Synonyms for infertile or Related words with infertile

subfertile              azoospermic              subfertility              ovulating              nulliparous              prepubertal              nonpregnant              vasectomised              parous              liveborns              premenopausal              pregnant              azoospermia              euploid              pregnancies              fetuses              oligospermia              multiparous              females              defeminisation              pcos              endometria              oligozoospermia              aneuploid              fertile              asthenozoospermic              hyperandrogenemia              oligospermic              anovulatory              naglazymeenzyme              gravid              males              castrated              pubertal              nonlactating              normospermic              stillbirths              ovulate              postmenopausal              foetuses              precocious              androgenization              heterogametic              teratospermic              prenatally              gametogenic              hypogonadal              hypofertile              trisomic              postpubertal             

Examples of "infertile"
In Hungary, a study by the (Central Statistics Office) estimated that 7%–12% of Hungarian women younger than 30 were infertile; 13%–22% of women age 35 were infertile; and 24%–46% of women age 40 were infertile.
Tropical soils are generally infertile, and white sand soils are among the most infertile of such soils, primarily composed of quartz sand.
Mill Creek is an infertile stream with cold water.
Prenner "et al." propose superscript zero for a lost organ, and superscript "r" for a reduced one. Ronse De Craene uses a degree symbol to mark a staminode (infertile stamen) or pistillode (infertile carpel).
Adults of both sexes may become infertile and sows may suffer from abortions and stillbirths.
The babirusa has been documented to produce infertile hybrids with the domestic pig.
Symbiotic relationships with ectomycorrhizal fungi enable Hispaniolan pines to grow on shallow, infertile soils.
He had no children by either marriage and ironically is presumed to have been infertile.
Hormone administration can sometimes increase colouration, although it can also render female fish infertile.
Some examples of infertile non-arable land being turned into fertile arable land are:
The fern is found from lowland to mountainous forest in dry areas often with infertile soil.
The soils are acid and infertile, unsuitable for agriculture and pasture.
Pakihi is a Māori term now commonly used to describe poorly drained, infertile land.
Davis Run is an infertile stream. It has the potential to be affected by acid precipitation.
Affected males are often infertile, or may have reduced fertility. Advanced reproductive assistance is sometimes possible.
However, the transfer of this ejaculate can cause a conflict over re-mating due to sperm competition. After a female mates, infertile sperm ejaculated by the male will fill the female's sperm storage organ and prevent her from mating. The amount of infertile sperm stored is correlated with the refractory period of a female after mating. Infertile sperm makes up 90% of the sperm count, showing that males manipulate females by preventing them from mating with another male for a certain period of time. Although polyandry benefits females of "P. napi" by maximizing the amount of transferred nutrients from the male, the infertile sperm storage prolongs female re-mating.
In the US, up to 20% of infertile couples have unexplained infertility.
Rattling Run is infertile and acidic. It has the potential to be affected by acid precipitation.
In cultivation this plant prefers sunny situations in moist infertile soils.
The territory has blackwater rivers with low levels of fish, sandy and relatively infertile soil.