Synonyms for ildonza or Related words with ildonza

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Examples of "ildonza"
Sometime before 964, Gonzalo married Ilduara (Ildonza) Peláez, his first cousin, the daughter of his father's brother, Pelayo González, Count of Deza, by the latter's wife, Hermesenda Gutiérrez, sister of Saint Rudesind. She is first mentioned, though not as his wife, in 961. She was dead by 983, for in that year he appears married to a Hermesinda (Ermesenda). She was still living in 1008. All of Gonzalo's six children came by his first wife. His eldest sons, Ramiro (living 986) and Rosendo (living 1014), played little part in politics compared to his third son, the aforementioned Menendo. Besides these he had a younger son, Diego, and two daughters: Toda, who married the "alférez" Rodrigo Ordóñez, and Mumadona (Muniadomna), who was dead by 1013.
García married Muniadomna, daughter of Gonzalo Vermúdez and Ildonza Ramírez and a niece of Velasquita Ramírez, the queen of Vermudo II of León. In 988–9 he and his father-in-law, perhaps with the support of the Ansúrez clan, were in rebellion against Vermudo II. Leagued with Almanzor, the Muslim "hajib", who marched on León, the rebels forced Vermudo to take refuge in Galicia and expelled the counts of Monzón from the Tierra de Campos. The entire land between Zamora and Castie, including León itself, was in the hands of García, governing under the authority of Almanzor. He went so far as to title himself "ruling ("imperante") in León" in the early months of 990. In 990 Vermudo returned and ousted the rebels, who quickly reconciled with him.
Rodrigo's first wife was Adosinda Gunterícez, daughter of Gunterico Arianiz and Gontrodo (Gunterota) González. She was the mother of all his (known) children: their daughters Oneca (fl. 978), Trudilde (fl. 963–88), Velasquita (fl 978–97), Muniadomna (fl. 978–99), and Ildonza (fl. 978–1019), and their only son, Pelayo Rodríguez. His second wife was Onega Lucídez ("Honega prolis Lucidi"), daughter of Lucidio Aloítez and Jimena. They were married by 974, when she is referred to in a charter as "coniux Ruderici ducis" (wife of duke Rodrigo). In 985 she made a donation to the monastery of Lorvão. Her last known act (9 June 999) was a donation to the monastery of Celanova on behalf of the soul of "bone memorie vir meus ... Rudericus Uelasquiz comite" ("my man of good memory ... count Rodrigo Velázquez").