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insectoids              reptilians              insectile              humanoids              apelike              saurians              tentacled              illithid              kherubim              insecticon              saurian              beastmen              reptilian              gelfs              kzinti              sentient              orks              xenomorph              lycanthrope              birdlike              thranx              sandworm              kree              cyborgs              zentradi              sapient              antlion              attuma              xenomorphs              badoon              daxamites              zerg              symbiotes              spacefaring              atlantean              shapeshifting              werecat              andorian              cyclopes              homeworld              thanagarian              lemures              aparoids              arachnid              andalite              warblade              doglike              froglike              sheeda              tyranids             

Examples of "insectoid"
Geonosians are sentient, winged insectoid creatures native to Geonosis.
They speak a clicking language, of which there are 67 known dialects. Insectoid iconography is radically different from that of other Xindi. Insectoid personal names get longer with age. Insectoids have a reputation for rushing into decisions. Insectoid starships are designed differently from other vessels. They don't have one area designated for bridge duties; command functions are distributed throughout the ship. Insectoid chairs and assault vehicles are designed for Insectoid anatomy and not humanoids. They have a long-standing alliance with the Reptilians and together they destroyed the Xindi homeworld after the Hundred-Year War.
Torona IV – Homeworld of the insectoid Jarada species.
The Baufrin or "Hivers" are an insectoid race that is strongly allied with the Renegades.
Insectoid creatures that attempted to destroy Earth in 1958, in the Dry Springs of Nevada.
siege by the insectoid Sept. Since the siege began, the Sept have
A race of insectoid humanoids which constitutes one of the "majority races" of the Vrinimi organization.
Chrissy - appearing in the Crystal Light storyline, Chrissy is an insectoid mutant with a proactive attitude.
The pernicon is a type of fictional insectoid monster in the "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy role-playing game.
A monstrous insectoid being who assembles the Nine Great Generals in a bid to acquire Zone Energy.
A purple insectoid-like creature with crab-like claws and red wings who leads the evil Extraterrestrial Alliance.
In the fictional world of the "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy role-playing game, formians are extraplanar insectoid outsiders.
In the "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy role-playing game, the kruthik is a bizarre, quasi-mechanical, organic, insectoid creature.
In technology, insectoid robots such as hexapods have been designed for scientific or military uses. Research continues to miniaturize these robots to be used as flying spies or scouts. Insectoid features may also increase the effectiveness of robots in traversing various terrains.
Physical features of the Malmooth include an insectoid exoskeleton and mandibles, and the ability to survive by drinking their own internal milk.
The Fly (voiced by Chris Parnell) is an insectoid fly who is Hotel Transylvania's fitness coordinator. He can also translate any speech.
The Thranx are an insectoid species about 1.5 meters long when on all six legs. They look roughly like very large praying mantises.
The Tau are the only army in the game that routinely incorporates aliens. Kroot warriors provide melee support, while the insectoid Vespids serve as jump infantry.
In the Big Finish Productions audio play "The Mutant Phase" (2000), a Thal attempt to use a biological weapon against the Daleks nearly creates a monstrous insectoid race.
During the "Monsters Unleashed" storyline, Googam and his father Goom are among the monsters that are shown falling out of the sky near San Diego. Googam struggled in his fight against an Insectoid Leviathon causing his father to mock him. Luckily, Googam was saved by Doctor Strange who teleported the Insectoid Leviathon away. Three days later, Googam stormed the Sanctum Sanctorum to get revenge on Doctor Strange for humiliating him only for Doctor Strange to persuade him to help track down the Insectoid Leviathon. They find it in Nunavut, Canada where it shoots down Doctor Strange's aircraft causing Googam to save him. During the fight against the Insectoid Leviathon, Googam followed Doctor Strange's advice where he tricked the Insectoid Leviathon into ending up on thin ice where it fell through enough for Doctor Strange to force-feed it a mushroom that shrunk it and bind it with the Bonds of Krottak. No longer needing to get approval from his father, Googam accepted Doctor Strange's thanks for his help in subduing the Insectoid Leviathon.