Synonyms for idrottsklubb or Related words with idrottsklubb

bollklubb              goif              kamraterna              veikot              urheilijat              vitonen              kfum              hudiksvall              lycksele              funnefoss              idrettslag              brumunddal              boif              ljusne              idrottsklubben              karlstads              oskarshamns              hemne              landskommun              aurskog              kramfors              kokkola              skovbakken              ronneby              kungsbacka              kristinehamn              munkfors              tervarit              gamlakarleby              vardal              kristianstad              dalarnas              botkyrka              karlsborgs              missionskyrkan              vormsund              vimmerby              kutonen              hallands              uddevalla              vetlanda              arvika              sparbanken              grums              floda              kajaanin              kronoby              sudet              toverit              sandviken             

Examples of "idrottsklubb"
1917: "IK Falken" and "Kalmar Idrottsklubb" is merged into one club called "Kalmar Allmänna Idrottsklubb", "Kalmar AIK".
1909: IK Örnen is renamed "Kalmar Idrottsklubb" (Kalmar Athletic Club).
Kalmar Allmänna Idrottsklubb Fotbollsklubb (Kalmar Common Athletic Club Football Club) is a Swedish football club located in Kalmar.
Vittsjö Gymnastik och Idrottsklubb is a football club from Vittsjö, Sweden. They play in the highest level of women's soccer leagues in Sweden, the Damallsvenskan.
2000: Kalmar AIK is renaming all of their different sports, and the football club's new name is Kalmar Allmänna Idrottsklubb Fotbollsklubb, Kalmar AIK FK.
Year 1920 IV (Idrottens vänner) and GUIK (Gamlakarleby Ungdomsförenings Idrottsklubb) joined their teams and the new club Gamlakarleby Idrottsförenig (GIF) was founded.
Finspångs Allmänna Idrottsklubb, "FAIK", is a multi-sport club in Finspång, Sweden, founded in 1937. The club colours are red, white and yellow.
Oskarshamns Allmänna Idrottsklubb were formed on 4 May 1924. Notable players that have played for the club include Amar Drndo, Viktor Niklasson and Kawaar Betkari.
Strömtorps Idrottsklubb is a sports club from Degerfors. The club was formed in April 1932 and football and skiing are its main sections.
The club was founded in February 1905 as Avesta Absolutisters Idrottsklubb. The name was changed to Avesta Allmänna Idrottsklubb in 1916. The club now only participates in football but over the years has undertaken many different sports such as bandy, table tennis, boxing, athletics, gymnastics, skiing and bowling. The club has grown from 24 members at its inception to over 800 members at the present day.
Rynninge Idrottsklubb were founded in 1932 and have concentrated on the sports of football and handball. The club now only participates in football but in the 1940s the club's handball team reached the quarterfinals of the Swedish Handball Championship.
Hovslätts Idrottsklubb was formed in 1929 as a sports club serving the settlement of Hovslätt in Jönköping Municipality. The club has sections covering football, bandy, floorball, gymnastics and athletics.
Helenelunds Idrottsklubb, "Helenelunds IK", "HIK", is a sports club in Sollentuna, Sweden. The team colours are black, white and red. The club was founded in 1928 and is today most well known for its bandy team.
Some 86 years later on 15 January 2004 Söderköpings Idrottsklubb was formed following the merger of Söderköpings IS and IK Ramunder. The visions of the original founders lives on with the natural development of a strong Söderköping sports club.
A member of the Mölndals Almänna Idrottsklubb he set the national record at 80.14 metres on July 4, 1989 in Lappeenranta, Finland. Gustafsson lives in Los Gatos CA and works as a Chiropractor.
The club was established in 1923 as the Västra Boll and Idrottsföreningen, the Western Ball and Sports Club. The club was renamed Alets Idrottsklubb shortly afterwards. Alets IK was founded by Göte Streiffert, the first chairman.
Fernholm represented his native country at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California. There he ended up in 8th place in the Men's Discus Throw competition. He was affiliated with the "Bellevue Idrottsklubb" in Stockholm during his career.
Vendelsö Idrottsklubb were formed on 16 March 1941. The club currently has around 2,500 members and runs football, floorball, and table tennis from the seniors to the "junior" level. The club also had an ice hockey section which merged with Haninge HF and Västerhaninge IF in May 2013 to become Haninge Anchors HC.
Sillhövda Allmänna Idrottsklubb (abbreviated SAIK) was founded on 28 December 1967 following the merger of the Saleboda IF and Holmsjö IF clubs. Activities other than football were table tennis and winter sports. Over the years the club has progressed both on and off the field. A long cherished dream came true in 1990 with the provision of a clubhouse.
Eslövs Bollklubb were formed in 1969 following the merger of Eslövs Allmänna ldrottsförening (EAI) and Eslövs Idrottsklubb (EIK). EAI were founded in 1908 and were the dominant club until the 1940s. EIK were formed in 1932 and in later years were the more successful of the Eslöv clubs.