Synonyms for ijaad or Related words with ijaad

bahare              layegi              anokhay              badalti              saanu              chhayi              lukhnavi              jadae              parindon              munpu              deeni              dolti              aamader              mahruse              nillay              sefateng              piyawa              aaghat              samanway              kolayeh              motaluke              baligaon              kachhei              adgula              damaad              buranjir              phular              purir              rajsthani              banake              baharein              sepimentum              odhani              shahjahanpuri              danriye              marenge              banenge              hamraz              sakaler              sanchayan              dhanwaan              milanti              ayaash              baramasi              sinthir              oomar              sayangilah              vishe              shaktishaali              chhabila             

Examples of "ijaad"
Syed Amin Ashraf had his primary schooling from the Village Madrasa itself. Syed Amin Ashraf took his B.A., M.A.,and PhD in English literature from Aligarh Muslim University and later taught at the same department. The topic of his PhD dissertation was "Major themes and imagery in Sarojini Naidu's poetry". He wrote three poetic collections titled, 'Jadae Shab', 'Bahare Ijaad' and 'Qafase Rang', and there is a collection of his critical papers in the form of a book named 'Bargo Bar'. He received awards from Ghalib Academy, New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy, Lucknow. Several critical essays on his poetry have been published.
Habeeb and Syeda had four sons and three daughters. The two elder sons were Syed Amin Ashraf and Syed Hameed Ashraf. The youngest son (and their fifth child) was Syed Ashraf. Their daughters were Syeda Mahmooda, Syeda Masooda and Syeda Raheen. Syed Amin Ashraf received his PhD in English literature from Aligarh Muslim University, and later taught in the same department. Amin Ashraf is regarded as an accomplished poet in Urdu ghazals. He has compiled three poetic collections – "Jadae Shab", "Bahare Ijaad" and "Qafase Rang" – and a collection of his papers in a book, "Bargo Bar". He has received awards from Ghalib Academy, New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy in Lucknow. Several critical essays about his poetry have been published. Their second son, Syed Hameed Ashraf (who died in 1993), studied Shariah at Al Jamiatul Ashrafia Mubarakpur and Darul Uloom Deoband, received B.A., M.A. and M.Phil degrees in Arabic literature from Aligarh Muslim University and taught at a number of Indian madrasas. Syed Waheed Ashraf learned Islamic theology from his brother, Syed Hameed Ashraf.