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Examples of "incopy"
Since 1999, InCopy from Adobe is a direct competitor to QuarkCopyDesk, which was launched in 1991.
A Middle Eastern edition of InCopy is specifically developed for Arabic and Hebrew languages. It features:
Although InCopy can be used as a word processor (with full printing and exporting functions), it is primarily used to integrate with Adobe InDesign. Once integrated, writers, editors and designers can simultaneously work on the same page; the designer creates the page layout with InDesign, while editors simultaneously edit different stories with InCopy, via the Adobe LiveEdit rights management system. Publishers often use a publishing system including workflow- and rights-management to the design and editing capabilities of the publishing system software.
Adobe InCopy is a professional word processor made by Adobe Systems. It integrates with Adobe InDesign. InDesign is used to publish printed material, including newspapers and magazines, whereas InCopy is used for general word processing. The software enables editors to write, edit, and design documents. The software includes standard word processing features such as spell check, track changes, and word count, and has various viewing modes that allow editors to visually inspect design elements — just as it looks to the designer working in Adobe InDesign.
Adobe Creative Cloud is the successor to Creative Suite. It is based on a software as a service model. It includes everything in Creative Suite 6 with the exclusion of Fireworks, Professional Pro and Encore, as the three of them were discontinued. It also introduced a few new programs, including Muse, Animate, InCopy and Story CC Plus.
Wordfast Pro can handle Word documents (DOC/DOCX), Excel (XLS/XLSX), PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX), Visio (VSD/VDX/VSDX), Portable Object files (PO), Rich Text Format (RTF), Text (TXT), HTML (HTML/HTM), XML, ASP, JSP, Java, InDesign (INX/IDML), InCopy (INC), FrameMaker (MIF), Quark (TAG), Xliff (XLF/XLIFF), SDL Trados (SDLXLIFF/TTX) and editable PDF. It does not offer support for OpenDocument formats.
Version 3.0 of InCopy was included in the first Adobe Creative Suite in 2003, and later versions were included in versions of the Creative Suite up until version CS6. Since 2013 newer versions have been made available only through Adobe Creative Cloud.
Adobe Flash Catalyst, Adobe Contribute, Adobe OnLocation, and Adobe Device Central, previously available in CS5.5, have been dropped from the CS6 line-up. Adobe Prelude and Adobe Encore are not released as standalone products. Adobe Encore is available as part of Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe InCopy, a word processing application that integrates with Adobe InDesign, is also part of the Creative Suite family, but is not included in any CS6 edition.
SDL Trados Studio supports over 70 different file types, including: various markup and tagged formats such as SGML, XML, HTML, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF (Studio's native format for translation), OpenDocument files; straight text files; source code files, such as Java and Microsoft .NET; Microsoft Word, Excel, Bilingual Excel and PowerPoint; and some Adobe file formats, such as PDF, scanned PDF (OCR is included) FrameMaker, InDesign, and InCopy.
The newspaper moved from the now-defunct Moneta Print Shop on Jefferson and University Avenues to its current location in the Student Union in 1928. Production was held off-campus until the 1980s in USC's Graphic Services Department, which was located west of the [Harbor Freeway] on Exposition Boulevard. The "Daily Trojan" increasingly began using computers in the '90s, moving to all-digital production in 2005. Editors create the paper using Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. The Daily Trojan's first website was created in 1996, and has gone through several iterations.
InCopy has three viewing modes: Story mode, galley mode and layout mode. The story mode is for reading and editing text in a screen-wide view without page formatting. The galley mode displays text without page formatting but with line numbers and the same line breaks seen in the layout mode. Both galley and story views show the names of the style sheets applied to the text but do not display the actual formatting. The layout mode shows the true page design layout along with images and overset text.
QPS now supports Mac, Web and Windows Clients, editors can use QuarkXPress and InDesign for page layouting, QuarkCopyDesk, InCopy and an Internet Browser for editing, copyfitting and reviewing text and Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word etc. for content editing. In 2009, Quark, Inc. in association with Stepnet Ingénierie, a French software editor, developed a java based framework which gives web services to almost all QPS features and some of QuarkXPress' ones, such as editing rich text, cropping high resolution pictures or generate PDF/X from standard QuarkXPress files within a QPS secured workflow. This framework supports the latest release of QPS and is available as an option, called QPS Web Portal.
Adobe InDesign is a desktop publishing software application produced by Adobe Systems. It can be used to create works such as posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. InDesign can also publish content suitable for tablet devices in conjunction with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Graphic designers and production artists are the principal users, creating and laying out periodical publications, posters, and print media. It also supports export to EPUB and SWF formats to create e-books and digital publications, including digital magazines, and content suitable for consumption on tablet computers. In addition, InDesign supports XML, style sheets, and other coding markup, making it suitable for exporting tagged text content for use in other digital and online formats. The Adobe InCopy word processor uses the same formatting engine as InDesign.