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illnesses              ailment              symptoms              exacerbation              sepsis              disability              symptom              hypoglycemia              hospitalization              injury              diarrhea              morbidity              seizures              malnutrition              relapse              diarrhoea              complications              neurologic              injuries              alcoholism              infection              pneumonia              disease              pathology              hyperglycemia              seizure              asthma              chronic              ailments              malady              pregnancy              neutropenia              neurological              dysphagia              insomnia              infections              exacerbations              pain              recurrence              febrile              asphyxia              intercurrent              anxiety              pathologies              cachexia              migraines              symptomatic              iatrogenic              trauma              sufferer             

Examples of "illness"
Jurosomatic illness is a somatic illness brought on by a pending lawsuit.
""Parity of Esteem for Mental Health"" is an issue for many healthcare systems because of the pervasive stigma of mental illness. People with diagnosed mental illness die on average around 20 years earlier than those without such a diagnosis, some because of suicide, but mostly because of poorly treated physical illness. Mental illness has been assessed as constituting around a quarter of the disease burden in developed countries. There is much bigger treatment gap for mental illness than for physical illness.
12. Unusual trends of death and/or illness in animal populations, previous to or accompanying illness in humans.
Hilgendorf suffered from a gastric illness. He stopped working in 1903 and died from that illness on 5 July 1904.
Do not confuse terminal illness insurance with critical illness insurance. The two forms of insurance are very different.
Mind is involved in a campaign Rethink Mental Illness to reduce the stigma associated with psychiatric illness.
“Most people are coming to regard mental illness and disability in much the same way as physical illness and disability”
Kellogg died after a brief illness in Pittsfield, Massachusetts on January 23, 1882 after a brief illness.
However, if the physical illness is causing the mental disorder, or if the physical illness is a direct consequence of the mental disorder, treatment of the physical illness is permitted under the Act.
The term, social illness, implies that the cause of the illness is from social interaction with others and emphasizes that people don't live in isolation, but have complex social interactions with others that can cause cognitive, behavioral, or affective illness.
The illness rate is calculated by comparing employee illness-related absences against planned working time, within a specific period. Illness-related absence times and planned working times are calculated in days.
The terms "disability" and "long-term illness" do not mean just a physical disability or illness, but also cover, for example, mental illness, learning disability, or drug addiction, frailty or old age.
Mental illness is also a significant public health problem in Swaziland. The population is made more vulnerable to mental illness due to the prevalence of HIV and AIDS, sexual violence, and poverty. Additionally, not a lot of accurate information is widely known about mental illness in the country. Because of this, individuals with mental illness are also susceptible to stigma.
The themes of the book are: mental illness, Alzheimer's, aging, adolescence, survival, suffering, familial relationships, love, marital discord, father-son relationship, chronic illness, nursing.
Christians also debate the causes of mental illness and the extent of demonic influence on counselees. Three different views as to the origin of mental illness emphasize respectively:
Suffering from bipolar disorder since 1986, Grimsley converses openly about his illness, and has a blog, "Facing the Demon," dedicated to furthering the discussion about his illness.
Following a severe illness in the late 1980s, Mehdi Hassan stepped down from playback singing. Later due to severity of his illness he completely departed from music.
Grant Williams died December 24, 1942, following a long illness. Caroline Ransom Williams died on February 1, 1952, after a short illness.
3203: Injury and Illness Prevention Program, went into effect in 1991, requires employers to establish, implement and maintain an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program.
He retired midway through the 2014 season, after being absent with an undisclosed illness. Chad Brown died after a lengthy illness on September 9, 2016, his 69th birthday.