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Examples of "iezzi"
Chiara Iezzi was born on 27 February 1973, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Paola Iezzi was born on 30 March 1974, with dark hair and a darker complexion.
On December 31, 2009, ROMAPAGANA released their first album, which was recorded by Mariano Iezzi in CCCI Studios, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Angora were a band featuring lead vocalist and harmonica player John Corabi, guitarist Jimmy Marchiano, bassist Frank Scimeca, and drummer Robert Iezzi.
Paola e Chiara was a pop music duo girl group consisting of Paola and Chiara Iezzi, two sisters, born in Milan, Italy. They are the best selling female Italian group with over five million records sold.
The tournament gold medal was won by Yury Zhvokovski from Belarus who defeated Russian Sergey Solomennokov in the final by split decision. Defeated semi finalists Stanislav Ushakov and Michele Iezzi from Russia and Italy respectively had to make do with bronze medals.
In 2016 he wrote and produced Paola Iezzi single "Lovenight". He also became heavily involved in the production, arrangement and release of new singer Harriet and her self-titled debut album (Brightstar Records). He also produced Boyle's Christmas album "A Wonderful World" (Syco), featuring covers of Madonna, Robbie Williams and ABBA songs. Anderson also produced Minogue's expanded re-release of her Christmas album, "".
When Advertising Age's "Creativity" magazine created its inaugural Interactive Agency of the Year award (2006), it gave it to AKQA, recognising the agency's "global culture, creative hires and technological muscle." Said the magazine's editor, Teressa Iezzi, "We thought AKQA embodied the spirit of the big-idea-first approach."
AKQA has previously been named Revolution’s Agency of the Decade (1997 to 2007). In 2006 "Creativity" magazine gave AKQA its inaugural Interactive Agency of the Year award, recognising the agency's "global culture, creative hires and technological muscle." "Creativity" editor Teressa Iezzi said: "We thought AKQA embodied the spirit of the big-idea-first approach."
For its part, Patricia Iezzi, who made his PhD thesis on "Poetics and Poetry of Julio Carreras (h) for the Facoltà 'di Lingue e Letterature Straniera - University of Pescara, Italy, says:" One of the stories arouses more wonder is the "Black Hand Chusa" irony, exhibitionism, boastfulness eccentricity and decorate to this character with the withered hand, Uta, who had been in the Salamanca and must address a series of surreal events and unbelievable situations. Impacts the universality of this story. "
"Psychological injury" refers to psychological or psychiatric conditions associated with an event that leads, or may lead, to a lawsuit in tort action or other legal-related claims, for example, in workers' compensation, United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability benefits claims, and Social Security Administration (SSA) disability cases. Claimable injuries might result from events such as a motor vehicular collision or other negligent action, and cause impairments, disorders, and disabilities perhaps as an exacerbation of a pre-existing condition (e.g., Drogin, Dattilio, Sadoff, & Gutheil, 2011; Duckworth, Iezzi, & O’Donohue, 2008; Kane & Dvoskin, 2011; Koch, Douglas, Nicholls, & O’Neil, 2006; Schultz & Gatchel, 2009; Young, 2010, 2011; Young, Kane, & Nicholson, 2006, 2007).
Boards is a former international trade publication catering to the advertising community. Launched in August 1999, the magazine was published monthly until May 2010, when a corporate restructuring of its Canadian publisher, Brunico Communications Ltd., led to the brand's shelving. Responsibility for editing the offline magazine and "Boards Online", its online equivalent, was initially split between Mark Smyka (a former senior editor of "Marketing") and Liz Saunderson. Over the following decade, editorial responsibility fell to Teressa Iezzi, Sandy Hunter, and Rae Ann Fera. Eventually, editing the two branches was consolidated into a single role.
In early November, the V Medium Tank Battalion (Lieutenant-Colonel Emilio Iezzi), arrived at Benghazi with in two companies and on 25 November, Graziani ordered the establishment at Marsa Lucch of the Special Armoured Brigade/ (Babini Group) to be commanded by General Valentino Babini, with the III Medium Tank Battalion (less detachment) and the V Medium Tank Battalion, combined with the L3/35s of the 4th Tank Regiment. The medium tank crews were inexperienced and lacked training, many of the officers having only recently come from very short courses at training schools. The light tank battalions remained with the infantry divisions in Egypt, despite this interrupting training with the new M13/40s, which was complicated by the M13s coming from the first production batch with many mechanical defects. Only three of the III Medium Tank Battalion tanks had radio, which made the other crews reliant on flag signals limited to "halt", "forward", "backwards", "right", "left", "slow down" and "speed up".
Henderson athletic teams are part of the Ches-Mont League. Many of Henderson's sports teams have had good seasons, winning numerous Ches-Monts, Districts and State Championships. These teams include baseball, boys' soccer, field hockey, football, girls' tennis, basketball, swimming, cross country, and track and field. Specifically the boys' cross country, girls' tennis, track and field teams, and the boys' basketball team have been Ches-Mont Champs for multiple years. Several individuals have been named All-Americans in their sport. Several athletes have gone on to win NCAA championships in college and several have made the Olympic Trials. In 2010, the Baseball team won the school's second Ches-Mont title, and first AAAA state championship title. The team, led by seniors Sean McCormick, John Iezzi, and Kyle Hooven, beat District 1 rival Owen J. Roberts 7-0 in the state title game. In 2007 the Varsity Hockey team won the Flyers Cup Championship and were crowned Pennsylvania State Champs at the Class A level with a victory over Penguins Cup winner Freeport, the same year their football team went on to the AAAA District 1 championships. The girls' soccer team won a national championship in 1997 and won the state championship in 1995, 1998 and 1999. They also played in the State Championship in 1996 although they lost 0-1. The boys' soccer team were the state champions in 2002 and state runners up in 2004 and 2005. The boys' cross country team won back to back state titles in 2002 and 2003 and finished second to eventual national champion Coatesville High in 2006. Currently, the team is ranked 13th in the country and 1st in the state and is looking to qualify for Nike Cross Nationals (NXN) after winning the 2009 PIAA State Championship. At Nike Indoor Nationals in 2007 the boys' distance medley relay won the national championship, edging Fork Union high school by 1/2 of a second. In 1991, the 4x400 relay won the Championship of America race at the Penn Relays defeating several international teams and was the only US team to win the event between 1985 and 1996. They recently won the PIAA State Championship of 2012. In 2011, the girls' track and field 4x800m relay team, composed of Janie Augustyn, Michelle Tracy, Suzanne Sanders, and Natalie Deacon, won the state championship and broke a 29-year-old state record. The new state record is 8:55.43, which was also the fastest time in the nation in 2011.