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hsdd              orgasmic              anorgasmia              andropause              impotence              micropenis              asthenospermia              subfertility              hypoestrogenism              varicocele              hypothyroid              gynecomastia              virilisation              anorgasmic              feminization              fsad              dermatopathy              galactorrhoea              hysterectomized              prostatism              debility              andropausal              oligomenorrhea              dyspareunia              oligospermia              undescended              vaginismus              hyposexuality              mastodynia              incontinency              hypoactive              amenorrhoea              characteristicsno              climacteric              priapism              hypogonadotrophic              erictile              climacturia              undertreated              anosmia              metrorrhagia              prostatomegaly              infantilism              hyperandrogenemia              masculinization              adipositas              forgetfulness              menstruating              asthenic              hypospadias             

Examples of "impotency"
There are, however, additional grounds that are acceptable in some states such as drug abuse, impotency, and religious reasons.
The only recognised ground where a marriage is voidable (i.e. the marriage exists until it is made void through a court order) is the incurable impotency of the husband. The impotency must have existed at the time the marriage was solemnised and continue to exist at the time that the wife seeks to make the marriage void. Impotency in this case is distinguished from sterility and a refusal to have sex, both of which do not make the marriage voidable.
Elist is the first physician to have published an article, which proved the effect of smoking on impotency, which resulted in a new treatment for impotency. This article was presented to Congressman Waxman and the Surgeon General in order to include this fact as a precautionary warning on cigarette packages. Elist has thirteen patents for treatment of impotency, congenital male sex organ deformities as well as other medical and surgical devices.
Pangall is the crippled and impotent cathedral servant. He is mocked because of his impotency by the workmen.
Episode 54 - Arjun gets curse of impotency from Urvashi, Abhimanyus as a kid, Jayadraths head is shaved
These re-experienced feelings of impotency become rationalized on a subconscious level as knee-jerk attitudinal projections: i.e., prejudices, bias, racism, bigotry, cynicism, and closed mindedness.
The novel focuses on the heightened sexuality of the Moor Zofloya, while pairing this sexuality with the impotency of the other white male characters.
Damiana tea made from damiana leaves is typically drunk in Mexico and Brazil for impotency. Damiana was used by the Aztecs centuries ago.
Gautieria sinensis is a species of hypogeal fungus in the Gomphaceae family. "Gautieria sinuses" is typically found between paving slabs in Eastern Europe. Local traditions dictate the fungus, when digested, can cure impotency.
The plant is used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of conditions, including sexually transmitted diseases, impotency, back pain, toothache, fever, dysentery, bleeding, and liver diseases. It is used as a stimulant, an aphrodisiac, and an appetite suppressant.
Sualaal doubts her & since he returns home in an inebriated state he is never able to prove anything. He is nonetheless angry over the fact that his wife mocks him for impotency & having an affair.
Sexual incompatibility may be another cause for divorce. In a number of states, another intimacy related matter—impotency—can also function as grounds for divorce. If a spouse is unable to perform the act of sex with his or her companion, the other member of the couple is within his or her rights to file for divorce. To serve as valid grounds, the partner’s inability to perform intercourse must have been present at the outset of the marriage, and had to have lasted through the start of the divorce proceedings; i.e. the couple must not have consummated the relationship in order to use impotency as a justification for divorce.
6) In Pathological Ressentiment a Sense of Impotency develops on the part of those experiencing ressentiment-feelings, especially if situational and social factors weigh so heavily so as render a person unable to release or resolve negative psychic feelings and feeling states in a positive and constructive manner: what we refer to today in psychological terms as repression.
The Greek physician Hippocrates, who speaks about the Enarees in his work "", theorized that although the inhabitants of Scythia believe the cause of their effeminacy is divine, he believed the cause of their impotency was a result of continuous horseback riding, and it was for this reason they have adopted feminine roles.
Menander's "Aspis" affirms the democratic values of its Athenian audience by portraying marriage as a reward for some, but not for other characters. Smikrines' regard for money rather than morals or good social relations marks him as an oligarch, and the play implicitly connects his oligarchic ideology with impotency and infertility.
The novel focuses on the financial world of the Second French Empire as embodied in the Paris Bourse and exemplified by the fictional character of Aristide Saccard. Zola's intent was to show the terrible effects of speculation and fraudulent company promotion, the culpable negligence of company directors, and the impotency of contemporary financial laws.
In an article, "The Sexual Impotency of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party", LaRouche criticised Machismo. Regarding the role of women, he adds, "The task of real women's liberation is to generally strengthen women's self-consciousness and their power and opportunities to act upon self-consciousness."
The Labour Party won the 1964 general election by a majority of four seats. The Profumo affair had seriously damaged the previous Conservative government, meaning Alec Douglas-Home's Premiership lasted only 363 days. Wilson's tiny majority led to impotency during this Parliament, and in 1966 another election was called, leading to a majority of 96 and the continuation of the Wilson government.
The 1972 constitution, which created this new ‘popular legislature,’ also recognized the central role within the executive branch of General Torrijos and the defense forces. The impotency of the president within this new constitutional structure was best expressed by the fact that he could neither appoint nor remove military personnel.
Due to her husband's psychological impotency, the magistrate has much consensual affection for her child and that cause so much tension between the couple and between the father and the son. There is a clue that there are much darker secrets lying behind their sophisticated mansion walls.