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Examples of "illmann"
Margaret L. Illmann (born 9 December 1965) is an Australian prima ballerina with an international career.
Rossini's Ghost is a 1996 Devine Entertainment production for HBO Original Films shot in Istria, Croatia in the small mountain town of Labin. The film was directed by David Devine and created and produced by David Devine and Richard Mozer. It stars Joseph Di Mambro, Melissa Pirerra, Frances Bay, Margaret Illmann, Janee Mortil, Lally Cadeau, and Tony Nardi.
The film was adapted by Jule Styne (music) and Marsha Norman (book and lyrics) into a Broadway musical, which was directed by Stanley Donen. "The Red Shoes" opened on 16 December 1993 at the Gershwin Theatre, with Steve Barton playing Boris Lermontov, Margaret Illmann playing Victoria Page, and Hugh Panaro playing Julian Craster. The choreography by Lar Lubovitch received the TDF's Astaire Award, but the musical closed after 51 previews and only five performances.
The Broadway production opened at the George Gershwin Theatre on December 16, 1993 and closed on December 19, 1993 after 51 previews and five performances. Directed by Stanley Donen and choreographed by Lar Lubovitch, the cast included Margaret Illmann as ballerina Victoria Page, Steve Barton (who replaced Roger Rees during previews) as Svengali-like Boris Lermontov, and Hugh Panaro as Julian Craster, as well as George de la Peña, and Leslie Browne in supporting roles.
The musical received "uniform, stake-in-the-heart" negative reviews, and lost nearly $8 million. John Simon, reviewing for "New York" magazine wrote that there were two good things about the musical; one was Margaret Illmann, who was a "marvellous dancer", although she could not sing. The other was the scenery of Heidi Landesman, who designed "inspired re-creations of known locales or inventions of unknown ones." Simon also noted that the "Red Shoes Ballet" "was still fun; it was here that Jule Styne's music, surprisingly, came to life and Lubovitch's choreography, obviously, became most unfetered."