Synonyms for indevader or Related words with indevader

shapeshifts              shapeshifted              filmdubbed              forayed              foraying              woges              goaded              shoehorned              metamorphosised              snowballed              blundered              segued              cursoroutofrange              transmogrified              digivolve              goads              dragooned              metamorphosized              shapeshift              guilted              digivolves              entereth              segueing              bellevan              delved              stonecomb              snuck              brainwashes              redecoed              cajoled              goading              guilts              digifused              seguing              barged              cajole              filmentered              tailspin              clattered              parlayed              metamorphosing              coerces              brainwashed              transfomed              sneaked              slaughterpen              alwayz              reintegrate              lulled              suckered             

Examples of "indevader"
is a treehopper-like alias adopted by Brajira after he arrived to the present era as the Indevader arrives to Earth, managing to become one of Mons Drake's top commanders while providing Warstar with intelligence on the Gosei Angels that led to the destruction of Heaven's Tower. Fighting the Goseigers personally whenever their Tensou Techniques or weaknesses are exploited, Buredoran uses the along with his signature attack , firing an energy blast from his hand. He is in charge of making the monsters enlarge by using the Bibi Bugs. Buredoran pilots the Indevader prior to its destruction, and survives to resume his Yuumajuu guise, though he does briefly return to his Warstar form during the events of "". Buredoran's name comes from .
, also known as , was the leader of Warstar, an intergalactic armada used by Buredoran of the Comet in his agenda against the Goseigers. Eventually, Monsu Doreiku attempts to transfer Earth's oxygen into the Indevader and have it crash into the Earth to burn every human. However, he is instead blasted into the Indevader by Hyper Gosei Great and consumed in the resulting explosion. Monsu Doreiku makes his return in "Gokaiger vs. Gavan" in which he, alongside Kinggon and Robogorg, appears as an Makuu Space illusion and battles Gokai Red and Gokai Pink as they transform into Gosei Red and Gosei Pink. He is last seen incinerated during the destruction of Makuu Prison at the hands of Gokaigers.
The , also known as , is a who is the leader of Warstar armed with the . His signature attacks are the , the , and his most powerful attack being the ceremony where he uses the dark matter in his body to cause a nearby satellite to impact the planet he is currently on. Before invading the Earth, informed by his new follower Buredoran of the Gosei Angels and the threat that they posed in his plans, Mons Drake tasks Dereputa to destroy Heaven's Tower in a preemptive strike in an attempt to bar the Gosei Angels from Earth. However, as five Gosei Angels were on the planet at the time, Mons Drake is forced to have his forces deal with them. Eventually, after growing tired of the Goseigers' interference, Mons Drake performs the Gravity Fall ritual to make the Moon collide with Earth. However, the ceremony is stopped by the Goseigers with Dereputa seemingly killed off. Soon after, Mons Drake attempts another plan by transferring Earth's oxygen into the Indevader and have it crash into the Earth to burn every human. However, he is instead blasted into the Indevader by Hyper Gosei Great and consumed in the resulting explosion. His spirit later appears to Brajira, futiley trying to attack him before being cast away. Mons Drake's name comes from .