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antichi              sugli              traduzione              nuovi              documenti              frammenti              attraverso              sulle              riflessioni              negli              sull              rapporto              altri              storiche              percorsi              saggi              inedite              storica              analisi              commento              autore              alcune              tracce              raccolte              alcuni              giuridici              luglio              paesaggi              pensieri              testimonianze              affetti              quaderni              vallecchi              prospettiva              celebri              monumenti              oltre              presso              rapporti              aspetti              titolo              letteraria              segreti              tradizione              ovvero              proibiti              altre              medievali              spazi              ottocento             

Examples of "inediti"
l. Documenti inediti su chiese benedettine alcamesi; Alcamo, 1980
"idem"(1972). "Fra Giovanni Antonio Cavazzi da Montecuccolo: Documenti inediti" Modena
“Antonio Squarcialupi alla luce di documenti inediti”, "Chigiana" 23, new series 3 (1966), 3-24.
17. Storia di Camporeale con documenti inediti, in L. ACCARDO - C. CATALDO, Storia di Camporeale (1993).
2. Alcamensia: noterelle storiche con appendice di documenti inediti di Francesco Maria Mirabella; Alcamo: ed. Sarograf, 1980
20. Dodici epigrammi inediti di Sebastiano Bagolino tratti da un manoscritto del suo tempo (in Nuove Effemeridi Siciliane,s.3,v.11,1881)
Esco dal mio corpo e ho molta paura: Gli inediti 1979–1986 is the third album by Italian rock band Elio e le Storie Tese.
Robert Schumann: Papillotten Schumann: 6 Walzer; Papillons Musicals; 5 canoni; 2 Burle; Papillons inediti; 5 Papillotten; Je ne suis q’un songe; Intermezzi op. 4; Papillons n. 2. Brahms: Frei nach Schumann; Papillon; Kreis-Kanon; Kanon. [Phoenix PH 05001]
Since 1982, with the poet Dario Bellezza gives life to the series" Inediti rari e diversi" in order to report the authors excluded from the Italian literary society, like Anna Maria Ortese.
From 1978 to 1996 the contribution of Dario Bellezza, gives life to the series "Inediti rari e diversi", with authors like Angelo Maria Ripellino, Anna Maria Ortese, Alberto Moravia.
On Reinieri's death, papers concerning longitude entrusted to him by Galileo are said to have been stolen by a man named Giuseppe Agostini (Fahie, p. 374). However, scholars such as Antonio Favaro doubt whether this theft actually occurred (see Antonio Favaro, "Documenti inediti per la Storia dei MSS. Galileiani", Rome, 1886, pp. 8–14).
Since 1978 has begun a productive collaboration with Pellicanolibri, with the series "Inediti rari e diversi", publishing texts by Alberto Moravia, Renzo Paris, Gianfranco Rossi, Goliarda Sapienza and Anna Maria Ortese, for her with Beppe Costa and Adele Cambria he will manage to enforce for the first time the Bacchelli’s law, an annuity which is intended to poets and writers in need.
Many artistic works were dedicated to her; Francesco Patrizi wrote about her singing in his treatise "L'amorosa filosofia", and she was perhaps the first singer to have a published biography dedicated to her ("Opuscoli inediti di Tarquinia Molza modenese" by D. Vandelli).
As a historian his reputation rests on his "Storia della Repubblica di Firenze" (Florence, 1875); it was the first comprehensive Italian book on the subject based on documents and written in a modern critical spirit, and if the chapters on the early history of the city are now obsolete in view of recent discoveries, yet, as a whole, it remains a standard work. Besides his history a large number of essays and pamphlets have been published in his "Scritti inediti".
Winckelmann contributed various essays to the "Bibliothek der schönen Wissenschaften"; and, in 1766, published his "Versuch einer Allegorie". Of much greater importance was the work entitled "Monumenti antichi inediti" ("Unpublished monuments of antiquity", 1767–1768), prefaced by a "Trattato preliminare", which presented a general sketch of the history of art. The plates in this work are representations of objects which had either been falsely explained or not explained at all. Winckelmann's explanations were of tremendous use to the future science of archaeology, by showing through observational method that the ultimate sources of inspiration of many works of art supposed to be connected with Roman history were to be found in Homer.
Somali anthropology studies the way of life of the Somali people. Somalist anthropologists have in various books and papers documented traditional Somali social systems such as the ancient Xeer (customary law) and the clan system, and examined their role within Somali society. In the field of Somali Islamic studies, scholars like I.M. Lewis, Said Sheikh Samatar and Lee V. Cassanelli have written on the traditional Muslim structure of Somali society in books such as "A Pastoral Democracy: A Study of Pastoralism and Politics Among the Northern Somali of the Horn of Africa" (1961), "Oral poetry and Somali nationalism: the case of Sayyid Mahammad 'Abdille Hasan" (1982) and "The Shaping of Somali Society: Reconstructing the History of a Pastoral People, 1600 to 1900" (1982). Enrico Cerulli and Mohamed Diriye Abdullahi in their respective works "Somalia: scritti vari editi ed inediti" (1957) and "Culture and Customs of Somalia" (2001) have also summarized the origins and ethnogenesis of the Somali people.
In 2008 he started working with Italian rockstar Vasco Rossi, appearing in the videoclip for "Il Mondo Che Vorrei" (2008) and on the short documentary "Quello che non si potrebbe" (2008). He is listed as backing vocalist in the song "Gioca Con Me", along with rock guitarist Slash. Then he collaborated to the CD"Tracks II - Inediti e rarità" (2009), programming the hit song "Sto Pensando A Te" and playing lead guitar on "Ho Fatto Un Sogno"; in 2011, Vasco Rossi released a new studio album "Vivere O Niente", which features Simone Sello on guitar, keyboards and programing on several tracks, and includes a song he co-wrote with Vasco and Saverio Principini, called "Manifesto Futurista Della Nuova Umanità". In 2013 Vasco Rossi released two more singles: in the first one, called "L'uomo più semplice" Simone Sello is credited as guitarist, keyboardist and programmer, and in the second, called "Cambia-menti" he is credited as guitarist and co-writer. In Vasco's 2014 album "Sono innocente", he appears again as a co-writer, in "Lo Vedi", and as a guitar player, in "L'Ape Regina" and "Marta Piange Ancora".
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