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Because of the paucity of solid scholarship until recent decades, older reference books cite a good deal of misinformation regarding Lotti’s biography. Cicogna’s 1834 Delle inscrizioni Veneziane and Caffi’s 1854 Storia della Musica relied on oral tradition more than a century old to name works that Lotti supposedly composed for the Ospedale degl’ Incurabili. Later studies built upon that assertion to name Lotti as one of the supposed maestri of the Incurabili. The 2001 New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians went a step further to try to extrapolate when Lotti’s period of employment at the Incurabili would supposedly have been, building on a house of cards. However, recent studies establish that there is no documentary evidence whatsoever of any such employment ever taking place. The most current and most comprehensive studies by Caroline Giron-Panel and Pier Gillio establish conclusively that Lotti was not formally employed by the Incurabili, and that there is no evidence of his having composed any music for that institution, even on informal terms.,