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cavalrymen              artillerymen              skirmishers              paratroopers              pikemen              riflemen              arquebusiers              peltasts              conscripts              crossbowmen              grenadiers              militiamen              platoons              velites              sharpshooters              cavalries              battalions              phalangites              howitzers              askaris              ifvs              cavalry              spearmen              regiments              reservists              shermans              contingents              cataphracts              hoplites              signallers              artillerists              arquebuses              cavalryman              legionaries              entrenchments              marines              mortarmen              longbowmen              gendarmes              landsknechte              hmmwvs              horsemen              humvees              gunners              strongpoints              infantry              artilleries              soldiers              guardsmen              troops             

Examples of "infantrymen"
Approximately 3,000 infantrymen were engaged in foraging on any given day of the March. That represents 5% of all infantrymen on the March.
Other Genetic Infantrymen (and women) with prominent roles:
Other Genetic Infantrymen (and women) with prominent roles:
Total: 26,850 infantrymen, 458 pieces of artillery, 112 tanks
Japanese-American infantrymen of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team
Agnes Bernelle Mother the Wardrobe Is Full of infantrymen
Other Genetic Infantrymen (and women) with prominent roles:
The Infantry School transforms civilians into disciplined Infantrymen that possess the Army Values, fundamental Soldier skills, physical fitness, character, confidence, commitment, and the Warrior Ethos to become adaptive and flexible Infantrymen ready to accomplish the mission of the Infantry.
Keffiyeh, called "chafiyeh" () in Persian, was extensively used by Iranian infantrymen in Iran–Iraq War.
Total: 28,000 infantrymen, 518 pieces of artillery, 174 tanks and 44 self-propelled guns
Plumbatae or martiobarbuli were lead-weighted darts carried by infantrymen in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
Unarmoured light infantrymen, often armed with javelins, were known as in classical times as "peltastoi".
The Carlist forces were composed of some 3,500 infantrymen and 500 cavalry.
The ephaptis [ἐφαπτίς] was a similar garment, typically worn by infantrymen.
All infantrymen of the Indonesian Army have capabilities in basic Jungle warfare.
Territorial Infantrymen undertake preliminary training at Regional Training Centres prior to attending a two-week CIC(TA) at Catterick.
A School of Infantry provides training in weapons and infantry tactics to infantrymen of a nation's military forces.
The majority of the Navy personnel assigned are Masters-At-Arms specialist, while the majority of the Marines are Infantrymen.
The next year, she took part in the Battle of Ancona, on 22 February, ferrying 1500 infantrymen.
The CIB and its non-combat contemporary, the Expert Infantryman Badge (EIB) were both created in November 1943 during World War II to enhance the morale and prestige of service in the infantry. Specifically, it recognizes the inherent sacrifices of all infantrymen, and that, in comparison to all other military occupational specialties, infantrymen face the greatest risk of being wounded or killed in action.