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pondatti              kuzhandhai              vazhvu              neeye              aasai              ullam              thedi              vendum              ennai              purushan              raasa              thaai              manasu              mounam              pudhu              ponnu              gaanam              vandha              iddaru              kadhala              geetham              vizhigal              paasam              mazhai              magane              kaaval              ithu              pakkam              kavithai              paravaigal              unnai              kaattu              thozhi              meendum              poovum              kadhali              veetu              samsaram              kalloori              mitrulu              sivappu              ninne              kaatru              paattu              njan              bandham              iniyum              nenjam              azhagiya              vaazha             

Examples of "idhaya"
Idhaya malar (1976)- Chendu malli poo pol azhagiya pandhu
Idhaya Malar is a Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role of the protagonist.
His major films are Mani Ratnam' s "Idhaya Kovil" and R. Sundarrajan' s "En Jeevan Paduthu" as well as "Antha Rathirikku Satchi Illai".
Musician duo Shankar Ganesh composed music for 2 film s of Jayalalitha - Maharasi in 1967 produced by Devar Films and Vandhale Maharasi in 1973 directed by K.S.Gopalakrishnan. Their best known composition were in Naan Yen Pirenden and Idhaya Veenai.
Idhaya Thamarai is a 1990 Indian Tamil film, directed by K. Rajeshwar, starring Karthik and Revathi in lead roles. The film, produced by M. Veda had musical score by Sankar Ganesh and was released on 14 January 1990.
IDHAYA VEENAI (), is a 1972 Indian Tamil directed by R. Krishnan and S. Panju, starring M. G. Ramachandran in the lead role Lakshmi, Manjula, Sivakumar, M. N. Nambiar, M. G. Chakrapani and among others.
The Idhaya Engineering College for Women is an all women's Catholic engineering college founded in 2001 by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation, Pondicherry. Offering Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology degrees, the campus is located in Chinnasalem, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.
Idhaya Nayagan (English: Hero of the heart) is a 1993 Tamil romantic drama film directed and produced by J. Rajkamal. The film features J. Rajkamal and Roopa Sree in lead roles, with Selvi, Janagaraj, Madan Mohan, Peeli Sivam, Azhagu Nambi and P. S. Bhama playing supporting roles. The film had musical score by Deva and was released on 30 June 1993.
Here, MGR finds for the third time, his favorite director, Pa.Neelakandhan which also produces this 50th MGR, via his Arasu Pictures. The future director of another MGR of the 70s, IDHAYA KANNI, A.Jaganadhan makes its debuts, as Neelakandhan 's assistant. Just like the lyric writer Vâlee, with two texts. The dialogues are signed by 'Arignar' Anna, personally.
Idhaya Vaasal is a 1991 Tamil comedy-drama film directed by Chandranath. The film features Ramesh Aravind and Meena in lead roles. The film, produced by V. P. S., had musical score by Viji and was released on 17 May 1991.
Krishna was offered to perform the role of a cancer patient in Kamal Haasan starrer Vasool Raja MBBS and due to unavoidable reasons couldn't sign the project. Sooner he was offered to enact a challenging role in director Saran's Idhaya Thirudan.
Snigdha Akolkar was chosen for a role after Kajal Aggarwal, Pooja, Sandhya, Namitha and Lakshmi Rai all pulled out of the film. Actress Samiksha's role was removed, as the length of the film was getting too long. Meenakshi of "Karuppasamy Kuthagaithaarar" and Kamna of Idhaya Thirudan were selected as another heroines while Mumtaj was selected to play negative role and also dubbed her voice for the first time making her comeback.
Kapil Dev is a former Indian actor, who primarily worked in Tamil, Malayalam and Bollywood films. He has done Mani Ratnam' s "Idhaya Kovil" and R. Sundarrajan' s "En Jeevan Paduthu". But the success of these films never made him a busy star. Finally he moved to Malayalam films and done many glamour oriented films of late 80's and early 90's before leaving the industry.
En Idhaya Rani ("The Queen of my Heart") is a 1993 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film directed by S. S. Vikram. The film features Anand Babu, newcomer Geetharani, Chandrasekhar, Viji in the lead roles, with Charle, S. S. Chandran, Delhi Ganesh, Kovai Sarala, M. N. Rajam playing supporting roles. The film, produced by C. Gattani, had musical score by S. S. Vikram and was released on 5 February 1993.
She later switched to matronly roles in movies such as Idhaya Geetham. Rajalakshmi became wealthy, owning sizeable properties in Kilpauk. In one of her movies, "Nandakumar", T. P. Rajalakshmi objected to wearing a "katcham" (a bra-like costume). Noted star Durga Khote wore it for the Marati version without a murmur of protest. However, Rajalakshmi threatened to walk out of the movie, and left with no option, a 1930s – Poona-fashion "jumper" blouse was used for the replacement of Katcham.
Idhaya Thirudan (Tamil: இதயத்திருடன்; English: Heart Thief) is a 2006 Tamil romantic masala film written and directed by Saran, starring Jayam Ravi and Kamna Jethmalani. This film was Jayam Ravi’s fifth film but was labelled his worst of the five. The soundtrack was composed by Bharadwaj.This movie plot is inspired from manikandan - deepika ramesh love story. It was released on 9 February 2006. The heroine debutant, Kamna Jethmalani is the grand daughter of a businessman Late. Mr. Shyam Jethmalani . Scenes were shot in Turkey and Northern Cyprus.
Idhaya Kamalam (English: "Lotus of the Heart") is a 1965 Indian Tamil film, directed by Srikanth. Produced by L. V. Prasad under Prasad Productions, the film stars Ravichandran, K. R. Vijaya and Sheela in the lead. This film was run for 100 days and hit at the office box. The film was written by noted Marathi writer Jayanth Dehle, it was made in Marathi as "Pathlaag" in 1964 and Hindi as "Mera Saaya" in 1966 with Sunil Dutt and Sadhana played lead. While the Hindi version celebrated Silver Jubilee.
In 2006 he starred in Saran's "Idhaya Thirudan", which was a box office bomb, following which he acted in "Unakkum Enakkum" (initially released and promoted as "Something Something Unakkum Enakkum"), again under his brother's direction in another remake of a Telugu film. Ravi portrayed a rich, happy-go-lucky NRI from London, who has to live and fight for his love in dire conditions in a rural milieu. The film, which featured Trisha Krishnan alongside Ravi, became a high critical as well as financial success, emerging one of the highest-grossing and most-profitable films of the year. The N. Linguswamy-produced "Deepavali" under Ezhil's direction became his only 2007 release.
Initially, he worked as an assistant to director K. Rajeshwar in "Nyaya Tharasu" (1989) and "Idhaya Thamarai" (1990). He assisted Pavithran in "Vasanthakala Paravai" (1991) and "Suriyan" (1992), then he was an associate director to director Shankar in "Gentleman" (1993) and "Kadhalan" (1994). During the shooting of the film "Kadhalan", producer G. K. Reddy approached him to direct a film. In 1996, he made his directional debut through "Mahaprabhu" starring R. Sarathkumar, Sukanya and Vineetha. He is known for directing films in short spans of times.
Her sister Ambika is also a very popular actress. They shared screen space in films like "Enkeyo Ketta Kural", "Kadhal Parisu", "Anna Nagar Mudhal Theru", "Idhaya Kovil" and "Vellai Roja". The two sisters were at the zenith of their fame when they acted in "Kadhal Parisu" in which they played the roles of very glamorous, highly desirable women. Ambika and Radha managed their careers very carefully and after attaining success they were very selective about taking up roles in Tamil movies and only performed with top actors and directors. It was very rare to see both the sisters in the same movie after their early years in the Tamil film industry.