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Examples of "ihb"
The Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad Police Department consists of 10 sworn and dedicated Officers, who are directed by Chief of Police Ray Ramirez. The IHB Police Department operates under the authority of both state and federal statutes. The IHB Police serve to protect IHB employees, property, and assets on or about IHB property in the states of Indiana and Illinois.
In 1943, on the 50th anniversary, Keller visited IHB.
In 1985, the Board of Trustees changed the name of IHB to Helen Keller Services for the Blind.
Puissance is an Irish Sport Horse active as a show horse. Foaled in 1988, Puissance stands . He was named the IHB Champion Stallion for the 1996-1997 season.
In 1983 IHB established a day treatment program for adults who are developmentally disabled and who were also blind or deaf-blind.
He studied computer science at IHB and VUB Brussels. After this he started working as a Systems Analyst and programmer in 1984.
During the 1960s, IHB initiated the federally funded Anne Sullivan Macy Service for people who were deaf-blind. Soon after, Peter Salmon, Louis Bettica and others advocated a national center to serve all Americans who were deaf-blind. In 1967 the Helen Keller National Center was established by a unanimous act of Congress, and IHB was chosen to operate the program, which provided comprehensive rehabilitation training for people with a severe dual sensory loss or impairment.
Birra Korça is a brewing company, founded in Korçë, Albania, in 1928. The company is a subsidiary of IHB group since 2004. It is the third largest beer producer in Albania.
The IHB started in the seventies in a small flat in the Salmaniya Highway. It was the first private clinic of Mr. Faysal Saeed Zeerah, Bahrain’s first UK-qualified Bahraini Surgeon.
On April 25, 1895, The Industrial Home for the Blind of the City of Brooklyn (IHB) was incorporated. Morford spent 30 years directing the Home. In 1906 he participated in a study on the needs of blind people in New York State. This helped inaugurate The New York State Commission for the Blind. In 1917 services for people who were deaf-blind were established. Also that year Morford employed a young Peter J. Salmon, who was legally blind. Morford died January 27, 1928. That year over 600 people who were blind or deaf-blind were served by IHB.
The IHO was established in 1921 as the International Hydrographic Bureau (IHB). The present name was adopted in 1970 as part of a new international Convention on the IHO adopted by the then member nations. The former name International Hydrographic Bureau was retained to describe the IHO secretariat until 8 November 2016, when a revision to the Convention on the IHO entered into force. Thereafter the IHB became known as the "IHO Secretariat", comprising an elected Secretary-General and two supporting Directors, together with a small staff of 17, at the Organization's headquarters in Monaco.
Safety systems include an Intelligent Highbeam (IHB) system, Lane Keep Assist (LKA) system, and onboard cameras. The IHB senses oncoming vehicles and adjusts lighting to prevent glare. The LKA system, operating in conjunction with the radar adaptive cruise control, helps keep the vehicle in its lane. Up to five onboard cameras include Wide-View Front and Rear-View backup cameras. These cameras allow the driver to see around corners. The LED detector Driver Monitoring System warns if the driver is not paying attention and obstacles are detected in the vehicle's path, preventing accidents due to drowsiness or distraction. A Pre-Collision System is designed to minimize damage from accidents.
The IHB is an independent railroad which is jointly owned by Conrail Shared Assets Operations (51%) and Canadian Pacific Railway (49%). These shareholders trace their ownership stake in IHB to previous mergers and acquisitions in the railroad industry. This came from Conrail, which had owned a 51% controlling interest. Conrail's ownership is traced back to the Penn Central Transportation Company and prior to that, the New York Central Railroad and Pennsylvania Railroad. Canadian Pacific's ownership is through its subsidiary, the Soo Line Railroad, which had inherited it from the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad.
The International Hospital of Bahrain (Abbreviation: IHB; Arabic: مستشفى البحرين الدولي ) is one of the major hospitals in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the first private medical center in the kingdom. It is located in Jidhafs, a northern city in Bahrain.
Irfan Hasan Hysenbelliu (born 1959) is an Albanian businessman and CEO of IHB Group, who own Birra Korça, Erjoni LTD and Panorama Group. He is also a 50% shareholder in Luarasi University and Focus Group, who own the News 24 television channel. He also jointly owns 15 hospitals across Italy and one in Paris, France along with Italian company Villa Maria.
McCormack was responsible for soliciting tens of thousands of dollars from the Rockefeller Commission for the Eradication of Hookworm Disease in Kentucky. The Commission provided funds for staff, public health education, field dispensaries and remodeling of the bacteriology laboratory for diagnosis and treatment of hookworm infection. Later, when the Commission was incorporated into the International Health Board (IHB), it provided money for the establishment of the first full-time county health departments in Kentucky. One of McCormack's claims to fame is his design for the inexpensive Kentucky Sanitary Privy (KSP), an important improvement on the primitive outhouses used in most rural communities during the era. It was adopted for worldwide use in rural areas by the USPHS and the IHB.
The creator of design marks such as "ihb" and "iwi", and also known with design works, İbrahim Halil Baran, took part in the publishment of various reviews of culture and literature, and assumed the task of editoring of the review "Yom Sanat" for a long period of time. He worked as visual editor in various publishing houses. Baran, who is one of the founders of Yom Publishing, carries his works as editor and art director in the same publishing house.
As a result of the conference, a permanent organization was formed and statutes for its operations were prepared. The IHB, now the IHO, began its activities in 1921 with 18 nations as members. The Principality of Monaco was selected as the seat of the organization as a result of the offer of Albert I, Prince of Monaco to provide suitable accommodation for the Bureau in the principality.
During 1920–23, the Rockefeller Foundation’s International Health Board undertook an expensive and successful yellow fever eradication campaign in Mexico. The IHB gained the respect of Mexico’s federal government because of the success. The eradication of yellow fever strengthened the relationship between the US and Mexico, which had not been very good in the past. The eradication of yellow fever was also a major step toward better global health.
During the 1950s, services were established in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. In 1952 IHB established a braille and large print library to make sure that textbooks were available for children who were blind and mainstreamed within their local schools. In 1953 a summer day camp was opened to encourage participation in sports, music and drama. In 1952, George Hellinger opened the first Low Vision Eye Service within a blindness agency. The purpose of this service is the optimization of remaining vision of legally blind individuals through the use of optical aids.