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Examples of "ibct"
Official 3/1 IBCT Facebook Page:
Elements of the 256th IBCT and the 139TH RSG (Regional Support Group) are based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The 256th IBCT deployed to Iraq twice, 2004-5 and 2010. De Quincy, Louisiana is the home of both the HHC 3-156TH Infantry Battalion and F Company of the 199th Forward Support Battalion. These units deployed to Iraq with the 256TH IBCT.
Company A (Combat Engineer), Special Troops Battalion, 45th IBCT at Broken Arrow, OK
Company B (Military Intelligence), Special Troops Battalion, 45th IBCT at Norman, OK
The 37th IBCT received notification in May 2010 of a possible deployment to Afghanistan in late 2011. In November 2011, the Department of Defense gave the 37th IBCT new mission orders due to changing requirements in Afghanistan. During mobilization training at Camp Shelby, Miss., the brigade was reduced in size and many soldiers were re-missioned due to the reduction in numbers needed in RC-North. The 37th IBCT did not deploy until early 2012 when on 1 February 2012, the 37th IBCT (Task Force Dragon) completed the transfer of authority from the 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Task Force Bayonet) at Camp Mike Spann, Afghanistan.
On 28 August 2008, more than 3000 soldiers of the 56th IBCT again deployed to Iraq.
Company A demobilized at Camp Shelby, Mississippi along with the rest of the 39th IBCT.
C Company 2-156th Infantry Battalion of the 256th IBCT resides in Houma, Louisiana.
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, 45th IBCT at Norman, OK
Company C (Signal), Special Troops Battalion, 45th IBCT (Signal) at Norman, OK
D Company 2-156 Infantry Battalion of the 256 IBCT resides in Thibodaux, Louisiana
The 48th Infantry BCT deployed to continue training the Afghan National Security Forces. The 48th IBCT includes the following units:
For their efforts, the Headquarters, 39th IBCT received the Meritorious Unit Citation (MUC) from the Commander, 4th Infantry Division.
The original task organization of the 1-151st as directed by 39th IBCT during the predeployment training was as follows:
In 2008 and 2009 the 56th IBCT returned to Iraq and performed convoy and base security force duties.
On 1 September 2007, 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team was activated under the Army's modular plan. The shoulder sleeve insignia of the 37th IBCT is heavily based on that of the 37th Infantry Division and many units that are part of the 37th IBCT, served in the 37th ID.
In July, 2015, the 1-182 IN conducted Annual Training with the New York Army National Guard's 27th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) as part of the 'aligned for training' initiative. The 1-182 IN will be officially assigned to the 27th IBCT on 1 October 2016.
When 2nd Brigade was reorganized as a modular infantry brigade combat team (IBCT) in 2005, 1st Battalion, 194th Field Artillery and the reorganized 334th Brigade Support Battalion became part of the brigade’s task organization. The change to an IBCT also included removing 2nd Battalion, 135th Infantry from the task organization and adding 1st Squadron, 113th Cavalry.
Originally 1-82 Cavalry was a TDA squadron headquarters of 15 personnel with ADCON (administrative control) responsibilities over three independent Brigade Reconnaissance Troops (BRTs) - E, F, and G, respectively. Each troop was aligned with separate brigades. E Troop with the 41st IBCT (Oregon ARNG), F Troop with the 29th IBCT (Hawaii ARNG), and G Troop with 116th ACR (Idaho ARNG).
The STB also serves as the battalion headquarters for HHC, 39th IBCT, stationed at Ricks Armory, Little Rock, Arkansas.