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Examples of "ilariani"
David Ilariani (; born 20 January 1981 in Tbilisi) is a Georgian sprinter. He competed in the 110 m hurdles event at the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics.
Auburn University graduate Shamar Sands reached the quarterfinals in the 110 meter hurdles. During the qualification round on 17 August, Sands was placed in the second heat, facing competitors that included America's David Oliver and Spain's Jackson Quiñónez. Sands ranked third out of seven athletes, completing his event in 13.45 seconds. He placed 0.04 seconds behind second-place heat finalist Quiñónez, and 0.15  seconds behind heat leader Oliver. Overall, Sands ranked eighth out of the forty-three athletes who participated in the qualification round. Sands progressed to quarterfinals, where he was again placed in the second heat. Completing the event with a time of 13.55 seconds, Sands ranked seventh in the heat of eight athletes behind South Korea's Lee Jeong-Jun and ahead of Georgia's David Ilariani. Sands fell behind heat leader Dayron Robles of Cuba by 0.36 seconds and did not progress further.