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Examples of "ibooks"
iBooks Author (iBA) is an e-book authoring application by Apple Inc, capable of producing interactive, multimedia-driven "next generation" digital books. Books created with iBooks Author export as .ibooks files and can be published to the Apple iBooks Store, or they may be exported as PDF. iBooks Author is available free of charge.
On June 30, 2015, Apple updated iBooks Author to version 2.3, adding two significant new features: iPhone compatibility for Multi-Touch Format books created in iBooks Author, and export of EPUB-format books created in iBooks Author. Further, the terms and conditions of iBooks Author were changed to allow iBooks Author users to monetize EPUB-format books exported out of iBooks Author any way they choose.
The supported e-book formats by iBooks are EPUB and PDF. As of version 2.0, iBooks also supports a proprietary iBook format (IBA), generated with the iBooks Author tool. This format is based upon the EPUB format but depends upon custom widget code in the iBooks app to function.
The iBooks Author Conference is an annual gathering of the user community of Apple's iBooks Author digital content creation software, including educators, creative professionals, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate trainers, self-published authors, and many others. "The iBAs," the awards recognizing achievement in iBooks Author production, are part of the iBooks Author Conference and recognize books and individuals from around the world.
The seventh edition was simultaneously released as hardcover print book and ebook for the iPad using Apple's iBooks Author format (referred to as 'Made for iBooks' in iBooks). In December 2013 it was announced that the ebook was a finalist for a Digital Book Award. The ebook was also featured in the Best of 2013 promotion in iBooks.
On January 19, 2012 at an education-focused special event in New York City, Apple announced the free release of iBooks 2, which can operate in landscape mode and allows for interactive reading. In addition, a new application, iBooks Author, was announced for the Mac App Store, allowing anyone to create interactive textbooks for reading in iBooks; and the iBooks Store was expanded with a textbook category. The iBooks Author Conference, the annual gathering of digital content creators around Apple's iBooks Author, has convened since 2015. A 2017 conference has been announced for later this year, with keynote from NASA and sponsored by Southwest Airlines.
The first volume was reprinted by iBooks, but no word if further books will be reprinted as iBooks went gone bankrupt following Preiss's death.
The .ibooks format is created with the free iBooks Author ebook layout software from Apple Inc.. This proprietary format is based on the EPUB standard, with some differences in the CSS tags used in an ibooks format file, thus making it incompatible with the EPUB specification. The End-User Licensing Agreement (EULA) that comes with iBooks Author states that "If you want to charge a fee for a work that includes files in the .ibooks format generated using iBooks Author, you may only sell or distribute such work through Apple". The "through Apple" will typically be in the Apple iBooks store. The EULA further states that "This restriction does not apply to the content of such works when distributed in a form that does not include files in the .ibooks format." Therefore, Apple has not included distribution restrictions in the iBooks Author EULA for ibooks format ebooks created in iBooks Author that are made available for free, and it does not prevent authors from re-purposing the content in other ebook formats to be sold outside the iBookstore. This software currently supports import and export functionally for three formats. ibook, Plain text and PDF. The iBooks Author 2.3 and later supports importing EPUB and export EPUB 3.0.
The iBooks Store is an ePub content sales and delivery system that delivers eBooks to any iOS device such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It does not currently support either the downloading or reading of iBooks directly on Windows or Linux distributions, but it does support the downloading and reading of iBooks on OS X Mavericks and later.
It is also widely used on many software readers such as iBooks on iOS and Google Books on Android, but notably not by the Amazon Kindle e-readers. iBooks also supports the proprietary iBook format, which is based on the EPUB format but depends upon code from the iBooks app to function.
As of July 1, Apple expanded iBooks availability to Canada.
The new iBooks application allows the user to read books purchased through the iBooks Store. The app also allows the user to purchase new content from the iBooks Store, and a night mode to make it easier to read in dark environments.
Apple released iBooks Author on January 19, 2012 at an education-focused special event in New York City. Simultaneously, Apple also released iBooks 2 and a new iBooks Bookstore category for textbooks. The software is proprietary and available only for macOS. Apple offers it for free download in the Mac App Store.
On April 8, 2010, Apple announced that iBooks would be updated to support the iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 4. As a result, iBooks will not be supported on first-generation iPhones and iPod Touches.
A new version of iBooks Author was released on October 23, 2012. It includes embedded fonts, mathematical equation rendering, and more interactivity options. On October 22, 2013, iBooks Author received another update which included compatibility with OS X Mavericks.
On October 20, 2014, Apple bundled version 4.1 of iBooks for iOS with iOS 8.1.
On June 10, 2013, Apple announced iBooks for OS X Mavericks.
and the Disappeared Chinese Seamen" (Tigre de Papier, 2015) are both published as iBooks.
All clamshell iBooks shipped with Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0. All clamshell iBooks supported Mac OS X 10.0 through 10.3.9. Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger", which requires a FireWire port, can also be installed, though only on the late-model iBook G3 FireWire/SE (366/466 MHz). It is possible to use third-party software such as XPostFacto to install version 10.4 on earlier clamshell iBooks.
Excerpt From: Administrator. “Microsoft Word - Plath, Sylvia - The Bell Jar.” iBooks.