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Examples of "includiing"
Piccini played for several Italian clubs throughout his career, includiing Fiorentina, Carrarese, Bari and Napoli.
The school's Academic Decathlon team has also been successful in recent years, qualifying for the California Academic Decathlon State Competition for the last two years, includiing 2nd and 3rd-place finishes in the San Bernardino County Competition in those years.
The steward, McGillis, and the purser, Donahue, had cabins on the main cabin deck Up in the forward part of the texas there were cabins for the officers, includiing Captain Crang, Pilot Larkins, and Chief Engineer Evans. The steamer was now equipped with electric lighting, as well as new steam-driven steering gear, reportedly superior to the hydraulic gear installed on "Telephone". New cylinders had been fitted into the steam engines, and a system of electric engine room telegraph bells had been installed.
Signed to Virgin Records, the band were awarded ‘most promising newcomers’ by the readers of Blues & Soul in 1982. Their first single "Give Me" was an underground club hit in the UK and reached number 5 in the US R&B charts on Epic Records. The track was later widely sampled, includiing by Lost Boyz ("So Love", 1997) and A Tribe Called Quest ("Give Me (featuring Noreaga)", 1998). The band released two albums and several singles before disbanding.