Synonyms for illarum or Related words with illarum

declarationum              disciplinam              commentariis              aliarum              communem              quadraturae              perfectis              salamandris              comparatione              studiis              eorundem              pleraque              brabantiae              observata              lamiis              observatae              contemplata              dimitte              compositorum              philosophicis              monumentorum              guilielmo              altaicis              rubricis              spiritui              habitae              diplomatum              regionum              deperditarum              probatis              aliorum              poloniam              dicentes              vitiis              emendationes              nominibus              interitu              venena              juribus              earum              earundem              architectorum              progressu              implevit              samuelem              jussu              meorum              utilitatem              peregrinorum              saeculis             

Examples of "illarum"
A student in Northumbria, humbly, to all catholics in England, particularly to the doctors of souls: salutary redemption in Christ the lord. First of all, I have, dear [brothers], held it a worthy enough thing to lay bare to your Love’s blessedness whence I have gathered the poultices of this medicine which follows, lest (as often happens) through copyists’ decrepitude or carelessness that law ["lex"] should be left hideously confused which God once, in a figurative way, handed down through his first legislator and ultimately to the Fathers ["de secundo patribus"] in order that they might make it known to their sons, so that the following generation might learn [of it], namely penance, which the lord Jesus, after being baptized, proclaimed to us, having [as yet] no medicine, as above all the substance ["prae omnibus ... instrumentum"] of his teaching, saying, 'Do you all penance', etc.; who for the increase of your felicity deigned to guide — from the blessed seat of him ["eius", i.e. Peter] to whom it is said 'Whichever things you set free upon the land will be set free also in the heavens' — him ["eum", i.e. Theodore] by whom this most helpful salve for wounds would be concocted ["temperetur"]. 'For I', the apostle says, 'have received from the lord'; and I say, dear [brothers]: with the lord's favour I have received from you even that which I have given to you. Accordingly, the greater part of these [remedies] Eoda the priest, of blessed memory, known to some as 'Christianus', is said (by trustworthy report) to have received under instruction from the venerable master ["antestite"] Theodore. And these are buttressed ["In istorum quoque adminiculum est"] by what divine grace likewise delivered to our unworthy hands, [namely] things which the aforementioned man came to learn from a widely known Irish booklet, concerning which the elder ["senex"] is said to have given this opinion: [that] an ecclesiastic ["ecclesiasticus homo"] was the author of that book. Many others also, not only men but also women, enkindled by him with an inextinguishable passion for these [remedies], in order to slake their thirst hurried with burning desire to crowd round a person of undoubtedly singular knowledge in our age. Whence there has been found among diverse persons that diverse and confused digest of those rules, composed together with established causes of the second book ["Unde et illa diversa confusaque degestio regularum illarum constitutis causis libri secundi conscripta inventa est apud diversos"]. On account of which, brothers, through him who was crucified and who by the shedding of his blood confirmed what mighty things he had preached while living, I beg your Love's ["pacis"] most obliging kindness that, if I have herein perpetrated any misdeed of rashness or negligence, in consideration of the utility of this [work] you defend me before him with the merit of your intercessory prayer. I call upon as witness him, the maker of all things, that in so far as I know myself these things [I] have done for the sake of the kingdom about which he preached. And, as I truly fear, if I do something beyond my talents, yet may the good intentions ["benevolentia"] of so necessary a work [as this] seek from him pardon for my crimes, with you as [my] advocates — for all of whom equally and without jealousy I labor, insofar as I am able. And from all of those things I have been able to select ["invenire"] the more useful [topics] and compile them together, placing titles before each. For I trust that these things will draw the attention of those of good soul ["bono animo"], concerning whom it is said ‘Peace upon the land to people of good will'.