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quoi              vient              regarde              peuvent              mourir              mieux              celui              ainsi              enfin              soient              reviens              donc              disait              veut              rendre              envie              puisque              jamais              doucement              oublier              pourvu              chaque              sauver              douces              laisse              vrai              personne              toujours              veux              vouloir              vont              avait              aurais              joue              habitude              oublie              besoin              voulais              connais              tomber              reste              seule              peux              faites              souvent              vaut              rien              toute              trouver              pleurer             

Examples of "importe"
Disc 1 (23547):
A. "Siboney"
B. "Hasta Manana"
Disc 2 (23413):
A. "You Belong to My Heart (Solamente Una Vez)"
B. "Baia"
Dis 3: (23914) :
A. "Allá en el Rancho Grande (My Ranch)"
B. "Amor",
Disc 4 (23915) :
A. "No Te Importe Saber (Let Me Love You Tonight)" (sung in Spanish)
B. "Flores Negras (You're the Moment of a Lifetime)" (sung in Spanish)
David Fenech received a guitar for his tenth birthday and never ceased making music since then. Between 1990 and 1995, he was very active on the mail art network and published tracks on various tape and CD compilations. In 1991, he led the Peu Importe collective in Grenoble. This band played improvised music and punk rock in a spirit close to bands like The Ex or Pere Ubu.
Lady Crush made her rapping debut in 1984 when she won a citywide radio contest, gaining a guest appearance on Tim Greene's single "The Facts of Life" (Importe/12, SugarScoop Records). The song later received mainstream recognition when the late famed remixer C.O.D, remixed the song creating "The Dub of Life". This 12" was officially released in early 1985. Lady Crush decided, later in 1985 to launch her solo career after leaving the group. "MC Perpetrators", has previously been labeled as a rare and valuable classic Rap record, being sold as high as $610.
Living in the city of Cojimar, he learned classical piano from the age of 4, and went on to study at the Falcón Conservatory in Havana. By 1934 his classical training ended because of his family’s financial hardship, and he accepted a job as a pianist in Luis Rivera’s jazz band. Soon afterwards he became the leader of a 16-piece orchestra, playing big band music at the Grand Casino in Havana, and also began writing his own compositions. One of his most famous songs, "No Te Importe Saber", was recorded with lyrics by Mitchell Parish as "Let Me Love You Tonight", by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others.
REFLEXION DEL ESPÍRITU JOVEN: No importa tu edad, lo que cuenta es tu espíritu joven la juventud no es cuestión de tener poca edad, sino de una posición mental y de vitalidad de espíritu no envejeces por vivir mucho tiempo, sino por negarte a mirar la vida como una verdadera oportunidad de alcanzar un alto ideal tú eres tan joven como tu Fe, tan joven como tu Esperanza y tan joven como tu Alegría llena de vida tu tiempo vivido, y no te importe cuánto has vivido.
While at Vanguard Studios, Mark continued to engineer and mix projects for several of New York's top dance/pop producers and became heavily involved in the early 80’s New York hip-hop movement working with artists and producers such as Soul Sonic Force (Looking For The Perfect Beat), Planet Patrol (Play At Your Own Risk), Awesome Foursome (Funky Soul Makosa), New Edition (Candy Girl), Jellybean, Arthur Baker, Freeze (AEIOU), Eddie O’Loughlin (Next Plateau), John Robie, C-Bank (One More Shot), Tommy Silverman (Tommy Boy Records), Importe 12 Records, Man Parrish (the groundbreaking Hip Hop Be Bop) and many more.
In 1952, Gorís invested in a single, "Guantanamera", composed by Joseíto Fernández, which did well in jukeboxes. Gorís and two partners, Messrs. Alfredo Beltrán and Oliva, originally wanted to launch a series of children's records, so they chose the name Puchito, which, in this context, means "youngest child." In 1954, Gorís and his two partners produced an LP of Olga Guillot singing with the The Castro Brothers Orchestra, one of Cuba's first jazz bands (no relation to Fidel Castro). Although Guillot. "Mienteme" ("Lie to Me"), a bolero composed by Chamaco Domínguez () (1921–1985), was one of the album's great successes. Puchito went on to produce Guillot on nine more albums, and a few singles, up until 1960. In 1958, Gorís hired pianist René Touzet (1916–2003) as musical director and orchestrator of Guillot's album, "Intemidades" (MLP-526), which gained reputation as having the most important works of her career, an several that cemented Touzet's reputation as an original composer: "La Noche de Anoche" ("The Night Last Night"), "Será Cuando Tú Quieras," "Estuve Pensando," and "No Te Importe Saber" ("Let Me Love You Tonight"). Guillot and Touzet, though never married, had a daughter together: Olga María Touzet-Guillot (born 1960).