Synonyms for hysterics or Related words with hysterics

hysterically              goading              giggling              sobbing              shrieks              goads              panicky              whining              mumbling              shrieking              whimpering              drunkenly              moaning              tantrum              stupor              cajoling              panicking              ranting              lurches              intimidates              whines              gleefully              headlong              scolding              goaded              clumsily              sulking              panics              cajoled              gleeful              horrifically              maniacally              faints              comically              hypnotizing              lulling              frenzied              nervously              squirm              hysterical              hilarity              manically              commotion              lurching              howls              predicaments              giggles              sleepwalking              hypnotically              smirking             

Examples of "hysterics"
In April 2005, she condemned, as "twin brothers" within "Les Verts" the "small group of hysterics of the Arab cause" and the "Hysterics of the Jewish Defence League".
Leona has got into hysterics and phones a hospital, asking to hire a nurse for the night. The receptionist tells her that they are short staffed and she can only have a nurse if the doctor feels it isn't an emergency. She thinks it is only 11:00pm but discovers her clock has stopped, sending her into worse hysterics.
Paul Briquet or Pierre Briquet (12 January 1796 to 25 January 1881) was a French physician and psychologist that advanced the reasoned treatment of disturbed people said to be hysterics.
In 1692, Stamford was home to a less famous witch trial than the well-known Salem witch trials, which also occurred in 1692. The accusations were less fanatical and smaller-scale but also grew to prominence through gossip and hysterics.
Such preservative repression takes effect by way of a splitting of the ego, producing a 'distinction between "constitutive [ie dynamic] repression" apparent in hysterics, and the "preservative repression" specific to cryptophores'.
The girls suffered from what appeared to be bite marks and would often try to throw themselves into fires, classic symptoms of hysteria. Hansen explains that hysterics will often try to injure themselves, which never result in serious injuries because they wait until someone is present to stop them. He also concludes that skin lesions are the most common psychosomatic symptom among hysterics, which can resemble bite or pinch marks on the skin. Hansen believes the girls are not accountable for their actions because they were not consciously responsible in committing them.
At Jack's funeral, Mrs Doyle goes around pestering priests to have a sandwich. Meanwhile, Father Fay and another priest (who is in hysterics) shakes his fist at the ceiling, saying "You bastard!" and then falls to his knees, exclaiming "Imagine, Ted! A Polish Pope! It should've been Jack!" and Father Fay goes crazy, throwing books off the bookshelf.
Mikoyan disapproved of Khrushchev's walkout from the 1960 Paris Summit over the U-2 Crisis of 1960, which he believed kept tension in the Cold War high for another fifteen years. However, throughout this time, he remained Khrushchev's closest ally in the upper echelons of the Soviet leadership. As Mikoyan later noted, Khrushchev "engaged [in] inexcusable hysterics".
Another famous incident occurred when Ant was asked to read out a rather crude anecdote, and started laughing uncontrollably, causing Dec to fall into hysterics as well. This clip has since been replayed numerous times since, due to it being considered an 'outtake'.
The book's title allegedly comes from a news broadcast, heard by Burroughs, about a fire at a circus during which the announcer broke into hysterics on reading the line, very likely the Hartford Circus Fire, which took place on July 6, 1944.
The daughters amuse themselves by singing and making "ghost noises", but in the middle of it all Paillardin wakes up and is frightened by them. He goes running through the hotel yelling about ghosts, and the daughters themselves are scared into hysterics by Paillardin unexpectedly appearing in their room.
Humidity sensors have also been prepared using polyaniline nanofibers. These sensors were prepared through electrospinning of a N,N-dimethylformamide solution of polyaniline nanofibers, poly(vinyl butyral) (PVB), and poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO). These sensors were shown to have high sensitivity, with resistance changes of three orders of magnitude. Furthermore, the sensors showed good sensing linearity, fast response, small hysterics, and good repeatability.
The character of Pauline Fowler was mentioned in the successful BBC drama "This Life" in 1997. In one episode of the show two key characters, Anna and Ferdy, watched an episode of "EastEnders" on television and mocked Pauline's hysterics and her well documented tendency to wear cardigans.
One of Steed's old friends and an accomplice show themselves and hold Steed and Mrs Peel and gunpoint. They reveal a plan to auction off the 30 hypnotically programmed military people to the highest bidder. Steed and Mrs Peel overcome these criminals but not before laughing gas is set off leaving them in hysterics.
Rover also achieved television immortality by relieving himself – live to air – upon one of the huge cameras. The studio audience collapsed in hysterics, but the duration and urgency of Rover's impressively hydraulic performance might have led some cynics to question just how impromptu the event really was.
A William story often starts when William or the Outlaws set out to do something — put on a play, collect scrap metal for the war effort, look after Violet Elizabeth Bott for example. William always manages to get into trouble with his parents, although he can never see why. Often his well-meaning efforts result in broken windows and hysterics among Mrs. Brown's friends.
Since then, she has performed in many London venues, including Comedy Camp, Banana Cabaret Comedy Store, The Kings Head, and ED Comedy, as well as hosting her own nights, including Hysterics at Shaun & Joe and CatFlap Comedy at the Player Bar, Soho.
On the night of 2 May 1797, Sarah Siddons's character of "Agnes" in Lillo's "Fatal Curiosity" suggested murder with "an expression in her face that made the flesh of the spectator creep." In the audience was Crabb Robinson, whose respiration grew difficult. Robinson went into a fit of hysterics and was nearly ejected from the theatre.
The Dovers are highly regarded in the garage rock community; this is the A-side of their fourth single. Other Dovers songs were included on the first two LPs in the Pebbles series. "I Never Loved Her" by the Starfires is one of the most valuable garage rock singles. The Hysterics' "Won't Get Far" is included on the "Pebbles, Volume 9" CD.
In June 2008, Rolo Tomassi were given a spot at Download Festival. In September they released their debut album "Hysterics". Supporting this release the band opened for Pulled Apart By Horses in Britain and for Jane's Addiction in the United States.