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Examples of "ibarrola"
Adolfo Christlieb Ibarrola has written the following published works:
The Spanish artist Agustín Ibarrola has used recycled ties from Renfe in several projects.
Christlieb Ibarrola completed his primary studies at the Colegio Puente de Alvarado and his secondary studies at Colegio Frances Morelos. Following his primary and secondary studies, Christlieb Ibarrola went on to study at the School of Philosophy and Letters at the National Autonomous University of Mexico () (UNAM). Between the years of 1937 and 1939 he became an adviser to the school. From 1939 to 1945, Christlieb Ibarrola returned to Colegio Frances Morelos as a Professor of Mexican History. On August 27, 1941, Christlieb Ibarrola completed his law degree from the National School of Law, UNAM, later returning in 1954 as a Professor of Constitutional Law.
Jaison David Ibarrola Silva (, born 10 September 1986) is a Paraguayan footballer.
Agustín Ibarrola (born 1930) is a Spanish Basque painter and sculptor.
The municipality was named after the Spanish Governor-General José Lemery e Ibarrola Ney y González (1811 – 1886).
The Asturian and some Basque and Santander forces (Republicans) comprised three weakened brigades (fewer than 5,000 men in all), under the command of Colonels Juan Ibarrola Orueta and Francisco Galán Rodríguez (Ibarrola and Galán) in Meré, with little artillery and no air support.
Ibarrola began his career with the second division Paraguayan team Fernando de la Mora in 2005. The following year, he played for Club Nacional.
Adolfo Christlieb Ibarrola (March 12, 1919 – December 6, 1969) was a Mexican lawyer and politician from Mexico City and former President of the National Action Party ()(PAN).
In 2007, Ibarrola moved to Chile to play for Deportes Concepción, and was transferred to Universidad Católica for the 2008 season.
Adolfo Christlieb Ibarrola's career in politics is centered around his membership and rise within PAN. His personal relationships with numerous founders; Manuel Gómez Morín, Efrain Gonzalez Luna, Agustin Aragon, and Gustavo Molina Font, put him at the founding of the political organization. Christlieb Ibarrola was originally offered membership in 1939, he declined, however he did assist in collecting the required signatures for the certification of the political organization. In 1958 Christlieb Ibarrola finally joined PAN, beginning his rise.
Agustín Torres Ibarrola (born 27 June 1977) is a Mexican politician from the National Action Party. From 2009 to 2012 he served as Deputy of the LXI Legislature of the Mexican Congress representing Michoacán.
In 2013, the sculpture Paraboloide by Agustín Ibarrola that symbolizes peace and was made in honor of the 2011 Norway Attacks victims was revealed. The sculpture is placed in a park that will be named after Johan Galtung.
As a professor of mural painting in Madrid, Vázquez Díaz had among his students Salvador Dalí, Jorge Gallardo and . After the Spanish Civil War, he continued teaching such artists as , and Agustín Ibarrola.
Julián Romero de Ibarrola (Huélamo, 1518 – Cremona, 1577) was a Spanish military commander in the 16th century. He was one of the few common soldiers in the Spanish army to reach the rank of Maestro de Campo.
Ibarrola is a village ("pueblo") within the municipality of Aulesti, Biscay province, in the Basque Country of northeastern Spain. As of 2004, it had a population of 86 inhabitants.
Eduardo Ibarrola Nicolin (born 17 November 1951), is a Mexican-born diplomat. He is currently the Mexican ambassador to the Netherlands and the Permanent Representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
As a member of PAN he is most recognized for moving the opposition party into a more favorable area, adopting a more cooperative style with the government then the aggressive electoral competition the Christian Democratic parties engaged in. Christlieb Ibarrola believed PAN should follow the Christian Democratic model, however not bring PAN into a fully clerical party. PAN's new cooperative attitude with the government scored it some successes; in 1963 President Adolfo López Mateos supported introduction of proportional representation through party congress-representative system; Chamber of Deputies produced PAN advocated legislation on federal electoral law, government regulations, foreign investment and labor laws. Christlieb Ibarrola is quoted as saying: ""contact with public officials enables [one] to understand and resolve national demands with greater agility"". In 1962 Christlieb Ibarrola was elected to the position of National Executive Committee (CEN) President of PAN, where he served until 1968, stepping down due to the onset of cancer. Christlieb Ibarrola has served on the following committee's and held the listed positions below:
Ibarrola was elected general secretary of SU. Cristino Domenech was elected second secretary. Five other secretariat members were elected; Jesús San Martín, Luis Royo, Pedro Cristóbal, Paco Esteban and María del Carmen Fraile. SU had invited other unions to the closing session of the congress, but only CSUT and a French group called 'Revolutionary Trade Union Opposition' were present.
In recent year he has been tied to the founder of the platform ¡Basta Ya!, a civic group fighting against terrorism in the Basque Country. Due to his bitter opposition to ETA, a group proscribed as terrorist by the Spanish state, Ibarrola has been threatened by ETA.