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zulia_calatayud              geisa_coutinho              daisurami_bonne              yomara_hinestroza              felipa_palacios              brigitte_merlano              virgen_benavides              zudikey_rodríguez              daimí_pernía              aymée_martínez              eliecit_palacios              nancy_mcleón              rosibel_garcía              digna_luz_murillo              idalmis_bonne              nercely_soto              julia_duporty              lina_flórez              belén_recio              nallely_vela              aauri              libania_grenot              laverne_jones_ferrette              mariely_sánchez              aliuska_lópez              anay_tejeda              glory_alozie              ruth_grajeda              roxana_díaz              estela_garcía              isidora_jiménez              gabriela_medina              ana_fidelia_quirot              yolanda_osana              bokesa              myriam_soumaré              mirtha_brock              luciana_dos_santos              muriel_coneo              celiangely_morales              alejandra_idrobo              wilmary_álvarez              tjipekapora_herunga              mayte_martínez              mayra_gonzález              sara_moreira              yenifer_padilla              maíla_machado              ángela_tenorio              fany_chalas             

Examples of "indira_terrero"
Indira Terrero Letuce (born 29 November 1985) is a Spanish sprinter who specializes in the 400 metres. Earlier she represented her native Cuba.
The women's 4 × 400 metres relay competition of the athletics events at the 2011 Pan American Games took place on the 28th October at the Telmex Athletics Stadium. The defending Pan American Games champion were Aymée Martínez, Daimy Pernia, Zulia Calatayud and Indira Terrero of Cuba.
Championship records were broken in both triple jump events; by Mabel Gay in the women's event and Leevan Sands in the men's. The championships also saw four national records broken in competition. Two athletes topped the podium twice: Rosibel García completed the 800 metres/1500 metres double, while Indira Terrero won in the 400 metres sprint and relay races. Bertha Sánchez, representing the hosts, took the 10,000 metres title, but just missed out on a second gold, winning the silver in the 5000 metres. Bahamian Shamar Sands showed multi-event ability by winning the 110 metres hurdles gold medal, as well as helping his country to the 100 m relay silver medal.
Clement competed for the women's 4 × 400 m relay at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, along with her teammates Roxana Díaz, Zulia Calatayud, and Indira Terrero. She ran on the third leg of the first heat, with an individual-split time of 51.38 seconds. She and her team finished the relay in second place for a seasonal best time of 3:25.48, giving them a qualifying slot for the final round. By the following day, Clement and her team placed sixth in the finals, with a national record-breaking time of 3:23.31.
In 2007, Calatayud was injured again, this time her season did not get underway until June, but after six weeks of training, she took a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro. She also ran the third leg as the Cuban team won the 4 × 400 m relay gold with Daimi Pernia, Aymée Martínez and Indira Terrero. Since 2006, Calatayud has not made a major world final, falling in the semifinals at the World World Championships in Osaka 2007 and Berlin 2009, as well as the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. In 2009, Calatayud won the 800 at the 22nd Central American and Caribbean Athletics Championships in Havana, Cuba, in the Estadio Panamericano.
Muir became the youngest track and field athlete to represent Canada at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, where she competed for the women's 400 metres. She ran in the second heat against six other athletes, including Italy's Libania Grenot and Botswana's promising track star Amantle Montsho. She finished the race in third place by one hundredth of a second ahead of Cuba's Indira Terrero, with her personal best time of 51.55 seconds. Muir advanced into the next round of the competition, as she secured the final mandatory qualifying slot in the second heat. Muir, however, fell short in her bid for the final, as she placed seventh in the semifinal rounds, with her slowest possible time of 52.37 seconds.
Born in Guantánamo and raised in Villa Clara Province, she is the daughter of Idalmis Bonne, who was also a sprinter and Pan American Games gold medallist. Her first international appearance came at the 2008 Central American and Caribbean Championships. Although she was knocked out in the early rounds of the 200 metres, she teamed up with Aymeé Martínez, Diosmely Peña and Indira Terrero to win the gold medal in the 4×400 metres relay. Further success came in 2009: she won the 400 m silver medal and relay gold at the 2009 ALBA Games and ran under 52 seconds for the first time at the Barrientos Memorial (where she came second with a time of 51.81 sec). An individual bronze and another relay win came at the 2009 Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics in Havana and the team's winning time of 3:29.94 minutes enabled them to compete at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics. Bonne helped the Cubans to qualify for the final as the fastest losers with a time of 3:27.36 minutes, but the squad were almost ten seconds slower in the relay final and finished last by some distance.