Synonyms for indignant or Related words with indignant

incredulous              incensed              outraged              infuriated              appalled              contemptuous              embittered              insolent              resentful              aghast              offended              dismayed              irate              enraged              grieved              disgusted              insubordinate              apprehensive              ambivalent              remorseful              disdainful              embarrassed              gratified              dismissive              scornful              displeased              intemperate              apologetic              obstinate              disrespectful              complacent              vehement              astonished              unnerved              unrepentant              condescending              unseemly              mystified              apathetic              arrogant              reticent              aggrieved              misinformed              disconcerted              bewildered              despondent              amused              despairing              sceptical              flippant             

Examples of "indignant"
Holmes's passionate, indignant opinion is often quoted:
An indignant Washington responded himself to Whipple:
At the next vestry election, indignant parishioners rejected Mr. Perkins when nominated as churchwarden.
The Pastors of Geneva were indignant, and appointed a committee to answer these charges.
I am righteously indignant, you are annoyed, he is making a fuss over nothing.
Peckover was indignant when she learned that only 200 women belonged to the organization.
Sinclair wrote the paper an indignant letter of denial, but the legend was established.
Critic Nathan Rabin also gave their films an indignant condemnation, saying:
It has been stated that indignation provides the capacity to think through certain situations (Bromell, 2013, p. 290). The person feeling indignant wants to think about why they are feeling indignant so that they can figure out an appropriate response and pin-point whatever caused them to feel indignant. It has been stated that “when indignation does not express itself immediately as violence, it becomes an investigation of (and what he believes is a more appropriate response to) whatever has caused it”
He was deeply indignant at the establishment of Louis Philippe as Lieutenant General of France on 31 July 1830.
In the toilet, Young-min criticised Fengguan's cold attitude towards the girl. Young-min felt helpless as Fengguan remained indignant in his views towards the girl.
"Indignant" police went so far as to drag the Charles River and, learning that a "Lampoon" editor had flown to New Jersey, had the plane searched on landing.
It has been described as 'lame' and an 'indignant annoyance' by Leslie Felperin of "Variety" and 'claustrophobic, repetitive and mostly ludicrous' by Richard Mowe of "Boxoffice Magazine".
"Vandalism at Harvard; statue of John Harvard and college buildings daubed with red paint by drunken students; seniors and faculty indignant... Riotous Mob Ruled the Campus."
Cinderella State, he thought, feeling indignant. That was the reason for the Secession. Because they had ignored his poor Cinderella State, all one million square miles of it.
In response to the negative reaction from audiences to Play TV David McRedmond (CEO, TV3) was indignant about the show stating: -
The English Franciscans, indignant at his deposition, had meanwhile reëlected him unanimously. He was succeeded in his position by the Minister Provincial of Germany, Peter of Tewkesbury.
On the cult TVP1 political-comedy television series "Polskie Zoo", Olszewski is portrayed as an indignant koala wearing a business suit.
Upon arrival in Madras, Blavatsky has spoke in front of the Hindustanies who filled the room, indignant at the actions of the Christian missionaries.
The "Forerunner Commentary" on Psalms 137:2 argues that these psalms are about the "bitterness of exile into which God forced Judah", purportedly with the goal of turning grief into zeal, so that the "anger can be used to scour away sin" by becoming "righteously indignant". In Richard T. Ritenbaugh's comments on Proverbs 15:18 in How to Survive Exile, he argues that it "is alright for us to be righteously indignant as long as we do not sin."