Synonyms for incredulous or Related words with incredulous

indignant              aghast              mortified              flabbergasted              puzzled              unnerved              chagrined              dumbfounded              remorseful              unsurprised              flustered              dismayed              bemused              appalled              astonished              astounded              bewildered              amused              horrified              infuriated              disconcerted              irate              incensed              disbelieving              disgusted              mystified              unfazed              embarrassed              sneers              scoffs              elated              overjoyed              embittered              nonplussed              disdainful              despondent              exasperated              regretful              awestruck              startled              embarrasses              livid              distraught              disheartened              terrified              gratified              enraged              rebukes              inebriated              comforted             

Examples of "incredulous"
Others were incredulous that the survey could have been performed as reported under such dangerous conditions.
"If you wanted to could make a great sports club in Lisbon ... Something with such incredulous words, Agnes Arthur replied:
The normally mild-mannered Brett charged out of the dugout, enraged, and was immediately ejected. An incredulous Messer:
The Bulgarian Hound has balanced nervous system. It's loyal to his owner and incredulous to strangers. It has lively, strong hunting instinct.
Later in the press conference, in response to Tim Bragg, a reporter for WRTV, who asked a question about the Colts' chances for making the playoffs, Mora said in a high-pitched, incredulous tone:
Republican chairman Villere's endorsement of Dardenne, which came after months of criticizing the frontrunner, was met with incredulous statements like those of political scientist Pearson Cross of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette:
In 2001, Michael Ocrant, editor-in-chief of "MARHedge" wrote a story in which he interviewed traders who were incredulous that Madoff had 72 consecutive gaining months, an unlikely possibility.
Pope, mortified by the elevation of Cibber to laureateship and incredulous at what he held to be the vainglory of his "Apology" (1740), attacked Cibber extensively in his poetry.
In year 1886, 50th anniversary of his young mass was celebrated throughout the Archdiocese of Zagreb. It became clear that "he managed to get full sympathy of the incredulous Croatian people with his meekness and wisdom."
A prophecy was reported in 1903 that the witch could return on the centennial of the Bell family arrival in Tennessee. By September, a local paper was incredulous as she was not reported to have returned in August.
American football head coach Bill Parcells earned the nickname "The Big kahuana" when he responded to an obviously false statement from a player with the incredulous "Who do you think I am? the Tuna?"
Despite the criticism, France's World Cup-winning manager Aimé Jacquet supported Guivarc'h's performances for his ability to contribute as a pivot despite not scoring in the tournament. He remains incredulous that the striker is perceived as a flop.
Voltaire draws attention to the assertion made by Alexander Pope in his An Essay on Man that 'What is, is right'. These lines serve as Voltaire's incredulous attitude towards Pope's (and later Leibniz') Optimism.
"How'd that happen?", a mock-incredulous reply to those to who write in and say they had certain (often sexual) things "happen to" them, as if they had no part or say in the incident, when they clearly did.
The All-Stars rehearse "Inca Roads" with Napoleon Murphy Brock, who is interviewed about his experience, recalling being incredulous when first informed of the school and the material the students were playing. Green gives a last-minute set of performance notes before they take the stage. They perform Zappa's "Zomby Woof", followed by an original solo by Tywoniak, intercut with shots of audience members with incredulous looks on their faces. Brock then takes the stage, dropping to his knees, genuflecting to Tywoniak before going to the front of the stage and leading the audience in a mass genuflection before leading the band on "Inca Roads".
Incredulous but nonetheless happy, Liqiao brings Xijie home only to find her becoming withdrawn and exceedingly aloof towards him. She spends all her time making tiramisu, and refuses to step out of their home, let alone manage 96 °C Café. Liqiao attributes her change to post-accident trauma, and did not mind as long as she's by his side.
Ace makes her way back to the TARDIS, but on the way hears a scream, and going to investigate finds Bev Tarrant. When Ace describes the library to her, she is incredulous because to her the planet seems uninhabited. She does however agree to go back with Ace, but they are caught by a Special Weapons Dalek.
Whilst out with his friends one night, Ivan meets up with Clarence. Clarence does not remember him and tells the story of how he seduced Maria, and that she later refused to have anything further to do with him. Furious, Ivan hits a still incredulous Clarence.
But after three days, the searchers had found nothing. Many were incredulous. Rico at that time had reached his full adult height of , and weighed , reflecting the less active years since the end of his basketball career. How, searchers wondered, could someone so large go unnoticed?
Many of Beale's former colleagues at the EPA were incredulous regarding the revelations of his falsehoods. Some colleagues even asserted that he was "taking one for the team" so as not to reveal the nature of his supposed CIA work. During his December 2013 deposition, Beale said that his relationship with his wife had been "profoundly affected" following the revelations.