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Examples of "inb"
In 2006, Banorte acquired 70% of INB Financial Corp stock for $259 million. INB Financial Corp is the holding company of Texas-based Inter National Bank. Banorte exercised its option to acquire the remaining 30% of INB Financial Corp stock for $146.6 million in 2009. As of March 2013, Inter National Bank has $2.1 billion in assets and is the 19th largest Texas bank.
Tax Preparation -- INB provides personal and business tax services.
In 2006, Mexico's Banorte acquired 70% of INB Financial Corp stock for $259 million. INB Financial Corp is the holding company of Inter National Bank. Banorte exercised its option to acquire the remaining 30% of INB Financial Corp stock for $146.6 million in 2009.
Service Mortgage Loans – INB doesn’t just sell home mortgages, but also provides service after.
First Meeting of the INB, Tucson, Arizona, February 23–24, 2008.
The District manages and maintains the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane Convention Center and INB Performing Arts Center.
Other significant buildings in downtown include the Spokane Convention Center, the INB Performing Arts Center, and the Spokane Arena.
Immediately following completion of the CC expansion and remodel, the District began a series of project at the INB Performing Arts Center. Since 2003 the District has invested heavily in the INB in projects that include: new seats, a rigging system upgrade, a new sound system, new chillers, paint, carpet, new elevators, new marquee, and all new site work.
"American Bison" was originally created in 1989 and installed outside Indiana National Bank (INB) in the 100 North block of Pennsylvania Street, One Indiana Square, in downtown Indianapolis. The sculpture served as INB Financial Corporation's mascot. In 1993, the bison was relocated to the Indianapolis Zoo after Detroit-based NBD Bancorp acquired Indiana National Bank.
INB offers traditional banking products such as checking and savings accounts, mortgage and other loan services, as well as certificates of deposit and retirement products like Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA). INB also offers services you don't expect from a community bank:
As such, an Interim National Board (INB) has been set up (formerly the Joint Central Committee) which has responsibility for national pay negotiations on behalf of its members. It also performs many other functions, such as training, administering legal representation and liaising with government and other national bodies on policy and legislative matters. The present INB Chair is Steve White.
INB (Instituto Nacional de Bioinformatica), the Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute, is an organization which tries to promote the development, research, education and internationalization of bioinformatics research in Spain.
Lockbox – INB’s lockbox service simplifies the collection and processing of account receivables by having customers' payments mailed directly to INB for immediate deposit to an account.
Medieval doctors warned sick people against tiredness. For example, Mahmud inb Ilyas, a doctor lived in the 12th century advised nervous people to listen to mugham.
In 2010, the INB Performing Arts Center was awarded LEED Silver Certification for existing buildings by the US Green Building Council.
In 2008, officials stated that mining activities in Itataia would begin in 2013. The first of its type, this would be a joint venture between state-owned INB and Brazilian private construction company Galvani. The latter would be in charge of the mining activities, extracting phosphate for fertilizer production and separating it from uranium, which Galvani would pass on to INB. However, since federal authorities have requested further studies of environmental impact, activities have been delayed.
Currently, there is only one active uranium mine in the country, located in Lagoa Real, Caetité, Bahia. The annual production of uranium in the Caetité Complex, which is managed by INB, has varied, with the record being 400 tons of uranium concentrate in 2008. There have been plans of developing mine activities in Santa Quitéria, Ceará, where the uranium presents itself associated with phosphate. Even though INB has undertaken some steps toward establishing this new mine, the license has not been issued yet.
The company in charge of the uranium production in São Paulo was the former Nuclemon Mínero-Química, which has now been absorbed into INB. In 2007, the Brazilian Labor Court mandated that INB provide lifelong, free health insurance to the former workers of Nuclemon. This verdict was the outcome of a long lawsuit, which argued that throughout the 1980s and 1990s Nuclemon workers had no substantial information about the risks they faced and were constantly exposed to radioactive and toxic substances.
In 1988, Nuclebrás was folded into a newly created institution, the Brazilian Nuclear Industries (Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil – INB), which was linked to the structure of CNEN and responsible for uranium extraction, industrial treatment and processing.