Synonyms for immunglobulin or Related words with immunglobulin

immunoglobin              immunoglobuline              immnunoglobulin              iggi              iggl              immunoglubulin              inmunoglobulin              immmunoglobulin              immunoglobulines              scarc              immunogloulin              immunoglogulin              immunogloblin              igfc              sdab              scfvfc              imunoglobulin              fusobody              vnar              deimmunised              scfab              inununoglobulin              fusionproteins              fcknob              ckappa              scfvhuman              ighe              monoclonalantibody              fcreceptor              immunoglobutin              crossfab              singlechain              atrosab              heteroadhesin              affimer              iggfc              heavychain              interlinker              scmhc              imnunoglobulin              antibodya              stradobody              balbk              pfrh              clambda              fabfragment              sequencewhether              hpigr              felinised              fabfusion             

Examples of "immunglobulin"
Other proposed mechanisms include the possibility that donor antibodies may bind directly with the abnormal host antibodies, stimulating their removal; the possibility that IgG stimulates the host's complement system, leading to enhanced removal of all antibodies, including the harmful ones; and the ability of immunoglobulin to block the antibody receptors on immune cells (macrophages), leading to decreased damage by these cells, or regulation of macrophage phagocytosis. Indeed, it is becoming more clear that immunglobulin can bind to a number of membrane receptors on T cells, B cells, and monocytes that are pertinent to autoreactivity and induction of tolerance to self.