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yoon_jae              woong              jung_woo              kyeong              kang_tae              yoon_jung              jung_hyun              sung_hoon              ji_seok              yoo_jae              yeol              yeo_jin              ji_hoon              seo_hyun              ji_hyun              hyun_soo              jung_hwa              seol              kyung_joo              tae_woong              jung_yoon              geun              ji_woo              soo_kyung              kim_tae_hyun              jung_eun              woo_hyun              jae_hoon              dong_hoon              yoo_jung              kang_joon              ahn_jae              beom              go_kyung_pyo              jung_soo              kang_dae              seo_jin              joon_ho              hyun_jin              jung_tae              yoon_ji              kwang_soo              dong_wook              seo_yeon              gyu              min_seok              seung_ho              wook              ryul              hyun_joon             

Examples of "hyun_woo"
Lee Hyun-woo () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Lee and the given name Hyun-woo, and may refer to:
Baek-ho falls in love with Dan-poong, but is afraid to tell her because Dan-poong is dating his high school classmate, Hyun-woo. Hyun-woo is a doctor from a wealthy family, and is therefore a very eligible bachelor. However, Dan-poong realises that she doesn't love Hyun-woo. Hyun-woo decides to leave to America so that DanPung can search for her own happiness. Sometime after, Dan-poong realizes she loves Baek-ho.
Eun-soo, in her determination to find her lost love, travels to the city where she meets Hyun-woo, who, in turn, gradually falls in love with her again. A close confidant of Hyun-woo, Tae-min, is revealed as a traitor seeking to gain control of Hyun-woo's company. Tae-min is ultimately exposed and Hyun-woo regains ownership of the company.
Joo Ah-Ran and Shin Hyun-Woo have an elaborate wedding at a luxurious hotel. Shin Hyun-Woo sincerely loves Joo Ah-Ran, but Joo Ah-Ran has ulterior motives for the marriage. Joo Ah-Rans family was destroyed by Shin Hyun-Woo's parents and, because of this, she is marrying Shin Hyun-Woo in a secret plan to exact revenge.
Hyun Woo (; born Kim Hyun-woo on January 18, 1985) is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his roles in the television series "Pasta" and the sitcom "I Live in Cheongdam-dong".
Jang "Creator" Hyun-woo joined the team on November 17, 2015.
In a final, desperate attempt to get revenge on Hyun-woo, Tae-min tries to run him over, but instead of Hyun-woo, Eun-soo shows up and this accident paralyzes her from waist down. Refusing to be a burden to Hyun-woo, Eun-soo disappears to work as a teacher at a home for physically challenged children, until after a year of searching, Hyun-woo sees a familiar drawing, and the lovers reunite. The final credits show Eun-soo learning to walk again with Hyun-woo's assistance.
Ryu Hyun-woo (born 8 September 1981) is a South Korean professional golfer.
Although Hyun-woo is still angry at Soo-in for leaving him so abruptly, he still has feelings for her, so does Alex. Alex eventually reconciles with both Hyun-woo and Soo-in, helping them to win the case against the chemicals company. He returns to the United States to take up a teaching post at Harvard Law, while Hyun-woo and Soo-in marry and have children.
Lim Hyun-Woo (; born 26 March 1983) is a South Korean football midfielder. who plays for Royal Thai Navy.
Sometime after their marriage, Shin Hyun-Woo is involved in a horrible car accident, leaving him in a coma. Once Shin Hyun-Woo awakes from his coma he learns of Joo Ah-Ran's revenge plot and then sets out on his own path for revenge...
Hyun-woo (Ji Jin-hee) is released from prison after spending 17 years behind bars. During his college days he was involved in the student-led anti-government protests that swept across Korea in the early 1980s. Now that he is finally free, Hyun-woo travels back to the town where he spent a few precious months immediately prior to his arrest.
Hyun-woo and Soo-in grow closer and eventually start dating. However, their relationship is short-lived as Soo-in's application to join OEP, an organization that provides medical care to patients in Third World countries, is accepted. After spending a night together, Soo-in breaks off all contact with Hyun-woo and leaves to work in South America, leaving him devastated.
Law student Choi Hyun-woo and television director Seo Min-joo are a young couple in love, and engaged to be married. Tragedy strikes, however, and Min-joo is killed in the Sampoong Department Store collapse. Several years later, Hyun-woo is given a journal that was written by his former fiancée, which details the journey they would have taken on their honeymoon. Hyun-woo sets out to visit the various places described in the journal, but on his travels he meets another woman, Yoon Se-jin, and discovers that their meeting is more than just coincidence.
Hyun-woo (Ji Sung) is the reluctant heir to his father's chemical company and engaged to be married to Soo-jin (Lee Bo-young). Eun-soo (Eugene) lives a simple life, running a bed and breakfast with her elderly father. Their paths cross one fateful night when, after a failed attempt on his life, Hyun-woo loses his memory in a car accident. Discovered on the roadside by Eun-soo and her father, they take him in, nursing him back to health. Over the course of his recovery, Eun-soo and Hyun-woo (whom she has named "Baek Chang-ho") fall in love.
Kim Hyun-woo and Alex Hong (Lee Jung-jin) are two first-year students at Harvard Law School, both from South Korea. Alex applies himself more and as such is the favorite of Professor John H. Keynes (Frank Gorshin). Hyun-woo, who initially has a hard time adjusting to the workload, falls into the bad graces of the professor, who repeatedly humiliates or ignores him. However, Hyun-woo perseveres and eventually wins the respect of Professor Keynes and his classmates. Both men meet and fall for Lee Soo-in, a third-year Korean student at Harvard Medical School. This intensifies the rivalry between them.
Woo-ri ends up at a library and meets a former classmate Seo Hyun-woo, while they both pick up the same book for the same interview, they study the whole night but Woo-ri ends up sleeping. Hyun-woo looks at her presentation and modifies it a bit to make it just perfect. The next day the two wake up in library late for the interview and rush to the office without changing. During her presentation, Woo-ri gets nervous on seeing a new presentation but boosts up on the very next slide. Both Hyun-woo and Woo-ri get selected for Gaha Entertainment at different positions.
Hyun Woo-sung (born March 16, 1979) is a South Korean actor. His first leading role was in 2012 daily drama "Yellow Boots".
Cho Hyun-Woo (; born 25 September 1991) is a South Korean footballer who plays as goalkeeper for Daegu FC in K League Challenge.
Later in September 2010, 5tion made a comeback as a three-member group consisting of Hwang Sung-hwan (John), Lee Hyun & Woo Il.