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monetary_damages              declaratory_relief              declaratory_judgment              preliminary_injunction              counterclaim              treble_damages              temporary_restraining_order              rescission              rehearing              certiorari              punitive_damages              mandamus              appellee              appellees              litigant              attorneys_fees              petitioner              injunctions              plaintiffs              contributory_infringement              demurrer              monetary_compensation              compensatory_damages              plaintiff              wrongful_dismissal              malicious_prosecution              collateral_estoppel              recusal              injunction              exemplary_damages              sua_sponte              rehearing_en_banc              patent_misuse              unfair_dismissal              interlocutory              counterclaims              compel_arbitration              patent_infringement              qui_tam              sovereign_immunity              declaratory_judgments              appellants              petitioners              declaratory              res_judicata              enjoin              litigate              litigants              joinder              invalidation             

Examples of "injunctive_relief"
Microsoft sought for anti-suit injunction arguing that the injunctive relief in Germany was inappropriate because:
A successful copyright infringement plaintiff may seek both "injunctive relief" and monetary damages.
Field sought $2,550,000 in statutory damages ($50,000 for each of the 51 registered copyrighted works) in conjunction with injunctive relief.
The UTSA provided for several potential remedies for wrongs committed under the act, including injunctive relief, damages, and attorney's fees.
Accordingly, the court reversed the district court's judgment and directed it to grant the injunctive relief requested by the Government.
Therefore, the court ruled that Perfect 10 was entitled to injunctive relief for Google's use of thumbnails.
Procedurally, the Act empowers private parties injured by violations of the Act to sue for treble damages under Section 4 and injunctive relief under Section 16. The Supreme Court has expressly ruled that the "injunctive relief" clause in Section 16 includes the implied power to force defendants to divest assets.
Regulations are enforced by use of compliance orders, civil penalties, and injunctive relief, under the discretion of the Secretary of Transportation.
Langer was never prosecuted under section 329A. The Electoral Commission chose not to use the provision but rather sought the measure of injunctive relief.
In 2004, Mark Budnitz criticized the exclusion of claims for injunctive relief from the caps on consumer fees, saying that the laws pertaining to injunctive relief are straightforward for an arbitrator to apply and that the added fees for requesting injunctive relief would discourage consumers who most deserve injunctive relief from seeking it. The AAA changed its consumer fee schedule effective March 1, 2013. Under the current schedule, the AAA charges consumers a maximum fee of $200 (which is used to pay the AAA administrative fee), regardless of the type or amount of the consumer's claim; the business is responsible for the arbitrator fee, the hearing fee, and an AAA administrative fee. Further, the arbitrator is not allowed to reallocate the fees unless it is done "pursuant to applicable law" or if the arbitrator finds that "a claim or counterclaim was filed for purposes of harassment or is patently frivolous".
Justice Kennedy filed a concurring opinion which noted that Victoria's Secret was not foreclosed from obtaining injunctive relief on remand of the case.
The tribe amended their complaint, abandoning their request for injunctive relief and instead asking only for a declaratory judgment. Judge Gignoux allowed the state of Maine to intervene.
Money damages were not at issue in the case. Under the doctrine of state sovereign immunity, the plaintiffs could only seek injunctive relief against Georgia State.
If the General Counsel believes that there is cause to issue complaint, then he can seek injunctive relief from a federal district court under Section 10(j) of the Act. Injunctive relief is usually ordered when necessary to preserve the status quo pending the Board's decision on the complaint or to prevent employees from suffering irreparable harm. Any injunction lapses once the NLRB issues its decision.
1. Respondents (Geertson) have standing to seek injunctive relief, and petitioners (Monsanto) have standing to seek this Court’s review of the Ninth Circuit’s judgment affirming the entry of such relief.
The plaintiffs and defendants negotiated a stipulation for injunctive relief, which the court approved by court order on June 13, 2002, requiring defendants to provide "only the minimum level of medical care required under the Eighth Amendment."
On February 3, 2017, United States District Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton declined to impose any injunctive relief and declined to renew the temporary restraining order which expired on February 5, 2017.
New Directions for Young Adults, Inc. v. Davis is a 2014 decision of a Florida state circuit court holding that sock puppetry is tortious interference with business relations, and awarding injunctive relief against it during the pendency of litigation.
Hamidi appealed the decision, and with one justice dissenting, the appellate court found that Intel "showed he was disrupting its business by using its property and therefore is entitled to injunctive relief based on a theory of trespass to chattels."
In the mid 1990s, more than 40 states commenced litigation against the tobacco industry, seeking monetary, equitable, and injunctive relief under various consumer-protection and antitrust laws. The first was declared in May 1994 by Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore.