allow him get a word in on the matter.