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Examples of "iheart"
As with most iHeart-owned adult contemporary stations and non-iHeart-owned adult contemporary stations like KKMJ-FM in Austin, KQXT devotes the month leading to Christmas to playing continuous holiday music.
Their hit single "Levantando Polvadera" won song of the year in the Regional Music category at the 2016 iHeart Radio awards, the first ever regional Mexican band win an iHeart radio award.
The radio station also airs Orlando Solar Bears games exclusively online via their iHeart Radio feed.
The station provides a live broadcast 24/7 on iHeart radio.
As of October 2007, the station was streamed online via iHeart Radio.
Armada matches can be streamed online via NASL's TV package with ESPN3, or iHeart Radio.
In June 2016, WMUS FM HD 2 went from Classic Country to Iheart 80's.
In March 2016, WKST-HD2 moved iheart 2000s over to WXDX-HD2, and replaced it with Pride Radio.
WINZ's studios are located in the iHeart Radio complex in Miramar and the transmitter site is in Miami Gardens.
2017 IHeart Radio Music Awards Nominee for Best Music Video Ariana Grande "Side To Side" ft. Nicki Minaj
The station is now being run by Program Director Zac Davis, formerly of the Carolina Iheart family.
• Jason "Master Jay" Brown – former radio broadcaster and DJ for JAM'N 94.5 in Boston and iHeart Radio.
WCHD broadcasts in the HD format. Its HD-2 channel is the primary station for the iHeart Smooth Jazz format.
In 2013, RapScallions released their second album, "In My Head". The single, "Got Your Love Comin", was in rotation on 65 Clear Channel radio stations nationwide by way of iHeart Radio and was selected as iHeart Radio’s "Music You Should Know.”
As a result of their partnership with Macy's, the girls filmed a nationwide commercial for the retail chain in June 2012. The commercial features snippets from their video for their song, "Bad for Me." They were chosen to participate in the Macy's iHeart Radio Rising Star contest. With the help of their fans, they won the contest and were named the Macy's iHeart Radio Rising Stars. On September 21, 2012, they performed at the Clear Channel's iHeart Radio Music Festival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
Beginning in the summer of 2016, CHUM-FM began to ramp up advertising for new Bell Media parter brand iHeartRadio. Since then, the launch of iHeart Canada brought on some changes to CHUM-FM, including a new website, and a newly added "iHeart" sign to the CHUM building at 250 Richmond Street West underneath the famous CHUM neon sign. Also since the launch of iHeart, CHUM-FM has experienced a shift in programming, dropping most of its 1980s and 1990s songs from the playlist, focusing on playing more current hits, and a variety of recurrent songs from 1997 to the present.
In August 2013, WIKD become the 23rd college radio station be to be broadcast and streamed on Clear Channel's iHeart Radio service.
In 2015, KHKZ started airing "the iHeart Radio Countdown" with Romeo from Saturday Night Online. Airs Sunday mornings at 6. Originally aired Sunday mornings at 8
It is currently controlled by iHeart Radio (formerly Clear Channel Broadcasting). Its main competitor is longtime Goodlettsville-licensed heritage station WQQK on 92.1 FM.
The radio broadcasts for Orlando Solar Bears games are streamed online through iHeart Radio on the online channel for WYGM "740 the Game".