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woong              hyung              joon              seok              beom              cheol              kyung              jae              seung              gyu              chul              hyun              joong              byung              wook              hwan              yeong              yeon              heon              hye              deok              joo              hyeok              kyu              hyeon              eun              kwang              suk              baek              hyeong              shik              byul              seong              pyung              sook              soo              keun              seol              yeol              ryeol              kyeong              myeong              geun              hee              gook              myung              seon              taek              heemoon              gyung             

Examples of "hyuk"
Lee Soo-hyuk (; born Lee Hyuk-soo on May 31, 1988) is a South Korean model and actor.
Choi Woo-hyuk () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Choi and the given name Woo-hyuk, and may also refer to:
Meanwhile, Gi-Hyuk is shocked and confused that his father is now a murder suspect. Gi-Hyuk attempts to uncover the truth.
In 2006, Click-B (with the previous arrangement of 3 remaining members Oh Jong-hyuk, Woo Yun-suk and Kim Sang-hyuk) released their 5th album "Smile".
Im Hyuk (born Im Jung-hyuk on May 31, 1949) is a South Korean actor. Im has starred in television series since 1969, notably in historical period dramas.
Kim Dong Hyuk (김동혁), keyboards, rhythm guitars.
Hyuk seeks Chul out, hoping for a reconciliation, but Chul rebuffs him, seeing Hyuk as nothing but a criminal and still resentful that Hyuk left the family in North Korea. Jung finds Hyuk and presses him to rejoin the organization, offering to bring Young-choon along if Hyuk rejoins, but Hyuk refuses. Meanwhile, Chul is obsessed with arresting Jung and bringing down the arms operation. After Jung has Young-choon beaten and threatens to harm Chul, Hyuk decides to join Young-choon in taking revenge on Jung. Hyuk and Young-choon steal incriminating evidence from the smuggling business and use it to ransom Jung in exchange for money and an escape boat. However, Hyuk has given the evidence to the police. Using Jung as a hostage, Hyuk and Young-choon take the money to a pier, intending to escape in the boat. Meanwhile, having followed his brother, Chul arrives on the scene but is captured by Jung's men. Even though he is free to escape, Hyuk decides to return to save Chul and asks Young-choon to leave on his own.
Asking for money to his father imprisoned in jail, threatening a friend who became a murderer by mistake, stealing money from his friends... Ku Dong-hyuk (Kim Rae-won) is the worst scumbag you can ever imagine. Living a low-life like a street dog, one day, Dong-hyuk gets kidnapped by a mysterious gang. Being captured out of no reason, the gang trains Dong-hyuk in a secret and inhumane way repeatedly. Dong-hyuk tries to escape but fails, which makes the training more harsh and cruel than before. After finishing all the training, the gang orders Dong-hyuk to become a police detective as their secret connection.
Woo Hyuk collaborated with Kenzie, Pang Shi Hyuk, and many other talented K-pop musicians. Music lovers thirsting for groovy R&B style beats plus a flair of hip hop all blended with Woo Hyuk's inimitable vocals are well advised to check out the release of "No More Drama". To prepare for his solo album, Jang Woo Hyuk underwent 10 months of dance training.
The remaining members, Jang Woo-hyuk, Tony An, and Lee Jae-won, formed a three-member group called jtL under another label, and sold moderately successful albums. Later, Jang Woo-hyuk and a partner created their own dance company with Woo-hyuk leading his own team and school named Newest.
Han Sang-hyuk ( born July 5, 1995), most often credited as Hyuk (), is a South Korean singer and actor, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. Hyuk debuted as a member of the South Korean boy group VIXX in May 2012, and began his acting career in 2016 in the comedy-action film "Chasing" as Han Won-tae.
Between April and May 2012, Joo Sae-Hyuk was diagnosed with Behçet's disease, Although Behcet's disease is known to be incurable, it appears that Joo Sae Hyuk is still performing well. On the medical side, Joo Sae-Hyuk relies on glucocorticoids to manage his disease.
People with the stage name or nickname Hyuk include:
After his first success, Choi Woo Hyuk went on to appear in the drama "Glass Slippers" (2002) playing the character of young Jang Jae-hyuk). He also appeared in the movie "No Manners (Conduct Zero)"(2002) in the same year.
Sung Hyuk (born Hong Sung-hyuk on March 2, 1984) is a South Korean actor. He made his acting debut in 2005, and has starred in the television dramas "Jang Bo-ri is Here!" and "You Are the Only One".
Song Soo-hyuk (Jung Kyung-ho) is a reporter and a single father. He has a friend, Goo Hae-joon (Kwon Yul), who is a doctor and single. Song Soo-hyuk and Goo Hae-joon become involved with the women.
In September 2013 it was announced that Soyeon had been dating Click-B's Oh Jong-hyuk. Her relationship with Oh Jong-hyuk however, came to an end in 2016 after dating for 6 years.
Co-hosts - Go Young Wook, Kim Sang Hyuk (Episode 1-5), Jang Dongmin (Episode 2 onwards)
Choi Jong-Hyuk (; born 3 September 1984) is a South Korean football midfielder.
Kim Seung-hyuk (born 5 April 1986) is a South Korean professional golfer.