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Examples of "indexovo"
Dragoljub "Mićko" Ljubičić (; born January 3, 1962 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia) is a Serbian actor, humorist, and comedian best known for his involvement with Indexovo radio pozorište.
Born and raised in Belgrade, Kusovac started getting involved with media in 1984 through Radio Beograd 202 where he worked on the staff of "Index 202", the station's daily youth programme. Simultaneously, Kusovac wrote for "Indexovo radio pozorište", satirical comedy programme on Radio Beograd 202 that aired weekly. Already popular in Belgrade and the rest of Serbia, the radio programme also gained some prominence throughout SFR Yugoslavia so that it soon started airing live while being performed in front of a theater audience. Some of those live airings were basis for the productions that were later performed around the country as Indexovo radio pozorište partly evolved into a theater troupe. Kusovac wrote one such show, 1986's "Znanje imanje", which aired live on radio while simultaneously being performed in Duško Radović Theater. He left "Index 202" and Indexovo radio pozorište in mid 1987.
"El kondor pada" (Serbian Cyrillic: "Ел Кондор пада" — "The Condor is falling") is a satirical song performed by the Serbian theatre troupe Indexovo radio pozorište. It was recorded in 1999 during the war in Kosovo. The song was written by Voja Žanetić and Mićko Ljubičić, borrowing the melody of the Peruvian folk song "El Cóndor Pasa".
Banović worked with Indexovo radio pozorište for four years, finished Architecture studies and got the Master's Degree in the United States. Sinadinović appeared as guest on the album title track of the Point Blank studio album "Južnjačka uteha" ("Southern Comfort"), released in 1991.
Indexovo radio pozorište, a performing group originally formed at the leading local public radio station in Belgrade, Beograd 202, was very prominent in Serbia due to a series of politically engaged, anti-Milošević theatre plays. As a result, this song quickly became popular in Serbia during the war and was frequently aired on radio stations. Indeksovo radio pozorište recorded a few other songs during this period, satirising all sides involved. The song was later released on the "Oproštajni koncert" compilation.
Indexovo radio pozorište (Index's radio theater) was a Serbian radio comedy programme led by Slobodan Bićanin, Dragoljub Ljubičić, Branislav Petrušević, etc. that eventually evolved into a satirical theater troupe. They were formed around state-owned Beograd 202 radio where they had a weekly show on Sundays. Their comedy program was diverse, from phone call jokes till various songs about Slobodan Milosevic`s regime in Yugoslavia, reflecting political problems between Serbian and Albanian population in Kosovo and NATO bombing.
Ljubičić was also involved with the Indexovo radio pozorište. In 1993, he appeared in director Želimir Žilnik's semi-documentary film "Tito po drugi put među Srbima". From 1985 and onwards he founded and became the director of Tim Talenata (Talents Team) marketing agency. He has since been involved with several productions and radio shows as well as written the book "Nacionalni park Srbija" ("National Park Serbia"). He also recorded a solo album "Truba... i druge priče" ("Trumpet... and Other Stories"), released by Mascom Records in 2005, on which Banović appeared as the co-author of the song "Kiše" ("Rains").
Sometimes billed as Dragoljub S. Ljubičić Mićko, he studied law at the University of Belgrade but left it on the third year without graduating, being simultaneously involved with music and radio advertising. In 1984 he joined Indexovo radio pozorište (Index's Radio Theatre) a popular Serbian radio programme that eventually grew into a theatrical group. There he began only as an actor, but soon became a co-writer with Vojislav Žanetić, with whom he wrote 5 (five) original theater plays: "Istočno od Rajha" (1991), "Tamo daleko je sunce" (1992), "Brat I mir" (1994), Svet ili ništa" (1995) and "Oproštajni koncert" (1999). All of them were hugely popular and played hundreds of times, establishing both Ljubičić and Žanetić as the right tandem for combining hilarious comedy with bitter satire.