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oblongifolia              atropurpurea              stricta              ciliata              leucopogon              caesia              mucronata              caespitosa              torulosa              symphoricarpos              corymbosa              subulata              squarrosa              ellipticum              corniculata              linifolia              virgata              latifolium              caltha              sinuata              cuneifolia              caffra              heliotropium              multifida              fastigiata              magellanica              micrantha              vestita              scabrum              glabrescens              verbesina              canescens              banksii              campanulata              auriculata              vernicosa              coccinea              crocea              nitens              lythrum              lanceolatum              plumosa              uniflora              hirtella              laxiflora              sericea              colorata              sagittata              diversifolia              microphylla             

Examples of "incana"
On Thiele's morphological analysis, its closest relatives appear to be "Banksia incana" and "B. tricuspis". "B. incana" is its sister clade in Mast's analysis as well.
"Banksia incana" resprouts from its woody lignotuber after bushfire.
The larvae have been recorded feeding on "Quercus incana".
The Socotra warbler ("Incana incana") is a species of bird in the Cisticolidae family. It is monotypic within the genus Incana. It is endemic to Socotra. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland. It is threatened by habitat loss.
"Beaufortia macrostemon" var. "incana" was first formally described in 1867 by George Bentham in "Flora Australiensis". In 1972, Alex George raised it to species status in Nuytsia. The specific epithet ("incana") is a Latin word meaning "quite gray".
The larvae feed on "Alnus" (including "Alnus incana", "Alnus rubra") and "Betula" species (including "Betula papyrifera").
The larvae feed on "Alnus incana", "Alnus rubra" and "Betula papyrifera".
The larvae feed on "Hermannia diffusa", "Hermannia incana", "Pavonia burchelli" and "Hebiscus" species.
Kiswar (Quechua for "buddleja incana", also spelled "queshuar, quishuar, quesuar, quisoar, quisuar, quisuar") may refer to:
Jacobaea incana, the grey ragwort, is a species of "Jacobaea" in the family Asteraceae.
"Hibbertia incana" occurs in New South Wales and is presumed extinct in Victoria.
There is only one recognized species, "Jacmaia incana", native to Jamaica.
Leucoanthocyanidins have been demonstrated to be intermediates in anthocyanidin biosynthesis in flowers of "Matthiola incana".
Freziera incana is a species of plant in the Pentaphylacaceae family. It is endemic to Peru.
"Sphaeralcea incana" has been used as a medicinal plant, traditionally by Native Americans, and by others.
Phaonia incana is a fly from the family Muscidae. It is found in the Palearctic .
Its Quechua name "kiswar" is the name of the tree "Buddleja incana".
The larvae feed on "Chrysanthemoides incana". They are attended to by "Crematogaster peringueyi" ants.
The species is believed to commonly hybridize with "B. montana" and "B. incana" in the wild.
The larvae feed on "Sinapis incana", "Raphanus", "Sisymbrium polymorphum" and "Camelina laxa".