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soshite              hitori              omoi              koisuru              shiranai              yasashii              omoide              zutto              anata              namida              dekinai              kimochi              hitotsu              danshi              utsukushii              otoko              otona              itsumo              odoru              jikan              itsuka              nante              ichiban              kanojo              gakari              aishiteru              mieru              koibito              gokoro              negai              mukashi              kekkon              kamisama              watashi              seikatsu              jibun              natsu              aitai              yoru              seishun              tenshi              tameni              shiawase              dekiru              nemurenai              daisuki              oshiete              iranai              yakusoku              hatsukoi             

Examples of "ikenai"
The band performed three songs for the single, "Shōjo Robot," "Ikenai Ko" and "Nippon ni Umarete." "Shōjo Robot" and "Ikenai Ko" were written with Tomosaka's image in mind, while "Nippon ni Umarete" was an unused demo from the "Shōso Strip" sessions.
Ikenai Luna Sensei! (いけない!ルナ先生, "Watch-out! Luna, the Teacher", also known as "Bad School Mistress Luna!") is a manga series by .
Four other Ringo songs were also recorded in these sessions (""Mokuren no Cream"," ""Shampoo"," ""Ikenai Ko"" and ""Nihon ni Umarete""), subsequently released as b-sides and album cuts.
"Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai" was the last single from the album, released on February 10, 2010. The single debuted at number five on the charts.
In 1982, Kiyoshiro collaborated with Ryuichi Sakamoto and released the single "Ikenai Rouge Magic" which became a top hit on the Oricon chart.
Two songs are covers of recent songs that were not popular hits. "Kiseki no Hana" was originally sung by Lyrico in 2002, and "Wasurete wa Ikenai Mono" by Kobukuro in 2004. These songs were collaborations with people Natsukawa has worked with before: Takeshi Senoo had arranged the song "Shimadachi" from Natsukawa's 2005 album "Ayakaji no Ne," and Kentarō Kobuchi of Kobukuro had written Natsukawa's single "Sayōnara Arigatō" (along with "Wasurete wa Ikenai Mono").
Originally, Sheena performed live covers of "Shōjo Robot" and "Nippon ni Umarete" at her July 30, 2000 "Zazen Xstasy" concert, and later "Ikenai Ko" at her "Gekkō Kuon Taizu" concert on November 25, 2000.
The ending ~なければ ("-nakereba") can be contracted to ~なきゃ ("-nakya") when it is used to indicate obligation. It is often used without an auxiliary, e.g., 行かなきゃ(いけない) ("ikanakya (ikenai)") "I have to go."
In 2013, Yoshikawa made her acting debut in a mainstream film in "Goddotan Kiss Patience Championship - The Movie", a comedy based on the popular variety show "Goddotan". In 2014, she played the main role of "Hazuki Luna" in "Ai LOVE Movies! Hen", a 2014 live-action adaptation of the manga series "Ikenai! Luna-sensei" (“"Watch-out! Luna teacher"").
The songs on the single were created in the vein of Shiina's "Shōso Strip" album (released three months prior). "Shōjo Robot" and "Ikenai Ko" were written with Tomosaka's image in mind, while "Nippon ni Umarete" was an unused demo from the "Shōso Strip" sessions.
The album was preceded by three digital singles released on iTunes. Each single featured two tracks from the album. "Jidai/Wasurete wa Ikenai Mono" was released in late September, followed by "Hana Saku Tabiji/Kiseki no Hana" in late October. "Cosmos/Kokoro" was released in early November, two weeks before the album's release.
July saw three major releases from Orange Range. To celebrate their 5th anniversary, the band released two separate best albums entitled "Orange" and "Range", each containing a different selection of their hit singles and popular album tracks. On the first day of their release, "Orange" and "Range" would obtain the top two spots on the Oricon charts and the same spots on the weekly charts. Two weeks later, the albums would go on to obtain the top two spots in the United World Music charts. Their next single, "Ikenai Taiyō", was used as the opening theme to the J-Drama adaptation of the popular manga series "Hana-Kimi". "Ikenai Taiyō" would go on to have to obtain the No. 3 spot on Oricon in its first week, obtaining the band's highest sales in a year.
On December 30, 2009, along with the announcement of then-forthcoming release of their forty-second single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai", it was also announced that the group would be releasing their tenth studio album on March 17, 2010. According to Tsunku, "Genki Pikappika!" was originally chosen as the opening track for the album; however, he felt that "Moonlight Night (Tsukiyo no Ban da yo)" was a better choice.
"Cappuccino" and "Mokuren no Cream" were the second and third songs Ringo Sheena had produced for another musician, after the Ryoko Hirosue song "Private." Sheena worked extensively with Tomosaka, also writing the song "Shampoo" for "Murasaki." and Tomosaka's next single "Shōjo Robot" (including its B-sides "Ikenai Ko" and "Nippon ni Umarete"). She worked together with Sheena again in 2009 on her post-hiatus album "Toridori.", with the songs "Tokai no Manner" and "Kodomo no Jōkei."
Also in 1980, Sakamoto released the single "War Head/Lexington Queen", an experimental synthpop and electro record, and began a long-standing collaboration with David Sylvian, when he co-wrote and performed on the Japan track "Taking Islands In Africa". In 1982, Sakamoto worked on another collaboration with Sylvian, a single entitled "Bamboo Houses/Bamboo Music". Sakamoto's 1980 collaboration with Kiyoshiro Imawano, "Ikenai Rouge Magic", topped the Oricon singles chart.
In 2004, Tanaka and Suzuki teamed with another Hello! Project Kids, Megumi Murakami, for the song "Suki ni Naccha Ikenai Hito", one of the coupling tracks on the H.P. All Stars' "All for One & One for All!" single. The track is credited to the individual participants, but many fans have informally referred to this grouping as "Aa! Version 2." Buono! and Aa! are often compared. Natsuyaki and Suzuki are noted to often be in groups together.
Morning Musume released their 42nd single, "Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai", on February 10, 2010 It was released in four versions: Regular, and Limited A, B, and C. This was the group's first single released with the new eight-member lineup, following the departure of seventh generation member Koharu Kusumi. Their tenth album, "10 My Me", was released on March 17. Their forty-third single, "Seishun Collection", was released on June 9.
Natsume was the voice of a character in the Sega video game "Ryu Ga Gotoku 2" (龍が如く2) or "Yakuza 2" for PlayStation 2 released on December 7, 2006. Her role as a nightclub hostess in the game was minor but she played a large part in publicity for the game. She was also engaged to publicize the August 2008 Nintendo DS supernatural ghost story game "You Mustn't Look" (Mitewa Ikenai - みてはいけない) from video game producer Dimple. Part of the campaign was a comic photo series and video at the offices of game reporters Famitsu.
A live-action film adaptation, that would premier in the end of 2011, was first announced by Mayu Shinjo through her blog in July 2011. In January 2012, it was revealed that idol Karam from the K-pop band DGNA and actress Ito Ōno would star it. The film opened on August 25, 2012 and 2,000 copies of a "special mini-comic" by Shinjo herself were distributed. The film is directed by Sakurako Fukuyama and its main theme is "Ikenai 1-2-3" by DGNA.
"Ikenai Taiyō" is the 17th single to be released by Orange Range. The title song was used as the opening to the 2007 J-Drama version of "Hanazakari no Kimitachi e". The single comes in two versions: a limited edition CD+DVD version and a CD only version. The CD+DVD version of the single comes with a digest of performances from Orange Range's fanclub live concerts. The single peaked at #2 on the Oricon daily charts and gained a spot of #3 on the weekly charts, still managing their highest sales in a year.