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chul              cheol              seung              hyuk              seok              woong              gyu              beom              hwan              hyeok              kwang              jae              kyung              byung              wook              hyun              yeong              seong              hyeon              joo              hyeong              kyu              joon              deok              heon              baek              suk              keun              seon              gook              myeong              ryul              joong              myung              shik              hye              pyung              byun              byul              kyoung              ryeol              chae              seol              yeon              jeon              geun              yeol              kyeong              jeong              deuk             

Examples of "hyung"
Park Joon-hyung () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Park and the given name Joon-hyung, and may also refer to:
Kim Tae-hyung (김태형) (born March 19, 1981) is the leader of the band. Tae Hyung started his mandatory military service on December 23, 2006.
Jae-sung (Lee Joon), an aspiring actor who hit rock bottom, wants to commit a suicide but decides to clean himself first at a public sauna. Hyung-wook (Yoo Hae-jin), a notorious assassin, just killed a man and tries to clean himself at the same sauna. Hyung-wook slips on a soap Jae-sung accidentally dropped and passes out. Remembering Hyung-wook's luxurious look, Jae-sung switches his locker key with Hyung-wook's and steals his car and money. Feeling guilty, Jae-sung later tries to return everything to Hyung-wook who was in the emergency room but finds that Hyung-wook does not remember anything due to a concussion. He decides to leave without telling Hyung-wook anything. While Jae-sung enjoys Hyung-wook’s money and his fancy apartment, Hyung-wook struggles to find his identity. After Hyung-wook realizes that he is bankrupt, Lina (Jo Yoon-hee), who was a paramedic and paid emergency room bill for Hyung-wook, asks him to work at her mom's small restaurant so that he can pay her back. With his extreme knife skill, Hyung-wook becomes the main chef drawing many customers for the restaurant. He later finds a marked date on a calendar with a location information and learns that he (Jae-sung in reality) is an actor who is supposed to appear in a gangster-themed TV show as an extra. Hyung-wook excels in action scenes thanks to his real life skills and experience he does not know. His role in the show becomes more significant with Lina's help as the show progresses. Hyung-wook and Lina also find themselves liking each other. Meantime in Hyung-wook's apartment, Jae-sung discovers a secret room and thinks that Hyung-wook is an undercover cop protecting a witness named Eun-joo (Lim ji-yeon), who lives in the same building. Jae-sung tries to make up to her and they eventually fall in love with each other.
Kim Tae-hyung () is a Korean name consisting of the family name Kim and the given name Tae-hyung, and may also refer to:
Hyung-gu, a young smuggler, was raised by his boss Bo-kyeong after his mother left him when he was six years old. Hyung-gu's boss asks him to work with a Japanese man named Toru; Toru needs the money to support his younger sister. Hyung-gu and Toru are forced to live on Hyung-gu's boat and kidnap a Korean woman named Ji-su, which leads to trouble.
One day, Jae-sung answers a phone call to Hyung-wook and meets with people who ask him why Eun-joo is still alive and when to kill her. Jae-sung realizes that Hyung-wook is actually an assassin hired to kill Eun-joo. After a picnic with Lina's family, Hyung-wook recovers his memory and finds Jae-sung and Eun-joo in his own apartment. Hyung-wook reveals to Jae-sung that he is not a real assassin and that he has been trying to give a new life to assassination victims by faking their death and sharing the money he makes. Hyung-wook, Jae-sung, and Eun-joo devise a new plan for themselves so that they can start a new clean life. Hyung-wook also tells Lina that they cannot be together and leaves. Heartbroken, Lina follows him to a place where Hyung-wook, Jae-sung, and Eun-joo are trying to fake their own death in front of the people who hired Hyung-wook. Lina's unexpected interference almost ruins the plan but they manage to succeed. People believe that they are all dead and leave. Later, Hyung-wook tells Lina who he really is and apologizes. Lina, not sure what to do, takes him to the set of the TV show to finish the final scene. On the set, Hyung-wook goes against a script and confesses his feeling to Lina who accepts it. At the final scene, Jae-sung and Hyung-wook are starting a fight in a new TV show.
By accident she finds out that the damage to Hyung-Jun's car costs only $10. She then takes her revenge by damaging his car and his reputation. But Hyung-Jun takes revenge by becoming her new tutor. This brings them close to each other and they realize they love one another. Hyung-Jun frees Ha-Yeong from "slavery" as the 100 days are over and later even kisses her standing in-front of her house's main gate. Ha-Yeong's mother sees this and threatens Hyung-Jun to stay away from her daughter's life, then brings a new tutor to teach Ha-Yeong. Ha-Yeong tells Hyung-Jun that she wants to marry him but he says that he only toyed with her. Hyung-Jun leaves his apartment which makes Ha-Yeong more vulnerable. She studies hard so she can get into Hyung-Jun's college.
Most of the EP's six songs were written by Yong Jun-hyung; "Beautiful Night" was written by 4realz, Goodnite and Sleepwell, the first time Beast did not use a song produced by Shinsadong Tiger as its lead single. "Midnight" was written by Yong Jun-hyung, Choi Kyu-sung and Shinsadong Tiger, and "Not Me" was written by Rado and Jun-hyung. "When I Miss You" was written by Jun-hyung and Choi Kyu-sung, and "The Day You Rest" and "Dream Girl" were written by Jun-hyung and Kim Tae-joo. A Japanese version of "Midnight" (Japanese: ) was scheduled for release as the group's third Japanese single.
Meanwhile, one of her patients, Kang Hyung-woo (Kim Tae-hyun) falls in love with her and wholeheartedly pursues her. With Hyung-woo's wealthy mother Madam Shin, a department store owner, in support of the match, Eun-young has no reason to refuse him beyond her memories of Jung-woo. But then Jung-woo suddenly returns, and Eun-young discovers that Hyung-woo is his half-brother. Hyung-woo is autistic, and with Eun-young, he is able to express himself and open his mind to the world. And though Eun-young initially marries him for money and revenge, with time she starts to genuinely love Hyung-woo.
His brother Lee Jang-hyung is also an artistic gymnast.
Hyung-joon, also spelled Hyung-jun or Hyong-jun, is a Korean masculine given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 21 hanja with the reading "hyung" and 34 hanja with the reading "joon" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names.
"Second Prize Ensemble:" Dae Hyung Ahn and Emily Phelps
Season 3 - Kim Ryeowook (Super Junior) & Park Hyung-sik ()
Lee Hyung-min is a South Korean television drama director.
Hyung-joo, also spelled Hyung-ju, is a Korean unisex given name. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 21 hanja with the reading "hyung" and 56 hanja with the reading "joo" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names.
In the third season, BEAST's Yong Jun-hyung takes over Defconn as host. The season was filmed in Dublin, Ireland with Hyeong-don, Jun-hyung and N.Flying's Cha Hun.
Meanwhile, Eun-Jae hears of the loan and has had enough. Eun-Jae decides that they need a serious talk. Eun-Jae and Hyung-Woo then book a trip to Japan where they had their honeymoon. Hyung-Woo then mistakenly text messages his itinerary to his mother instead of Eun-Jae. When Hyung-Woo and Eun-Jae arrive at the airport they find Hyung-Woo's mother there as well, believing she was invited to their trip to Japan. Making matters worse Hyung-Woo receives a phone call from his mother-in-law asking to see him immediately and to keep it a secret. Hyung-Woo doesn't know why his wife and his mother-in-law doesn't get along or why he was never formally introduced to his mother-in-law, but he feels obligated to meet her and leaves ...
Stefan Koubek was the defending champion but lost in the second round to Hyung-Taik Lee.
Won Hyung-dae, his son, took over the management of the kwan upon his father's death.
Park Joon-hyung (; born on December 22, 1975) is a South Korean comedian and radio presenter.