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koibito              yakusoku              hanayome              itoshi              danshi              tsukiyo              hajimari              jikan              chikai              hajimete              wakare              unmei              yoake              otona              tsuma              ashiato              nanatsu              shiawase              onnatachi              kanashimi              hitotsu              tenshi              bokutachi              darake              kekkon              tameni              kamisama              hanazakari              tatakai              omoide              okite              hitobito              maboroshi              bokura              yoru              kakera              shinjitsu              omoi              susume              tobira              hanashi              musuko              futatsu              kimitachi              kioku              rakuen              barairo              jinsei              kiseki              tabidachi             

Examples of "inochi"
12. "Cara Menggunakan Hidup" Inochi no Tsukaimichi
The exhibition "Inochi no Sanka" led to the publication of the book of the same name in 2003.
"Inochi no Ki" is the 19th single released by the Japanese visual kei band, Girugamesh, on October 6, 2010.
Her current manga is "Inochi no Utsuwa", published by Akita Shoten since 1991 in the josei magazine "For Mrs.".
In 2000 Yamane Mai also performed at Inochi no Matsuri, The "Festival of Life" in Nagano, Japan.
The eventual Japanese release, six months later, also featured bonus tracks: "Inochi no Hikari" and "Arigatō... (from Kokia 2007)." "Inochi no Hikari" was an original song Kokia has performed at concerts in 2006, while the other track is a re-recording of Kokia's Pony Canyon-era single.
She was nominated in 2002 for the Best Actress Award at the 26th Annual Japan Academy Prize ceremonies for her role in "Inochi".
This Day's Life (今日のいのち Kyō no inochi) is a 1957 black and white Japanese film drama directed by Tomotaka Tasaka.
Also in September, it was announced that Haruka Kudō would take part in two stage plays: "Ribbon: Inochi no Audition", starting October 8, and "1974", starting December 14. The latter will also feature Karin Miyamoto, a fellow Hello! Pro Egg.
In February 2010, the youngest, AIKI made his debut as an author of a non-fiction novel, based on his own experiences of losing a friend to drugs, titled "Heart Prints ~inochi no hana~". (From Bungeisha)
On January 26, 2011, Girugamesh released their album "Go" which includes their recent singles, "Color" and "Inochi no Ki", one of the songs, "Destiny", leaked out a few days before.
His latest book project, The Mercy Project / Inochi, which he created and curated was released in 2010 to help raise funds and awareness for hospice and palliative care in memory of his sister, Jeanne Louise Delano.
"Inochi arukagiri aishite" ("I'll Love You as Long as I Live") is a film that summarizes the whole anime. It was released first on video on May 21, 1987 and received a theatrical release on May 19, 1990.
The theme song is titled "Inochi no Uta / (Songs can change the world)" and was written for NHK's 80th anniversary. The lyrics invite the public to join the song to collect their messages of life and peace.
Michiba's trademark was "Inochi no Dashi" (命の出汁; いのちのだし or "Broth of Vigour",) a combination of plenty of katsuobushi, skipjack tuna shavings and edible kelp (konbu), which he used during virtually every battle.
"Akai Inochi" is a duet with Erykah Badu (whom Misia affectionately refers to as the voice of Mother Earth). The idea to team up both singers for a song was first brought up by Broderick D. Morris in May 2003, after introducing them to each other while they were both recording in New York. Badu contributed to the chorus and ad lib of "Akai Inochi", an anti-war song which speaks about how the events of 9/11 turned the "seemingly distant existence of war into the reality of now".
"Antoki no Inochi" made its worldwide debut in the "World Competition" segment of the 35th Montreal World Film Festival. It made its premiere screening there on 19 August 2011. Furthermore, it was announced on 8 September 2011 that "Antoki no Inochi" will be participating in the 24th Tokyo International Film Festival and the 16th Busan International Film Festival. In the 16th Busan International Film Festival, the film was showcased under the "A Window on Asian Cinema" program at the festival, which was held from 6 to 14 October 2011. It was also be showcased at the Tokyo International Film Festival on 24 October 2011.
Nakazono was also deeply involved in the spiritual aspect of healing such as Inochi. Coming from a long family tradition of healers he passed on both his Aikido and his spiritual approach to healing to his son Jiro Nakazono (now known as Jei Atacama) who practices spiritual healing in New York City.
Three autobiographies were written the first in 1981 "Sasurai Karate. Kagiri naki Charenji Supirittu", the second in 1986 "Karate ni moe karate ni ikiru" and the third "inochi no kotoba : Karate o aisuru hitobito e" translated is titled "The Word of life: For those who love Karate" was published after his death with the final chapter written by senior Honbu instructor Hiroshi Harada.
In 1999 their major label debut, "Hanasaku Inochi Aru Kagiri", reached number 25 on the Oricon. Their later releases centered about graduation because it was around the time the members would have graduated from high school, had they not dropped out to pursue music. They performed their first show at the Nippon Budokan in March 2000.