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(1) A-properties supervene on B-properties if and only if all things that are B-indiscernible are A-indiscernible. Formally:
If formula_22, then formula_11 and formula_24 are "indiscernible" (or indistinguishable) by attributes from formula_17 .
them must be indiscernible from one another), and to them it is
Publishers Weekly Wohlfeld's gifts are considerable; she will not be for long 'a fruit/indiscernible to itself'.
For example, if one lets A be a set of mental properties, B be a set of physical properties, and chooses a domain of discourse consisting of persons, then (1) says that any two persons who are physically indiscernible are mentally indiscernible, and (2) says that any person who has a mental property has some physical property such that any person with that physical property has that mental property.
Primordial follicles are indiscernible to the naked eye. However, these eventually develop into primary, secondary and tertiary vesicular follicles. Tertiary vesicular follicles (also called "mature vesicular follicles" or "ripe vesicular follicles") are sometimes called Graafian follicles (after Regnier de Graaf).
Reception to "Century" has been mixed to positive. Chad Nevett called the book "flat out fun to read". However, other critics such as Chris Sims have criticized the growing amount of indiscernible references as a hindrance to the plot elements.
Local pharmacies provide a limited supply of prescription medications, but the quality of locally obtained medications varies greatly. Counterfeit medication is readily available and might be indiscernible from authentic medication, and can be potentially dangerous.
During a period of 2 hours and 47 minutes, the spring's flow ranges from an indiscernible trickle to per minute. The water in Ebbing and Flowing Spring maintains a constant temperature of .
This involves the use of extremely small text, and is most often used on currency and bank checks. The text is generally small enough to be indiscernible to the naked eye. Cheques, for example, use microprint as the signature line.
Existence of zero sharp implies that the constructible universe satisfies "for every countable ordinal , there is an -Erdős cardinal". In fact, for every indiscernible satisfies "for every ordinal , there is an -Erdős cardinal in (the Levy collapse to make countable)".
Some points of clarification: first, the definitions above involve quantification over properties and hence higher order logic. Second, in (1), expressions of the form formula_3 capture the concept of sharing all properties, or being indiscernible with respect to a set of properties. Thus, (1) can be understood more intuitively as the claim that all objects that are indiscernible with respect to a base set of properties are indiscernible with respect to a supervenient set of properties, or, as it is also sometimes said, that B-twins are A-twins. Finally, supervenience claims typically involve some modal force, however, the way that modal force is specified depends on which more specific variety of supervenience one decides upon (see below).
The phone uses the UIQ 3.0 software platform, which is based upon Symbian OS 9.1. It is slightly thicker than the M600 as a result of the new hardware features, but this is reportedly largely indiscernible. It is nonetheless considerably thinner than the P990 (25% smaller - as the official press review states).
After the Civil War, the castle was left in a state of ruin, and was gradually covered in trees and other vegetation. By the 20th century neglect and the growth of vegetation had left the remains of the castle as a scattering of ruins with features such as towers, curtain walls and the gatehouse almost indiscernible.
Colville Delta is a river delta in northern Alaska that flows into Harrison Bay. The delta is so flat that it has been said that it is indiscernible where the river ends and the ocean begins. The powerful outflow of the Colville River creates a shallow region that is rich with nutrients, making it ecologically significant for wildlife.
Hjorth earned his Ph.D. in 1993, under the direction of W. Hugh Woodin, with a dissertation entitled "On the influence of second uniform indiscernible". He held faculty positions at the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Melbourne. Among his most important contributions to set theory was the so-called theory of "turbulence", used in the theory of Borel equivalence relations.
A four-part essay, "Quantum Poetics: Writing the Speed of Light," by Catanzano appeared from 2009 to 2011 in Jerome Rothenberg’s Poems and Poetics. In it she says of quantum poetics: “By applying principles in theoretical physics to poetry, quantum poetics investigates how physical reality is assumed, imagined, and tested through language at discernible and indiscernible scales of spacetime.”
Its existence implies that every uncountable cardinal in the set-theoretic universe "V" is an indiscernible in "L" and satisfies all large cardinal axioms that are realized in "L" (such as being totally ineffable). It follows that the existence of 0 contradicts the "axiom of constructibility": "V" = "L".
Over the course of her career, she published novels, short stories and a work of children's literature. In addition to her Governor General's Award win for "Cet imperceptible mouvement", Jill Cairns won the John Glassco Translation Prize in 1999 for its English translation, "The Indiscernible Movement".
The "JazzTimes" review by John Murph notes that "the untitled seven-part suite places heavy emphasis on collective improvisation with little regard for conventional song structure. Given that, depending on your leanings toward ecstatic jazz, the performance amounts to either sonic improvisation of the highest order or indiscernible hermetic noise."