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Examples of "ijl"
Separately, Wachovia Corporation acquired the brokerage firm Interstate Johnson Lane in April 1999, and changed the name to IJL Wachovia.
In 2014, It's Just Lunch International was the target of a New York class action alleging unjust enrichment as IJL staff relied on a uniform, misleading script which informed prospective customers during initial interviews that IJL already had at least two matches in mind for those customers' first dates regardless of whether or not that was true.
In 2001, the firm became known as Wachovia Securities when parent companies of Wheat First Union and IJL Wachovia, First Union and Wachovia Corporation, merged. The newly formed Wachovia then merged the brokerage operations to form Wachovia Securities.
ILA publications include the International Journal of Listening (IJL), which publishes original research in listening The scope of IJL's listening-related topics includes professional, interpersonal, public/political, media or mass communication, educational, intercultural, and international (including second language acquisition contexts). Study methodologies include empirical, pedagogical, philosophical, and historical methods.
Fayyad died shortly after his appointment and replaced by his brother Hayar. For the next thirty years, Hayar rebelled and reconciled with the Mamluks and during times of rebellion he was often replaced by his brother Zamil and cousin Mu'ayqil ibn Fadl; sometimes the latter two ruled jointly. In 1380, Hayar's son Nu'ayr was appointed "amir al-ʿarab". He was dismissed several times for revolting against the sultan's authority by supporting rebel governors in Syria. His last reign ended with his execution in 1406. Nu'ayr's son Ijl had sided against his father and backed Sultan an-Nasir Faraj, who appointed him in place of Nu'ayr. After Ijl was killed by a Mamluk rebel in 1412, the power of the Al Fadl largely diminished. Nonetheless, members of the clan from Hayar's line continued to fill the post of "amir al-ʿarab", with Husayn ibn Nu'ayr succeeding Fadl. However, from then on, mentions of the "imarat al-ʿarab" "in the histories are scanty and confused", according to historian A. S. Tritton. In 1427, Nu'ayr's grandson, Adhra ibn Ali, was killed by his cousin Qirqmas and succeeded by his brother Mudlij ibn Ali, who too was killed by Qirqmas in 1429. Qirqmas died in 1436, though it is not clear if he had been appointed "amir al-ʿarab". A grandson of Nu'ayr, Sayf ibn Ali, killed the "amir al-ʿarab" and his cousin, Sulayman ibn Assaf, in 1480, but was himself killed by Amir ibn Ijl the following year in revenge. Sayf's son was recorded as the "amir al-ʿarab" in 1496.
Fifth Third Center, formally known as the IJL Financial Center and 201 North Tryon, is a building in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was competed in 1997, and has 30 floors. It is located at the intersection of West Fifth Street and North Tryon Street, and is the 8th-tallest building in Charlotte. It was designed by Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates. The building contains of rentable floor space and it includes an attached 1,030 space parking deck. In 2001 the building won the BOMA International's TOBY award for excellence in office building management and operations. On August 8, 2014, the property was purchased by Cousins Properties, who owns and manages the facility, as well as the nearby Gateway Village.
In the Arab sources the Persian force is numbered at 2,000 soldiers, with 3,000 Arabs led by Iyas ibn Qabisah. The Arab force opposing the Persians, with their Arab auxiliaries, was from the Bakr ibn Wa'il, a large tribal confederation whose territory extended from southwestern Iraq into the eastern Arabian peninsula. The most prominent constituent tribe was the Banu Shayban, the other groups being the Banu 'Ijl, Banū Zohl, Banu Qays ben Thalaba, Banu Taym Allah ben Thalaba, and Banu Yashkor. These groups do not seem to have coordinated their efforts on the battlefield, nor did they have a single commander in chief. Rather, leadership seems to have shifted among various warriors. Nevertheless, the Banu Bakr defeated the combined Persian and Arab forces.