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Examples of "ingentaconnect"
Later issues are available electronically from the IngentaConnect subscription service.
Peter Lang publishes over 1,800 academic titles annually, both in print and digital formats, with a backlist of over 55,000 books. It has its complete online journals collection available on Ingentaconnect and distributes its digital textbooks globally through Kortext.
Ingentaconnect hosts content from over 250 publishers, with an aggregated database of over 13,500 publications and over 4.5 million articles, including both journals and eBooks. The company is headquartered in Oxford UK, and has additional offices in Boston and Bath.
To date, Ingenta has over 300 publisher customers, 25,000 institutional library customers and 2 million end users. IngentaConnect supports over 31 million user sessions and delivers over 1 million full text articles each month.
The company partnered with Google to enable indexing of its hosted full text in May 2004, and launched a new flagship website, IngentaConnect, that October. During 2005, the company's product line was relaunched: new library services include IngentaConnect Complete; new publisher services include Ingenta"by"Design and Connect Collections. Further pioneering work with Google in 2006, along with research into RDF triplestores, saw Ingenta ranked 10th in the UK industry sector for the R&D Scoreboard published by the Department of Trade and Industry (United Kingdom).
CARL was spun off in 1988 into a for-profit company, later owned by Knight-Ridder and then Dialog before becoming briefly Uncover, Inc. In 2000, UnCover has been acquired by Ingenta and is now accessible as a part of Ingentaconnect.
The journals published by Policy Press comprise "Policy & Politics, Evidence & Policy, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, Voluntary Sector Review" (published in association with the Voluntary Sector Studies Network), "Families, Relationships and Societies, Critical and Radical Social Work", and the "Journal of Playwork Practice". All journals are available online through IngentaConnect.
Digital content from recent (since 2003) journal issues is available online via IngentaConnect. This content is free-of-charge to AsMA members and available for purchase to non-members. A DVD archive is available for purchase from AsMA. This DVD contains all articles published in "Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine" prior to 2003, including the predecessor titles back to 1930.
Denmark is a NATO member and thus has access to a wide range of SIGINT equipment and techniques. A journal article (information from abstract on Ingentaconnect) from 2001 states that all four countries of Scandinavia, including NATO members Denmark and Norway, and neutral Sweden and Finland, cooperated in collecting SIGINT on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Norway and Denmark did not allow American personnel in their intercept centers, but did receive American financial and technical help. The author suggests Sweden, while neutral, cooperated with US and UK intelligence in the early stages, and possibly later, in the Cold War.
The Slavonic and East European Review, the journal of the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES) at University College London, is an international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary academic journal in the fields of social sciences and humanities founded in 1922 by Bernard Pares, Robert William Seton-Watson and Harold Williams (SSEES) and dedicated to Slavonic and East European Studies published quarterly (January, April, July and October) by Maney Publishing for the Modern Humanities Research Association on behalf of SSEES. Its current general editors are Robin Aizlewood (SSEES) and Martyn Rady (SSEES). The journal can be accessed oline via IngentaConnect.